the RFEF museum will be one crowded place

A couple more pictures from the Mundo Deportivo gala on Monday.  As you can see, the World Cup traveled to Barcelona, and the players coordinated their gray suits.  VDB once again looks like a proud papá, and it’s not just because he towers over these three players, but because that’s just how he is.

David received his award from a giant – or else he really, really, really is bajito and that’s a normal-sized person – and here is a screenshot of the moment when David tells the press, “estoy muy contento…” (I’m very happy….).  I don’t know why he bothered to say that, it’s totally obvious and anyone can tell just by looking at him.  Watch the video here.  PS – the giant is not a basketball player, but a director from Banc Sabadell.

Meanwhile, in Madrid yesterday, Vicente del Bosque and Ángel Villar were honored with the Marca Leyenda (Marca Legend) award during a symposium.  During the Q&A part, VDB revealed that he would have “preferred to win the World Cup as a player,” provoking the laughter of the audience.  He also expressed his desire to stay on as coach of La Roja for many more years (yay!!!), saying he was happy here, and ruled out a return to Real Madrid.  He also talked about his experience during the World Cup, and the future of the team.

Q:  In which moment of the World Cup were you the most nervous?

A:  The most uncomfortable moment was the day after the loss to Switzerland.  We felt like there was a huge obstacle in front of us, but we faced up to it.  The second most uncomfortable moment was the silence on the bus on the way to the stadium to play Chile.  It said everything about what was at stake.  It was like taking a penalty.

Q:  What was the experience in the 116th minute of the World Cup final like?

A:  When Iniesta scored, I thought that celebrating like a crazy person would be wasting too much energy and that I should be thinking about sentencing the game in the four minutes that were left.  [I love him.]

Q:  What did you feel when Spain finally won?

A:  When the whistle blew to end the final, I felt like I had done my job.  I remembered my family and those who were not longer around but would have enjoyed this moment.

Q:  What surprised you more, Xavi and Iniesta not winning the Ballon d’Or, or you not winning the coach of the year award?

A:  All of those who won the awards deserved them.

Q:  Will there be any new names on the next list?

A:  I haven’t made up the list for next month’s friendly, but we have a fairly stable squad.  A lot of times we debate whether to bring in new faces or stay with the same ones for friendlies, but we should take these games seriously.

Q:  Is Borja Valero the successor to Xavi?  Who will come after Puyol?

A:  I’ve known Borja since he was a kid; he could be one of the candidates.  He’s progressing and in Villarreal he’s standing out.  As for Puyol, we have people that can lend a hand.

Q:  When will David de Gea make it to the senior national team?

A:  David de Gea will stay with the U-21 team because we prefer that he plays there than be the third goalkeeper on the senior team.  This will help him, and we’re following him closely.  He has an extraordinary potential.

Villar and VDB played 18 games together on the Spanish national team.  Of that time, VDB said, “Villar was a boring midfielder but he worked very hard.”  Villar’s reply was “I remember he liked eating fried eggs a lot.”  Also spotted at the Hotel Ritz yesterday: Fernando Hierro, Toni Grande, Paco Jiménez, Javier Miñano and Silvia Dorschnerova.


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  1. okay I had to comment on this, I couldn’t stand it: does Villa ever smile? or is he like the bad guy the whole time???

    • Oh, c’mon. He smiles often enough as far as I can see, for example, during goal scoring celebrations during the world cup (remember those bull fighting pass celebrations?) and during Barca games in the Liga (his goals or goals scored by his teammates).

      He does have a game-face on during the games probably because he’s so focused, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t smile when called for.

      Watch out during the next La Roja game. If he gets the record breaking 45th goal, he might flash those pearly whites again :)

    • Check out a website DavidWonderVilla; lots of gifs (not just of him, though) and he is very smiley and quite lovely in some of them.

  2. it hurts to even think of replacements for puyol :(

  3. VDB – Love him. Such a classy guy.

    Also love that he thought about ending the game instead of celebrating :).

  4. Love that Xavi is having a good time with VDB. VDB is like a big huggy bear.

  5. LOVE the David and Goliath pic. EPIC! hahahhaa

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