so many things to love about these boys

So many things happened yesterday, the first day that the world champion Spanish national team has been together this year.  Let’s take a look at everything that went on (skip to the last part of number four if you don’t have time to read this entire post or just click here).

ONE. We got to see the announcement that David Villa and Iker Casillas filmed for the AFE (Association of Spanish Footballers) encouraging people to come see the friendly on Wednesday, since the proceeds benefit the AFE and Iker and David are on the board of the association.  Whoever does marketing for the AFE deserves an award.  I can’t stop staring at Iker’s mouth.

TWO. The training session:  Álvaro Arbeloa did not go out onto the field, preferring to stay indoors and work out in the gym, while Xabi Alonso, Fernando Torres and Jesús Navas all ended the session prematurely (i.e. right after the warm-up).

I bet that if Xabi wanted to, he could keep the ball up there with his mind.  He just chooses not to because he’s not a show-off.

That meant that only 15 footballers finished the afternoon session at Las Rozas, which lasted a bit more than one hour.  Iker and Pepe were separate from the rest for a while, doing specific goalkeeping exercises, but Víctor Valdés stayed behind with his other teammates to play a game.  The team will train again this afternoon at 18h.

As for the starters against Colombia, the only doubt is who will cover the place of Carles Puyol, as the rest of the line-up is made up of the habitual starters:  Iker, Sergio, Mr. Shakira, Capdevila, Mr. Nagore, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa, Torres and (yay) Silva.

THREE. La Roja took home the Laureus Award for best sports team last night.  Since they were all in the concentración, no one was in Abu Dhabi to pick it up.  Instead, it was presented to them in Madrid.  Marquis VDB accepted it in the presence of Carlos Marchena, Sergio Ramos, Álvaro Arbeloa, Iker Casillas, Fernando Torres, Jesús Navas and Pedrito.

I loved the bored expressions on the faces of Iker and Fernando.  But what I love most?  How Iker has parted his hair here!  He looks great like that, it suits him!  Meanwhile, Sergio’s hair is just a bit too poufy, and Fernando needs a cut and a style.

FOUR. And before dinner, David Vila was presented with his Silver Boot and Bronze Ball awards from the 2010 World Cup.  David actually smiled when he was asked to say a few words.  After all, he said he was “very happy” with the honors, and so he had to look the part, no?  He added that “although they are individual awards, they belong to the entire team, not only my teammates (he called them “los chicos”) but the entire expedition – the physios, the doctors and the coaches.  I dedicate the awards to all of them and if I could divide them into pieces, I would give a piece to each one of them.”  The last statement was met by applause by everyone present.

David went on to say, “the most important award is the one we brought home, the champions trophy.  I think we can all agree that the best memories we have from the World Cup are Iniesta’s goal and the blow of the final whistle.  We will never forget those moments.”  I love that the entire team – you can see the coaches, doctors and fisios there as well – came out to support him!  Piqué even took a photo and posted it on twitter.

The best moments from the ceremony.  David gets a kiss from Dr. Cota and Santi can’t keep a straight face.  And then we have the best moment out of the best moments – Iker and Xavi acting like they’re playing together on the U-20 team again.  As you can see, Iker teases Xavi by caressing his face, and Xavi tries to bite his hand.  And Xavi’s little smile after.  ¡¡Adorable!!

David Villa has the chance to become La Roja’s top goalscorer on Wednesday.

FIVE. The RFEF and Adidas renewed their contract, meaning that Adidas will dress all categories of La Roja until 2018.  The sponsorship amount is the second-highest in the world, after Germany’s.  Adidas has been outfitting Spain for more than 30 years.

SIX. Over in England, Cesc expressed his disappointment over missing the friendly, saying that “it drives me crazy not to be with Piqué the national team.  It’s always a great joy to go because I enjoy being with my teammates and friends.”  Cesc started feeling ill on Sunday after contracting a stomach bug, and at three in the morning, had to visit his club’s doctor after vomiting.  Despite all that, he still got up at 06h to try and fly to Madrid from London, but he couldn’t make it: “I did everything I could to try and travel, but the truth is I couldn’t even move…”  Pobrecito!  He added that he will send good vibes to his teammates so that they will win tomorrow.

I would be disappointed too if I didn’t have the chance to hang out with these boys!

SEVEN. Two-thirds of the A Team were interviewed by TVE, and Silvia Barba asked Raúl Albiol who is better: Alves or Arbeloa (he was like, the question is for me?).  Raúl’s answer was a very sweet, “Arbeloa.  It’s that simple.”  For his part, Álvaro called Raúl one of the best central defenders in the world and said he’s lucky to play with him.  Albiol also said that VDB deserved every single honor he received, including the title of marquis.  Watch the video here (they come out at the end).  I love Raúl’s pensive face!

EIGHT. A cute anecdote from yesterday:  both Carlos and Sergio Busquets were at Las Rozas.  The latter was obviously there playing for La Roja, while his papá was taking a course on training goalkeepers, along with Depor keeper Dani Aranzubía and former Real Madrid goalie Carlos Sánchez.  Fernando Torres’ father also accompanied him to Las Rozas.

NINE. And Zaragoza celebrated their annual Sports Gala by presenting Álvaro Arbeloa with their Cesar Augustus Award.  As he couldn’t be there in person to pick it up, his mother Marisol Coca, accepted it on his behalf.  Meanwhile, La Roja received Zaragoza’s sports merit medal.  The city also named a roundabout after the Spanish national team (Glorieta Selección Española de Fútbol “La roja”).  Ángel María Villar was there for the inauguration.  Why couldn’t they name a street instead?  I’d love to live on a street named after one of my favorite teams!  In Madrid, there’s a street named Santiago Bernabéu (C/ Santiago Bernabéu) one block from the stadium.  I usually pass by it when I go to the stadium and I’ve always wanted to live on that street.

TEN. Fernando Torres made the radio rounds yesterday!  I don’t know where he got all that time, but he spoke with SER’s “El Larguero,” COPE’s “El partido de las 12” and Onda Cero’s “Al primer toque” where he was reunited with Pepe. (here, here and here).

ELEVEN. Meanwhile, the photo Geri Piqué posted on his Facebook of him and Shakira has people talking, but not for the obvious reasons.  Nor is it about Puyol and his girlfriend.  Instead, the attention is focused on the guy wearing the checked shirt on the bottom right of the photo.  Apparently, his name is Pipo Torres and he’s a childhood friend of Piqué.  He’s even become his own trending topic on twitter: #eldeloscuadros (the one in the checked shirt).

Via twitter, Geri informed us that he’s the “manager” of this person, asked people to respect his privacy, and promised a surprise related to “el de los cuadros” on Thursday.

TWELVE. And a bit on La Rojita:  they trained yesterday afternoon at the Pedro Esartín in Guadalajara, in preparation for today’s friendly against Denmark (20:30h local time).  Team captain Javi (!!!) Martínez (!!!) spoke to the press after the session, saying that “I’m very happy to return to the U-21 team and I would love to play in the Euro.”  With regards to his club’s signing of his U-21 teammate Ander Herrera, he said, “I already spoke with him the other day.  I called him and he told me that he already felt at home.  He’s a great player and a great addition.”  As for the warm reception that the city gave to the team, Javi said, “it’s impressive that so many people came to a training session, especially since it’s so cold out here.”

They’re so, so so adorable, no?

Meanwhile, Luis Milla explained why Sergio Canales was not called up: “he’s not playing very many minutes with his club, but we’re going to continue to count on him.”

The provisional starting line-up looks like this:  De Gea, Montoya, Fontás, Víctor Ruiz, Domínguez, Javi (!!!) Martínez (!!!), Rubén Pérez (I have a soft spot for him too), Ander, Dani Parejo, Bojan and Iker Muniain.


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  1. If you can’t stop staring at Iker’s lips, I can’t stop doing the same to Crackdevila’s ear here: :)) they’re all so cute, hope they have a great game tomorrow :))

  2. Thank you Una! The clip with Xavi and Iker made my day. So precious!

  3. really though when does Santi not smile

  4. Villa vrote about it and posted some pictures and a video on his facebook.

  5. poor pique look so sad without puyi and cesc

  6. I cant stop watching Xavi and Iker, they have such a special bond!!!
    I love watching Iker in these lighter moments, he seems too serious these days.

  7. Ya y La Roja!!! I absolutely loved Iker and Xavi!!! And enjoyed the rest of the news too :). Poor Cesc.

    Or poor Geri without Cesc and Puyol :)? Although his twitter activities still continue to amuse me.

    • BTW, I can’t stop looking at that gif of Iker and Xavi. So great to see Iker light hearted (I think he has gotten more serious over the years (comparing things from the Eurocup and the World Cup). I feel like the Iker and Xavi is something a playful couple would do :).

  8. This post made my morning! I LOVE the playful interaction b/w Xavi & Iker…sigh… :-)

  9. That. Gif. !!!!! Xavi + Iker = me melting into a puddle from the adorableness.

    I’m stealing that, I hope it’;s OK!

  10. thanks for this!
    Xavi and Iker are cracking me up, how adorable are they? :D

  11. and (yay) Silva.

    that was my reaction, too! and I love your nicknames – “Mr. Nagore”, haha.

    Raúl’s answer was a very sweet, “Arbeloa. It’s that simple.” For his part, Álvaro called Raúl one of the best central defenders in the world and said he’s lucky to play with him.

    that is so adorable.

  12. When I saw the picture of La Roja, I screamed! I miss them so much!!!

  13. Enjoyable and amusing post UnaMadridista. Gracias!

    Javi (!!!) Martínez (!!!), Rubén Pérez (I have a soft spot for him too)

    Then, doesn’t Ruben deserve an exclamatory sign before and after his name too? :)

  14. Santi is an irrepressible spirit. It’s hard not to smile when you see him. He probably exudes happiness wherever he goes :)

  15. I agree! Iker’s hair looks so much better on the picture where he and Fernando look bored. That hairstyle makes him look more handsome. Well that’s my opinion. :)
    I just love them. They’re not only like friends but also like a family. And VDB is their dad ;D

  16. *lmao* I can’t stop laugh with Iker and Xavi…. and the twins Zipi & Zape … Sergio Ramos has really nice hair …

    WOW!!!! the boys are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKING!!!!!

    I think they need to get an award for the sexiest team in the planet… *lol*

    • “I think they need to get an award for the sexiest team in the planet…”

      THAT and the most gorgeous/beautiful team award. I mean, who in the team is not blessed with gorgeousness (is that a word? lol)??!

      this team definitely has the most gorgeous players EVER. ♥_♥

  17. It makes me sooo happy to see these boys together again! I hope they have a wonderful game tomorrow that will produce many more adorable gifs :)

  18. !!! !!! I moot we make that the official CLR shorthand for his name from now on. (I read it aloud as *happy noise!* *happy noise!*) Don’t you think !!! !!! looks absolutely adorable towering above the others in his team photo? I like this already, so much less to type!

    I was a little disappointed that you didn’t finish naming the first XI the way you’d started! What about Mr Carbonara, Mr Maria, Mr Anna, Mr Patricia, and Mr Olalla? Seguro que we’ll have to find something to do about the three solteros, Silva, Sergio and Xavi… I have a couple of names I could nominate for them to take… (*coughMINEFORXAVIcough*)

    (Hmm. I just realized my !!! happy noise kind of sounds like Crackovia!Nuñez’s. “Es guapissim!”)

  19. Lovely news, lovely! Iker -aaaaw!

    as to Mr Shakira – nooooooooo, I am in denial, I just refuse to accept this possibility (of him being with her, although of course, I wish them both well). My secret forbidden crush on him (and I am an RM fan!) is going through some serious test now, ooooh! His little friend in a cute shirt is poor, I feel for him – Unless he really wanted to be famous, it is a little bit mean to make him the subject of laughs and mockings taking into account who’s on the picture ;-) I adore Pikay, absolutely, but it seems like a bit of, well, damage control for me, by directing the focus to the innocent, so far not famous, friend, to move the spotlight away from his weird idea to post the picture that caused chaos LOL.I hope at least PK will find a nice girl or something like that for him to make up for the mocking he receives LOL

    last but not least -Serhio’s fluffy hair is so fluffy!!!!!!

  20. “Iker, Sergio, Mr. Shakira, Capdevila, Mr. Nagore, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa, Torres and (yay) Silva.”
    I laugted a lot when i saw this line-up. It would be very funny if they were anounced like that in the stadium.
    But why not change the rest of them as well?

  21. I loved the “new” starting lineup! Iker and Xavi are cracking me up, too. And since it’s getting a lot of press right now, do you think you can translate Onda Cero’s “Al primer toque” with Fernando and Pepe?

  22. Yeah, Fernando definitely needs ANY haircut at this point… maybe the NT’s barber will notice?! He’s looking far too much like his Simpsons self, i.e. a little freckle-faced 8-year-old. Wish he’d dye it blond again!

    And Sergio looks like he just rolled out of bed and couldn’t find his hairgel. Or maybe he has hat hair from that silly hat of his!

  23. Hey Una, do you know why Nando, Xabi and Jesus left the training session so early?

    Love the pix in (2), by the way- notice how the same trousers go from above the knee (Fernando) to below the knee (Iker) to flat out pirate pants (Sergio)… haha!

  24. Would you possibly be able to tell me what torres was talking about in his radio interviews? thank you~~

  25. Can anyone else picture the silliness that transpired in the dressing room when el Guaje was awarded the ‘Bronze Ball’. I see lots of nudging, pointing and giggling. ;^)
    Xavi and Iker – so sweet. Xavi better be careful, that hand has stars in it!

  26. I really love the way Iker teased Xavi…I’ve never get bored to know, to see and to read anything about La Roha…los mejores equipo del mundo….

  27. Carlos Marchena…..Te quiero mucho……

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