the FIFA gala – quotes

VDB: We have to accept this with sportsmanship because no one is a loser here.

Iker: I thought the World Cup would mean something; I would have liked a Spaniard to win.

Iniesta: I’m not disappointed, because being here is already an award for me.

Piqué: It’s all about the Ballon d’Or but we won the World Cup.

JLRZ: My secret hope was that Xavi would win it.

Paca, Andrés Iniesta’s grandmother: My niño is the one that passes balls to Messi so he can score.


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  1. “My niño is the one that passes balls to Messi so he can score.”

    This made my day! LOL. Xavi should have won it though and I’m still feeling so sore about it. :(

    • The grandma is the coolest;-)

    • Go Grams! Xavi’s Grams could have said the exact same thing.

      I do kinda feel bad for Messi though as I’m reading all the press articles that are upset that Messi won it. I’m sure if Messi had his way, one of his teammates would have won it too. I just hope he realizes that it’s not that we don’t think he deserves it. It’s just this year Xavi or Iniesta deserve it more.

      • yea my mom has been saying it ( and she don’t know alot about football and she doesn’t really pay attention) but she said that Leo has look “out of it” or if something was wrong with him ever since he got back from vacation….and last night… I don’t think he wanted it… He even said it I would give this up for World Cup… Cause thats all Leo wants to win a World Cup for his country…& I do feel bad… I was reading other websites and they all say the same thing Xavi deserved it not Leo… but that Leo was the best in the world… some even joke around saying “This is the day all Cule hate Leo” (they said it yesterday) *lol* … But I do feel bad for him….

        Maybe he should come and play for the Spanish National Team *lol* (he can play for them but he wont)

    • Lol you go, grandma Iniesta!

    • LOVE!!!! i wish i had a grandma like that :)

  2. Iker’s quote makes me sad. World Cup is a team effort, worth more than some individual award based on some inexplicable votes without a fair basis for judging skills and player contribution throughout the year’s various competitions and games. It’s impossible to do it fairly…

    I think Spain NT was at a disadvantage because it such a clear demonstration of THE SUM IS GREATER THAN ITS PARTS. La Roja is true teamwork. The votes for Spain were probably divided between Xavi, Iniesta, Casillas, and Villa (there were even some votes for Xabi Alonso and Cesc Fabregas!)

    La Roja should know it is loved and recognized for so much more…

    And haha, Paca is awesome. I love fiesty grandmothers. (Iniesta should turn on his fiesty gene sometimes!)

  3. FIFA should listen to Iniesta’s grandmother! Iker’s comment was very heartbreaking too. This year was supposed to be Spain’s year. I hope Xavi will have another shot at the award. :(

  4. Last night I’ve finished Nandos Biography and in the chapter ‘on the podium in zurich’ he says:

    ‘One opportunity might come with the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. If Spain can win the tournament, then there is a good chance that a Spaniard will be up there on the podium.’

    I’ve read it and was like, no Nando, I’m afraid not. =(
    And it really makes me sad, because you just realize how important it is for him, that a Spaniard get this chance to win the award.
    I mean sure they were on the podium, but one of them should have won.
    The jury should consider the people who aren’t in the daily spotlight.

  5. Paca is awesome! As would be Xavi’s grandmother saying the same thing!

    Poor Iker :(. And it’s not even about him, but for his coach or teammates as a Spaniard to be recognized.

    I do think that the voting for Spain was split among Xavi, Iniesta, and the others in the top 10 that diluted the votes… Well La Roja is the best and they won the World Cup!

  6. ahahah awwww, that’s adorable.

  7. It’s unfortunate that the World Cup isn’t always viewed a good barometer for these competitions. The teams that play aren’t necessarily made up of all the very best players in the world. But I feel that this past year is the exception to that ‘rule’. These guys were the best players on the best team in the world. Look at the ideal starting XI! What more proof do you need?! Iniesta had my vote (as much as I adore Xavi). He had the winning goal for the winning team.

  8. what Paca’s said just made me tear up again. :(

  9. awww thats cute on Grandma Iniesta…. but … NOT only would Xavi grandma say but his momma and daddy… actually the who family… The whole Hernandez Creus Family is very into football *lol* …

    and JRLZ that’s the President of Spain right??? Cause I heard him say that in TV Espana… I was like … I don’t know you that well.. but I like you for saying that…

    I still can’t believe….

    And Iker is right…

    I say Xavi for FIFA BALLON D’OR 2011… or XAVI FOR PRESIDENT!!!!! *lol* I don’t think he will do that…but It’s worth a try…



    Leo said this….

    …”To Xavi and Iniesta … Because they deserve as much if not more then me” << thats a rough translation of what he said on the plane..

  10. omg hahahahahahahaha I love Iniesta’s grandmother now! lol so adorable

  11. I agree with Andres’ grandmother!

  12. sorry, who is JLRZ?

  13. if i only could describe iniestas grandmother with one word, i’m pretty sure that ‘awesome’ would cover it up very well!

  14. Silvia Lopez-Cobo Lopez

    Being a proud Spaniard, I would never want Messi to be on the SNT. No way, Jose!

  15. still cant get over what Iniesta’s grandmother said…. i srsly want to give her a hug and tell her she’s absolutely spot on!!!! <333

  16. i love VDB’s quote…they’re all winners in their own right! and I reckon winning a world cup has much more significance than the balon d’or as it’s a team effort :)

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