another honor?

Well, you know that the Spanish national team has made an impact when even The Simpsons choose to feature them!  Though nothing has been officially confirmed, there is this image (above) floating around the Internet of our world champions as they would look on the TV show.  So, it’s not yet known whether someone just decided to draw them like this, or if they will actually be on the show, but it’s still a great picture, in more ways than one!

First of all, this line-up includes Cesc, not a habitual starter, Silva, who didn’t play much, and only three defenders (making it a 3-5-2 lineup).  Some of the characteristics of our players – Puyol’s hair, Piqué’s wide mouth, Sergio’s hair and teeth, Villa’s soul patch – are true to life.  I love that Puyol’s hair even covers his eyes, that Torres looks like he’s eight years old, and that Xavi, Villa and Iniesta actually look like their real life counterparts.  But Silva’s huge smile is a bit strange, as is Villa’s little smile.  What are you favorite parts?

Update:  Cesc tweeted about this, “how handsome is Carles Puyol in the caricature of The Simpsons…”

Piqué replied that the depiction of Carles is “incredible” but the most “heavy” one is Andrés!  He’s spectacular!  And Cesc’s response to Geri was that he and Piqué were the most boss-like!


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  1. Piqué’ is so Piqué’.

  2. Sincerely? Feos… MUY feos estos Simpsons ;))) I’m glad the authors did not include Fer and Capi in this Simpson team… that would kill me ;))) but I like Torres’ and Villa’s huge eyes, they look very cute :)) and yes, Silva’s huge smile is strange… although his Simpson counterpart is not that ugly, I still prefer the original, the real Silva is so sweet and exotic :)

  3. I suppose some people might be “honored” but yeesh…I’m with you K, very ugly. Our poor guys are WAY to cute to be portrayed like this! :(

  4. I do not even know… but this is absolutely hilarious. Even if Silva’s all wrong, and Cesc needs some more stubble, and they don’t actually stand in that order, because everyone knows Sergio’s gotta be up in Iker’s personal space at all times!

  5. I love Puyol’s hair hehee
    Sergio looks a little sleezy there, but Pique looks quite like him!

  6. I love Villa’s eyes, they’re so amusing. And Xabi’s face expression is priceless. :)

  7. ha! it’s cute :) (but why a still-blonde nando??)

    and it took me a few seconds to try to place who that no.10 was… the face was unfamiliar, and that growth spurt certainly confused me lol… good thing una mentioned him ;)

  8. I love the Xavi and the Xabi best! And the Cesc is perfect! It took me ages to figure to figure out that was Silva, though, looks nothing like him and why so tall?

    I was expecting to see Capi in there, after all he played in every game! And no Busquets?

  9. i think nando’s freckles should be spread more wildly all over his face.
    poor sergio he looks so feo here. :(

  10. Poor Joan. :( I would have been excited to see him in Simpsons form!! (Sergio Busquets I don’t miss as much – Joan is my favorite!)

    I wish they had one more tone for the hair colors. The reddish-brown is ok for Pique but it’s really throwing me off with Iker.

  11. Xavi looks all buff…….and i love it!!

  12. i know “simpsonize” La Roja players DO NOT do justice (AT ALL) to the real life ones but Im seriously loving this!!!! sooo cute!!! :D

    im loving the little details added to make them recognizable like Veeyah’s soulpatch, Nando’s freckles, Xavi’s spiky hair and Puyi’s trademark long hair and even Pique’s huge grin!!!! Looooooove it. :)

    i know im such a bad fan for saying this but i didnt recognize David Silva, Xabi and Cesc right away and since i dont remember their jersey numbers, I had to look them up to know who they actually were. *facepalm* ugh.

    thanks for this! just made my week :)

  13. So cute, such an honor, already my avatar on facebook. Gotta love Andrescito!!

  14. lol haha I don’t usually watch the Simpsons, but if La Roja were featured I would totally watch! That’s hilarious! And I didn’t know that Sergio’s teeth were characteristic of him! What’s the deal with his teeth?

  15. I’ve already seen this before on another site. I agree with you. Silva looks so different. I wish the whole team was on this picture. It would be interesting to see how the others would look.

    • I agree. I miss seeing Capdevila, but now I’m curious to see Navas, Llorente, Arbeloa and the rest.

      I didn’t recognize Silva or actually Cesc. Like Pique but he should be a bit taller. And Villa should be with the other bajitos in the front.

  16. LOL on Sergio’s caricature.

  17. Omg how did I never notice that you learned American English Una! Haha.

  18. silva doesn’t look like silva at all! and seeing him in the starting lineup makes me nostalgic for euro 2008. They got Xabi’s hair right, but really, did you really have to make Sergio look like that??

  19. I’m kinda starting to feel bad for Serhio. Folks like to pick on those teeth of his… And they aren’t that pronounced. Cesc’s overbite is far more obvious in real life. I wonder who the artist’s favorite player is? It can’t be Iker – he looks nothing like the real one. The profile is all wrong… ;-)

  20. what means MOC MOC ???

    • I read it means “i am thinking about you” started by Pique and i guess it is not spanish either?? i dont know so got to be his own vocabulary :)

  21. Pique is way too short.

  22. Puyol loooks e CUTEST…and PIQUE is short!!! but then again <3 him whatever

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