Joan Capdevila at El Hormiguero

Joan Capdevila was the special – and very hilarious – guest on Cuatro’s show “El Hormiguero” last Thursday, the day of his birthday.  Here’s a brief synopsis of all that he went through on the show, as well as what he talked about.  It was a great show!

As soon as he arrived on stage, he did the royal wave, endearing himself to the audience, who could tell that this was going to be a very entertaining night.  The studio audience also sang “happy birthday” to him.

Then the host of the show put some scenes up on the screen, including Pepe’s description of Joan as “feo de cojones” during the celebration in Madrid after the World Cup.  Joan’s reply was “he’s not right, but I don’t care.”  He described Pepe as “an authentic showman” and “fun.”  He also called the national team “a group of friends,” saying that he believes “the most important thing is to have a good group, and Spain has achieved that.”  With regards to the World Cup, he said, “it’s the moment of your life.  I would have been happy to play just one minute [he played the entire tournament] and I’m lucky to be part of an incredible generation.”

Then the famous scenes of Joan dancing with a cubata on his shoulder in the 2008 celebrations in Colón and with the bucket on his head in South Africa in 2010 are shown.  With regards to the former, Joan confessed that he doesn’t drink much, and wanted to make clear that it was Santi Cazorla who taught him how to balance the glass between his ear and his shoulder.  And as to the latter, he said he was disappointed that he couldn’t get the photo with Shakira – perhaps Geri Piqué can lend him a hand? – so they pose with a cardboard cutout of Shakira.

Next up, the Cuatro team tries to trick Joan.  They cut in with breaking news to say that Vicente del Bosque has resigned.  But Joan proves hard to trick, saying, “I don’t believe it.  I’m sorry, but I don’t believed it.  They did a good job but I wasn’t fooled for a second.”

Joan then talks a bit more about being a “professional joker,” saying it’s true that he has a book of jokes in the locker room, but he doesn’t tell as many jokes now as before.  When pressed to tell a joke, he says, “have you heard the one about “el hombre entre dos vallas?  No?  Vaya hombre vaya!”  Jajaja!!!

He’s also asked about playing cards with his national team teammates, and he reveals that Iker hates losing and gets really upset.  Cazorla “is very stubborn and become unbearable.”  Pepe “is the boss of the games.  He starts small, then makes huge bets when he loses.”  Joan says he plays to have fun, not to bet money, so he had stop playing with Pepe.

Then scenes from “Conexión Samanta” of Joan and Gerard are shown.  He says he’s doing the best he can as a father, and that Gerard is a great kid since he sleeps and eats well.  He described fatherhood as the best thing that could happen to anyone, said he couldn’t describe the experience in words and that he highly recommends it.

The program then moves on to a race, to see who is the fastest with the cubata on the shoulder.  Joan first teaches the host how to balance it, and then they have a race, complete with obstacles.  They have go around barrels, up and down stairs, walk a plank and step through tires.  The best parts are when Joan shoves the presenter aside, so it was no surprise that he won the race.  Watch the race here.

Then we have some entertainment, and the program ends with a challenge.  Joan is challenged to cut an apple in half, and if the two sides weig exactly the same, a member of the audience wins €1000.  So Joan (who’s left-handed for everything) takes the cut (why didn’t he cut lengthwise?) and the two sides end up weighing 98.8 and 120.7.  He’s given an option to take a bite out of one of the halves, but they still end up weighing a different 98.8 and 109.8.

Best moments from the show here!  And if interested, this is the post on Fernando Llorente’s appearance on the same show!


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  1. Ohhhhh here’s my love, finally!!! <3 <3 <3 Thank you Una, for this post, and take this rose from me —(–@ I saw the program on Youtube last Friday and I loved it so much :))) Joan was so yummy that I couldn't take my eyes off him!! But I think that he did not say that he was feo, if I'm not mistaken Pablo, the presenter, asked him "if Pepe called you feo, why didn't you call him bald?" and Joan says "that would be the right thing to do, but well, I don't care"… I understood it like this but I may be wrong. And anyway, I think the problem is that he was born at the wrong time, if he were born in the '60's or the 70's he would be considered extremely handsome, and every magazine would strive to get him to take part in a fashion photosession :))

  2. Hilarious! I can’t wait to get home and watch the whole thing. Thanks, Una!

    I just love this guy so much! :)

    • You will not be disappointed!! :) but prepare to be a bit frustrated by the fact that he did not spill his cubata and did not take off his shirt in the studio ;) this was the only “disappointing” moment, at least for me… but the rest was… ohhhh soooo lovely :) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. I loved una…. and I agree … Hopefully Geri can help him out…. I watch the next day online and I couldn’t stop laughing… he really should change his name to Crackdevila…

    THANX UNA!!!!

  4. He is so amazing and such a guy who loves life. I love his wedding video too. Just to think that Villarreal had a flat year the season prior to the World Cup, but Joan C fought his way tooth and nail back into la seleccíon. He is so amazing!

  5. OMG~~!!!! I so miss Joan!!!!!!!!!! HE is definitely one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Here is the link to the full show. In Spanish, of course, but it’s worth watching just to see Joan’s gorgeous smile! :)

  7. He’s lovely. Aha, he’s left-handed! That makes me fairly happy. :D I think I’m going to go ahead and watch this. Thanks for the translation!

  8. Thanks Una!!! I also hope Geri can help him out. I love Capdevila. No es feo!

  9. I’m in love with him! He is attractive, fun, full of good spirit and loves fatherhood. Perfect! Thank you Una!

  10. Oh my God, I love this man so much, and the fact that he was invited to one of my very favourite TV shows made me incredibly happy. :D He’s got such a wonderful natural charm, and he’s so funny and entertaining that I’d love to spend a day with him and be smiling/grinning/laughing all the time. :D I also love how humble he is. He’s a fantastic fullback but not full of himself at all, always saying that it’s strange that someone like him should be a regular in this great team, and I adore him for that. (Well, not only for that, but it’s one of the most awesome things about him.)

    “have you heard the one about “el hombre entre dos vallas? No? Vaya hombre vaya!”
    *dies laughing*

    The best parts are when Joan shoves the presenter aside, so it was no surprise that he won the race.

    Thanks for the summary, I so have to find a video of this. Stupid German television doesn’t think it necessary to broadcast this, damn them.

    (By the way, Pepe definitely isn’t right, I think Joan is pretty attractive. :D)

  11. For the last couple of days I’ve been walking around randomly saying “Vaya, hombre, vaya!” and snickering to myself. I know. I need help.

    Capdevila with first the ice bucket and then the highball glass — it’s the cubeta + the cubata, no?! (I have to thank the Guti 550 bit for that — “De bebé ya era así: en la playa, los demás niños jugaban a llenar un cubito, y él ya jugaba a llenar un cubata!”)

    I had to go look for his wedding video after seeing it mentioned! I think his wife Maria is SO pretty, I first noticed it during Conex Sam. Here’s what I found, in case anyone else is curious:
    It’s very “fashion”, no? like a music video!

    • Thanks for that link! She’s beautiful. And so odd to see Capdevila with short hair!

      • I think Capi is much sexier with short hair ;)) I remember seeing the video some time ago, in August or September I guess, but I ended up jealous like hell, no need to say that :) The video is great, the only thing I’m not very fond of is the music, way too aggressive (or maybe it’s just me). Maria has a very interesting face, somewhat reminding of the Portuguese singer Mafalda Arnauth.

  12. Hey, why didn’t they do the red carpet for Capdevila like they did for Pique and Llorente?!!
    I love Joan! He seems so funny and down-to-earth :) Thanks for adding this Una.

  13. i love joan!
    i tink hes really goodlooking actually!
    i love his smile!
    and is sense of humour!

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