and the winner is… Xabi (by a kilometer)

A lot of you (does that sound egotistical?) seem to like my fashion reviews.  I wasn’t going to do one, because the fashions were mostly boring yesterday at Las Rozas, but then I decided I should also award those who looked good – you know, to give them a bit of encouragement to keep on this path and not be influenced by Iker.

So, we’ll start with Xabi, who looked absolutely perfect.

He may look a bit boring to some, but this outfit is just. so. Xabi. Alonso.

Then we come to his opposite, Iker.  The outfit is not bad – a bit too neutral for me – but the purse!!!!  It’s not even a travel bag, it’s an actual handbag!  Real Madrid fans will be used to it, since Iker has been toting it around during the last few concentraciones but it does not get better with age.  Maybe Sara was like, “here, Iker, take my purse, it’ll fit a lot more things than your regular murse” while secretly thinking, “ha, that will make him less attractive to other women.”

In his other hand, he had a Real Madrid shopping bag.  Hmmm, Cristiano also had one as he headed to Switzerland to play with Portugal.  I wonder what’s inside?

Here’s Iker from the front.  You can see that he borrowed the cardigan from his grandfather, and that of course he added a scarf.  He probably tried to match it to his purse.

Pepe, Piqué and Llorente went for the casual look, in jeans and a simple top, although Fernando’s is a bit too busy.  But that puffy jacket of his is too puffy!  He could use it as a life raft!  I like that Geri doesn’t have a designer suitcase, unlike some people.  Good thing he wasn’t wearing those boots.

Raúl Albiol also opted for a plaid shirt (again, it’s very busy) while Santi’s huge belt buckle turns me off.  I’m not a big fan of the double pockets either.  But hey, he can fit both Xavi and Villa in there instead of having to pick just one!  How come none of the reporters care about his entrance?

And of course, as someone mentioned earlier, Sergio’s jacket matches the one his Crackòvia counterpart wears.  The jeans look pretty “original” too.

As for the hat, here’s an up-close look.  No, no and no.  I bet he bought it during a shopping trip with Cristiano, when Cris got that silly D&G hat.

Xavi and Pedro were boring (I prefer boring to outlandish in real life, but not for these types of blog posts).

Álvaro Arbeloa gets the most unoriginal award for showing up in another DSquared shirt.  There was a 50-50 chance that he would.

Jesús went for real casual, but it’s a huge improvement over some of his previous outfits.  And Fernando Torres looks more like a computer repairman than a star footballer (he has a big old laptop bag slung across his back).


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  1. awww… i was hoping some camera man/photographer caught a shot of Silvi… :(

    and perhaps this really was an unremarkable day in the life of the questionable fashion sense of these players if even el Guaje’s silver sneakers or jean shorts were MIA.

    and yeah, that shot of Santi walking past the paps was a bit sad :(

    anyway, can i say that albiol looks yummy getting out of the car? a bit of bed-head-slash-grumpy in there, but it works me! ;)

    and LOL… nando computer repairman…??! vintage una =)

  2. Sorry but I can’t help laughing at Iker’s outfit, he seems to be walking back from a vegetable market :))) and his peinado is also very strange :)) and you are right about the “grandfather” thing… my ex-husband, who is from Chile, would define such an outfit as muy abuelo :))

  3. And… could you please give me the link to the video that you used for this post? I’ll try to find my Big Catalan Crush in it (as you might already have guessed ;)

  4. Did Piqué dye his hair red? Or is it just the sun/lighting/my eyes?

    Great post, as always. Thanks :)

  5. Xabi cannot be boring. He is Xabi.

    Iker had that bag at the concentration this weekend. It looks like a grandma’s tote bag.

  6. I don’t think there’s even a possibility existing that Álvaro will ever not wear a Marlon Brando or DSquared shirt.
    Iker’s choices have become easily-predictable, as well! He always opts for natural colors and, of course, scarves. Will he be wearing them during summer, too? Who knows.
    Further remarks:
    – I actually like Llori’s look! He ranks 2nd with me. But you’re right, the jacket would rather belong to Sergio, Cris or Cris Jr.
    – I think Sergio’s jeans are way more horrible than the hat. The shirt is without prints or strange fabrics, though, which is a big improvement.
    – Not a fan of PK’s jeans either.
    – Santi(‘s face) looks so adorable! I wish I was a reporter so I could run him over and give him muchas abrazos!

  7. Jesus, I mean, Xabi -he’s gorgeous as always. I have no other things to say. Perfect Xabi.

  8. Hmm, not too bad, La Roja..not too bad at all. Actually, I’m a little disappointed we didn’t have more to make fun of; at least Sergio gave us something to cringe about! But since this appearance was quite mellow, I have a sneaky feeling they might shock us all with some disastrous attire next time we see them :o..

    Iker and his PURSE: I’d like to say that I’m immune to all of this by now, but no, sadly I am NOT.

    “How come none of the reporters care about his entrance?” — typical.. Hmph.

    Sergio’s smile is gorgeous (even when mobbed by dozens of microphones)!!!

  9. ok, Mr. Perfect is Mr. Perfect, and in my opinion classic is never boring.
    Iker and the rest of the boys look good in my opinion, with two exceptions:
    Fernando Torres and Sergio Ramos (what hat is that? you are not a 5-year-old boy Sergio!!)

  10. Oh my that hat…..
    Sergio Ramos: The Eighth Dwarf—Twinkle! ….since his personality & clothes (sometimes) shine :P

  11. I love your posts about our favourite fashion victims! Too bad that not all of them were caught in the camera’s eye. :)

  12. hahahaha your comments made me laugh so much! especially about llorente’s jacket!

  13. Xabi+Wayfarers= PERFECTION.

    And oh, how I laughed at your comments about the Fernandos!! As for Sergio, the day he shows up somewhere in normal, neutral, non-“original” clothes will be the day I wonder if he hit his head.

  14. I love Sergio in these knit hats! Adorable.

  15. Definitely NOT egotistical at all, Una- ESPECIALLY not after this hilarious post! Don’t even know what to comment on, since everything made me laugh so hard, but probably the £50 million-computer repairman comment was the funniest, lol!

    Fernando doesn’t seem to get much attention in the fashion victim/perfection posts, probably because he just always looks like a random teenager…

    • “he always looks like a random teenager”- yes, exactly. And the impression is helped along by the fact that he’s 26 and still looks like he’s not 20 yet.

  16. Xabi = perfect

    Mr. Alonso should teach his teammates a thing or two about keeping it simple and classy.

  17. Ohhh Sergio, Sergio, Sergio…

    Xabi… perfect. I’m running out of complimentary adjectives to describe him.

    Also, I must say this… a couple weekends ago I had to fly through the Paris airport and my flight was cancelled BUT THANK GOODNESS I was able to find a copy of Vogue Espana!!! And spent literally two hours reading the Xabi/Nagore article… I could not love them more.

  18. Well, it does appear that Iker has been raiding his grandparents closets… BUT…..
    When it comes right down to it, I don’t give a rip what they are wearing. They are all just so cute, I look right past it anymore. Fashion victims, trendsetters, whatever… Just keep giving me the faces (and an occasional thigh/midriff/hip dip). The only outfit that really matters, on them, is that red one they wear on gameday.

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