the FIFA gala – fashion, families and football

Let’s start with fashion.  How did you think our boys looked last night?  I’m just glad there was no sign of the tight, shiny suit (Xavi) or the gray one (Iker)!  I’d give them a 10 for their suits, a big improvement over the Príncipe de Asturias awards, since at least they all wore the same color this time, and wore it well.

Out of these three, I like Andresito the best, because David’s suit looks a bit tight around the waist and it’s a bit wrinkled, and I don’t like Xavi’s lapels – I guess he had to have something shiny or else he wouldn’t feel like himself.

This guy looked pretty good too.

A couple of non-La Roja notes:  Wesley looked too casual, and I loved that Leo wore a tux (it’s from Dolce&Gabbana, by the way.  He got it in Milan, and during that trip his parents also got the outfits they wore to the gala).  I also loved Cristiano’s three-piece suit.

Pep stayed true to his slim suit style, and can Xavi not find jeans that fit properly?  Maybe he doesn’t know any tailors?  If he finds one, maybe he can recommend him to Iker for his suit.  While traveling, Andresito looked very comfortable, but changed – and not exactly for the better – for the press conference. I do like the splash of color provided by Andrés’ shoelaces.

And now onto the families.  The Barcelona boys all brought along their families.  Carles Puyol enjoyed the company of girlfriend Malena and best friend Javi, while David Villa’s dad Mel and wife Patricia watched the gala from their seats in front of Jorge Valdano and behind Puyol’s entourage.

Andrés was accompanied by girlfriend Anna – who looks completely different than she did during the summer – and his parents.  His dad José Antonio was the first to arrive in Zürich, since he took the train, as he’s afraid of flying (that’s why he wasn’t in South Africa for the World Cup).  Geri Piqué brought along his parents, brother and grandfather, the one with the best last name.

Xavi’s parents and two of his three siblings, Ariadna and Óscar, were also present in Zürich, while Iker made do with the company of Jorge Valdano and Emilio Butragueño.  Pobrecito.

And speaking of family members, could Xavi, Andrés and Leo look more like their dads?  The resemblance is amazing!  The resemblance is also there between the two Villas.

By the way, upon arriving back in Barcelona last night, Gerard Piqué was asked about the communiqué that Shakira had sent out, saying that she and her boyfriend of 11 years were taking a break.  He said he didn’t know anything about that, that they were just friends and that no one should think he was the cause for the break-up.

As for the third “f” – football, well, that was the reason for the gala’s existence, no?


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  1. Thanx Una, wonderfull of you to post these, i went into shock when i found out Leo won, not that he doesn’t deserve it, but really wanted a spaniard to win it, would’ve been a cherry on top of a great year for Spain, but still they are all great player.

    thanx again :D

  2. Awesome pix Una! I didn’t recognize Ana or Patricia! They look great. Awe Iker couldn’t bring his hot brother or guapo padre? Or cute Maricarmen? Surprised Sara wasn’t there.

    (Ok, I apologize in advance because this going to sound snarky, but I hope that Villa doesn’t gain weight like his Dad! I would be too sad to to see that at any reunions in 20-30 years. Sorry! But I know what an amazing dad he is with his sacrifices for working in the mine, etc.).

    • “t I hope that Villa doesn’t gain weight like his Dad! I would be too sad to to see that at any reunions in 20-30 years” LOL, the thing is: David is the only thin person in his family, so it could happen as soon as he leave football.

  3. Thanks Una! I had to do a double take when I saw the pic of Andres and Ana – she looks totally different. I actually liked the blond. Anyhow it was great to see them all – I actually like Xavi’s lapels but am thankful the shiny suit did not make an appearance. And I know he coaches “that team” (ha) but Pep always looks fantastic – perhaps he could pass on the name of his tailor to Xavi.

  4. Puyi always looks so uncomfortable in a suit! No one rocks a plain t-shirt and jeans like he does, though. I liked both Xavi’s jeans and his shiny lapels, but he pretty much always looks perfect to me anyway. :)

    Iker didn’t bring his girlfriend? Hmm. Puyi’s girlfriend is smiling for once! Actually, she looks nice. And I have never seen David’s wife dolled up like that, she looked great!

    Pep Guardiola looked amazing, hot, classy, ect., as always, and wasn’t he adorable fumbling with the envelope when he announced the winner?

    I wanted to smack the boys at the press conference and tell them to sit up straight! They were also very cute when they were fiddling with the translators.

    Am I the only one who noticed Andres was wearing a gold ring on his right hand? Secret marriage, perhaps? And Anna must have been wearing extensions, her hair can’t have grown that much in 6 months! I prefer it short, I think.

  5. I found it totally adorable that Ana had the cutest baby bump, and when sneijder said that the best moment of 2010 was the wedding “with my beautiful wife” awwwwwww.
    But muchas gracias for the coverage Una :) Great pictures and details that I may have missed!

  6. WOW!!!! Thanx Una… I saw Patricia like in the background of some video & I want to see pic … LOVED HER DRESS!!!! Both her and Ana … I could barely recognized them!!! … I wish they had a pic of Ana baby belly…. And let may say this Ana … can pull of any hair style … and probably any hair color .. *lol* And Pep …. What can I say abou him… HE IS THE SEXIEST COACH I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! & I agree with the comment above Iker next time bring your good looking brother… Be nice to us *lol* …. Malena (the girl that give hope to all 20 yr old girls that want to dater guys in their 30’s) … she look very simple not over the top… & I like it…. At 1st I wasn’t sure bout her… being with Puyi… but I have come to apperciate her and like her… *lol on Geri granpa name … don’t 4get momma Geri has that name too….

    What happen to the pics of the Hernandez Creus Family Pics…awwwww :(… I was shocked Ariadna came… Its usually his brother Alex and Oscar… I guess Alex had to work … They have to be my favorite family … I don’t know why….I think they are the reason … Xavi became my favorite player…

    Sneijder is really good looking… and those starting 11 … well 9/11 are good looking … Personally I don’t think Maicon and Lucio are cute….but that’s my opinion…..


  7. Hahaha I knew as soon as I saw the news about Shakira last night that the rumors about Piqué would start.

    They all looked great!! Good for them.

  8. piqué makes me melt like butter in the sun, how cute is he?!
    haha first when i saw the pic of him and his brother, i thought it was like a fan-pic with the guy who played the piano and sang yesterday during the gala, oopsi!

  9. Congratulations to all of them!Itś so endearing to see them with their families and friends.

  10. Peggy van Huizen (aka Peggles12 on Twitter)

    Cristiano & far best dressed..

  11. La Roja en negro! Caliente!

  12. oh una, i can’t see xavi’s family photo. Could you show the photos to me?? thank you una :))

  13. Thanks so much for the pics Una. I have to say I think our Spanish guys are definitely the best dressed and most handsome at the Awards! I was a bit disapponted that Andrés didn’t win and especially love his grandmothers’ quote saying it is Andrés that passes the ball to allow Messi to score the goals!!!!

  14. Piqué looked like the cookie prince he is… could not stop drooling

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