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Tabloid Newspaper Mundo Deportivo handed out their awards in a gala in Barcelona last night, in which several members of La Roja were honored.

Out of the 14 trophies that have commercial sponsors, five went to La Roja.  The Spanish national team took home the extraordinary award, the XVII Repsol trophy, while Vicente del Bosque won the XIII Gafas Charmant Trophy for being the best coach of Spain.  Meanwhile, Andrés Iniesta was honored with two awards, the XV Casino Barcelona Trophy for fair play (for the gesture he had towards Dani Jarque in the World Cup final – which still makes me tear up thinking about it), and the XXXI El Corte Inglés Trophy for being the most international Spanish athlete, which he shared with swimmer Mireia Belmonte.  And David Villa shared the XXXVIII Banco Sabadell Trophy for being a good person and athlete with Dr. Ramon Cugat.  Villa called this “one of the nicest awards I’ve ever received” (which he obviously stated while not smiling).  By the way, the program “Informe Robinson” won the XXVIII Trofeo Husa for journalism.

And everyone’s favorite – except for FIFA – Xavi won the gala’s male athlete of the year award (his female counterpart was Xabi’s fellow Tolosan, mountain climber Edurne Pasaban).

Fernando Hierro also turned up for the gala.  More pictures here and here.

Xavi does love his shine, doesn’t he?

Meanwhile, another tabloid newspaper, Marca, will honor Ángel Villar and Vicente del Bosque with their Marca Leyenda award during the XVII Foro Marca/Ballesteros at Madrid’s Hotel Ritz today.

And Geri Piqué tweeted this yesterday, saying this is what he has framed from the World Cup final:  the two jerseys (his own – though obviously not from the final game – and surprisingly, at least to me, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar’s), the medal, a piece of the net from the goal, and the entrance ticket.

His own jersey is of course signed by all his teammates.  But what I want to know is where the ticket came from.  I assume it belonged to one of his family members, because Geri couldn’t possibly have needed a ticket to enter Soccer City Stadium that July 11, no?


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  1. Thanks Una! Who is that in the first pic with Iniesta? Also, who told him it was ok to wear that jacket? It’s an epic fail…it looks like something Michael Jackson wore circa the Beat it era….no bueno. Is Xavi that short, or is the lady that tall?

    • That’s the national team’s sporting director Fernando Hierro. As for the jacket, it’s the bad photography from MD. In the fourth picture, you can see Andresito is wearing a normal suit. Xavi is one of the bajitos…

      • What?! How is that POSSIBLE?? I have never seen “bad photography” turn a plain grey suit into an animal-print fiesta worthy of a pair of Cris’s botas… this is a first. *boggle*

        That photo of Fernando Hierro (who is a hottie) and Andres is…. there’s a lot of cariño going on there, no?



  3. As much as I love Xavi, I’m glad he did not wear that suit to the Ballon D’Or awards. Is Villa actually smiling in one of those pictures :)?

    I also thought the same thing in Geri’s post. I was also surprised to see the Dutch jersey, but perhaps to show that it was Spain vs. Netherlands? Would have liked to have seen the the gorgeous dark blue away jersey. And yes, ha ha, I assume he didn’t need a ticket to enter.

  4. I could possibly be the only person who actually enjoys Xavi’s love for shiny suits. I mean, really…

  5. What is Xavi’s suit made of, rubber? @@

    But I must be blinded by lust love, because he still looks gorgeous to me, even in the suit.

    Andres looks terrific, too, but who is that he is slow dancing with in the first picture? :-p

  6. Who is the woman talking to Xavi on the second picture?

  7. Thank you, Una.

    Mary, I think the actors from New Jack City enjoyed them…..back in the day. Xavi needs to stop! The sporting director is fine as hell.

  8. There is something about playing football that seems to atrophy the “taste” region of the brain. Seriously, Xavi? That suit is almost as bad as the average thing Iker wears. (Although, admittedly, nowhere near as bad as the average thing Villa wears.)

  9. Una, see Andres is striking a new pose in his solo picture :) He usually poses with his hands in the pockets or something :)

  10. on the “bad” pic of Andres with Fernando H .his good looking.. & see things like this makes me think that Spain doesnt have ugly ppl…. but if that would have been Geri … I think the media would have said those two had something going on… Just like they did with Ibra…

    That bad pic… I still can believe the suit went from FAB … to .. WTF … in a few seconds… I really thought he wore 2 different suits… or something….

    David needs to smile more… he has such a cute smile….

    WHO IS THE GIRL?????
    cause I like her dress… but is she 1) flirting with Xavi or 2) faking laughing & thinking … I don’t know what he is saying … *lol* j/k

    Xavi … WOW!!! … Xavi and his shiny suits…. and you are right everyone loves Xavi except the FIFA …. because ESPN gave him Athlete of the year too… If yall want the video I can sent the link…BUT… it is in Spanish….and he wears something shiny …

    UNA if you want to put it up … I can give the link and a translation of it??? \


  11. Pobrecitos! I mean, how many shelves do our boys still have to buy in order to make room for all those awards…
    I really miss Fer Hierro. Is it just me, or does anybody else here feel old as well, remembering the days when he still was Spain’s captain?
    Jaja, that photo made Andresito’s suit look pretty 80’s-style! I wouldn’t be too suprised seeing him someday wearing a suit with that pattern for real. As for Xavi, no matter how shiny his suits may become, his adorable smile will top the grade of shine! As long as he feels comfortable in his clothes, I don’t mind.
    And – shock – is that David Villa smiling for obviously more than 2 seconds?

  12. Finally Xavi talking to a girl. Looks promising! I hope his sister doesn’t see :P.

  13. Ya know Xavi’s suit looks kinda like leather in that light. Cool ^_^

  14. But uggh look at the klaidescope action going on with Andrescito’s black and white sport coat. UFF.

  15. Looks like Iniesta is about to tango with Hierro, and Xavi is obviously fending off a female fan (yes, I know she is Mireia Belmonte) :p

  16. hehe that first picture with Andres’ jacket/coat, what’s up with the pattern? I think Xavi’s suit looks better this time, despite the shine.

  17. unrelated stuff, but some sites say xavi has a girlfriend already named yolanda

  18. I dreamt of Xavi last night. And it was so real, I woke up really thrilled. Thanks for this lovely post. It’s so wonderful that these la roja players are getting many awards


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