ooooohhhh… moc moc moc moc, take 2

Twitter has become an infinitely more interesting place ever since Geri Piqué joined, no?  He managed to make Cesc and Puyol more interesting as well, but can he do anything to change Iniesta?

Anyway, here are the translations of three recent events relating to the three amigos of twitter:  the Crackòvia episode making fun of their twitter obsession; the “complot GP”; and “The mystery of the leopard shoes.”

Quite a few of you asked for translations, so I did.  But there was a comment along the lines of “how the hell are we supposed to know what they said since we don’t understand Spanish.”  That bothers me.  Please keep in mind that I have no obligation to translate anything (and I’ve already translated a lot), and I probably wouldn’t have translated any of this, because it has nothing to do with the Spanish national team, which is what this blog is about.  But I do want to share everything good about the team for those people who don’t speak Spanish, and since these four guys are part of it, I did these translations.

Crackòvia, Jan. 3, 2011

As I said earlier, I loved this skit in this week’s Crackòvia because it was so hilarious, and accurate!  I especially love the incorporation of the leopard thong for the shoes (see below).

The following takes place during the Barcelona-Levante game.

GP: What really pisses me off about watching the game from the palco is that there is only one camera filming you!  There’s much more when you’re on the field, right Carles?  Carles?  Carles!!

CP: Oh sorry, I was tweeting Laia Ferrer, we’ve become really good friends… and after the clock struck 12 on New Year’s Eve, we went out partying at the most glamorous spot in La Pobla de Segur.

GP: A disco?

CP: No, the sports center, it’s the most modern one in the town.

GP: I’m going to tweet that!  Carles Puyol and Laia Ferrer ended up naked somewhere!

CP+GP: Ohhhhhh, moc moc moc moc.

CP: Write it, write it!

GP: Carles Puyol found this thong in the locker room, do you all know who it belongs to?

LM: Hi boys, how’s it going?

GP: Iker Casillas said that this thong belongs to Queca!

CP+GP: Ohhhhhh, moc moc moc moc.

LM: I just arrived from Argentina, the míster gave me extra vacation days.

CP: Look what Cesc said!  “I think the thong belongs to… Gerard Piqué!”

LM: Or in other words, the míster gave me special treatment even though in our locker room everyone is supposed to be treated the same!

GP: Cesc, I can’t believe you think this thong is mine, it’s not even my size!

LM: There are some who might feel discriminated against…

CP+GP: Ohhhhhh, moc moc moc moc.

LM: I see that no one is angry because I had more days of vacation than everyone else.

CP: Leo, we are upset that you got to rest for more days, but since you’re the best in the world and we love you… we put up with it.

Look!  Twitter says that Pedro scored!

All: Gooooooooooal!

LM: Go go go!

GP: Leo, are you watching the game from your mobile?

LM: No way, I’m watching Punto Pelota to see if the Lobo Carrasco is going to give it to Pedrerol.  Let’s go!

GP: Cesc, when you come with Arsenal, don’t wear a thong because we’re going to leave you in your underwear (direct translation from Spanish, which has the context of wiping the floor with someone).

CP+GP: Ohhhhhh, moc moc moc moc.

CP: Hey!  Twitter says that they scored a goal against us!

All: Noooooooooooo!

LM: Calm down, I’ll ask to be subbed in!  Hey, what’s happening?

GP: But… people are celebrating?

CP: False alarm.  We won 2-1.

GP: And how we suffered.

CP: They can talk all they want about Xavi’s 549 games, but without the three of us… the ones here find it very hard to concentrate on the game.

CP+GP: Ohhhhhh, moc moc moc moc.

LM: What?

CP: It’s just that the real ones (Piqué and Puyol) write these stupid things on twitter, and we don’t want to stray from that…

CP+GP: Moc moc moc moc…

By the way, in another skit, Andrés Iniesta wrote the following letter to Balthasar, one of the Three Kings, “who never fails me”:  “Dear King.  This year, in addition to the Ballon d’Or, I also want to be a bit tanner.”

The ‘complot GP’

This took place on Dec. 31, 2010, in tweets between Cesc, Geri and Puyi.  Here’s more or less what was said.  Keep in mind there are a lot of oooohhhhs and moc mocs thrown in, which I didn’t bother reproducing.

CF: GP is a false person, because he says he’ll call and then doesn’t.

CP: He’s like that all the time, I know because I spend every day with him.

GP: Why do you all always expect me to call you?  It’s a false accusation because I’m not a false person.

(He also retweets some messages of support from his fans which say things like he’s (GP) right and which defend him.)

CF: I’ll take it back when you (GP) publicly acknowledge that you’re a false person.

GP: I have a feeling there is a conspiracy directed at me, I feel left out and I want a public apology.  If CF and CP don’t take back what they said, I’ll organize a brutal twitter campaign against them.  Consider yourselves warned.

CF: I was going to go to sleep, but the annoying GP distracted me and so now I’ll wait until he asks for forgiveness.

GP: I wanted to make CF wait for two hours so that he couldn’t take his siesta, but I will confess that he just called me personally so that I would reply to his tweet immediately!

CF: False again!  My phone is off because I wanted to sleep, so don’t lie!

GP: Even though he called me, he didn’t show any interest in asking me for forgiveness and he also did not take back what he said about me.

Due to these events, I want to express my sadness for the “GP conspiracy” (complotGP) carried out by CF and CP (he made a twitter hashtag).

CF: GP has organized the “GP conspiracy” against CF and CP.  I’ll go for the “defend CF4 and CP5” (defiendeaCF4yCP5) (hashtag) campaign to destroy him!

GP: I’m convinced that people will weigh the facts and support the “GP conspiracy.”

I want to say that CF is lying to you.  He called me several minutes ago… and he told you all that he has his phone off.

Go go “GP conspiracy”!

CF: Here are some factors for you all to consider:  this was the 100,000th time in 13 years that I called him, and he told me, hang on, I’ll call you!  And then nothing.  I waited up to two weeks.

Support “defend CF4 and CP5.”

CP: I hope people support “defend CF4 and CP5.”

A private SMS from GP:  I ask you and Cesc for forgiveness, because I don’t want people to have a bad impression of me… is he false or what?

CF: Here you have a great example of how false GP is.

GP: Thank you all for supporting “GP conspiracy!”  We’re winning!

To CP:  How can you lie so much and so often!

CF: I’d like to seriously wish GP and CP a happy 2011 and hope everything is better than in 2010.  Thanks for everything, friends!

CP: The same, friend, I love you a lot!

GP: For 2011, all I want is to get my friendship with my two brothers back!  I know that my wish will come true!

CP: You have my friendship for life.

The leopard shoes

This took place over the last several days.

GP: Which player on the team came to the game wearing these shoes?

(They’re from Christian Louboutin, by the way).

CP: A world champion?

GP: When I saw them for the first time, I thought they belonged to CP, because several weeks ago he went to the zoo and I thought he bought them there!

CP: Oooohhhh!  Moc moc.

GP: I’m upset there are people who think they’re mine.  Are you crazy or what?

CP: GP’s surprise is that they’re his shoes!  He just doesn’t want to admit that they’re his.

GP: Liar!  It’s impossible!  They’re too small!  I’ll give you a very important clue:  they’re a size 40.  Who could it be?

I’m going to give you five names.  The shoes belong to one of them.

Mascherano, Keita, Dani Alves, Villa and Bojan.

CP: Definitely not Bojan.  Now there are four left.

And not Keita either… 3!!!

GP: Only three names are left!  I know I’m making you all wait, but the player doesn’t want you to know… for the time being!

Right now I’m trying to convince him so that I can reveal the name.

CP: I find it incredible that GP is leaving you hanging like that, he shouldn’t be afraid and should just say the name.  It’s not Mascherano.

GP: CP, the proof is on twitter, and you’re the one ruling people out.  So you be the one who stands up to the shoe owner tomorrow!

I have the pleasure of announcing that the “magnificent” sneakers that I wrote about the other day belong to David Villa! [No surprise there, after seeing that this belt buckle was part of his wardrobe.]

CP: Everyone already knows.  You’re a…. Oooohhh!

GP: It was a rumor and I only confirmed it for those who weren’t sure.  Why don’t you mind your own business Puyi?  Moooc!


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  1. The truth is that you’re not being forced to run either one of your blogs, you’re doing it out of the kindness of your heart so people need to be grateful for what you are able to do. There’s always Google Translate, people.

  2. That comment was annoying and not fair to you. I think most of us appreciate the work you do, please don’t pay attention to people who think the other way.

    Perosnally, I loved the part of Iniesta’s and Cristiano’s letters the most. :)

  3. Just another comment to say some of us really appreciate your translations and don’t take them for granted!! There are lots of Twitter apps that translate tweets for you and that’s what I use. I’d you’re not on an smartphone/iPod then jut copy and paste into babelfish or something. Yes they’re not perfect translations but you get the gist! Plus Pique doesn’t exactly tweet Shakespeare- it’s easy to work out. My Español (that means Spanish lazy folks) is rubbish but I like to practice it by reading the tweets, guessing and then using translate.
    Thanks for all your work Una!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, you took the words out of my mouth.

      ~ We really appreciate all the work and effort you put in to this blog, so thank you!

    • “My Español (that means Spanish lazy folks) is rubbish but I like to practice it by reading the tweets, guessing and then using translate.
      Thanks for all your work Una!”

      lol I do the same. Of course, the spoken version is much harder to translate but that’s how I learned many fo the Spanish words I know…by watching soccer on the Spanish channel. In my area of the US, if I wanted to see more than 1 soccer match a month, I had to watch it on the Spanish channel. At least now I get GolTV and Fox Soccer Channel so I can see many of the European games on TV.

  4. Your doing a great job! And there are lots of us out there who appreciate what your doing. Without you, we’d be totally lost because even Google Translate doesn’t make sense sometimes. Just keep on doing it and ignore all the bile!

    P.S: I loved the whole Gerard Pique conspiracy tweets. :)

  5. The person that left the comment was too rude and wasn’t fair!
    I appreciate everything that you do for us and making sure that we’re in sync with La roja, so thank you a million!! :D

  6. I’ve been following those guys and have been reading their tweets. I used the online translator but still fuzzy. Thank you so much for translating!! Now i understand completely. Leaves me with one question though, would you know what moc moc means? Thank you very much una!! Everyday i look forward to your posts. :-)

  7. As someone whose Castellano is highly imperfect, I very much appreciate the hard work you put in translating! Thank you!

    (But those shoes! David Villa, fashion victim?)

  8. Thanks for the translation! All of it was great. Please ignore some people’s comments!

  9. PK and Puyi’s tweets are so addicting. I thought Villa would join twitter after PK revealed his Loubotin, just to get even. I think it would be great if Villa, Iniesta, Cesc and Puyol would conspire against PK. That would be epic.

    Thanks Una for your marvelous translation.

  10. JulieFromParis

    About the “I don’t speak spanish” part, let me just add that people should seize the opportunity to learn foreign languages!! Come on people, don’t be so lazy!!! I know my english and spanish are far from perfect but, when i was younger i had no other choice but learn the two languages by myself. And Im very happy i had to because now i don’t depend on anybody,… Well, at least as long as spanish people don’t speak too fast, my spanish is kinda crap :)) .
    Listen to foreign songs, watch foreign TV and read foreign books, take charge of your life !!!

    Don’t worry Una, we can organize a “Defend unamadridista” group on twitter in no time, jajajajajaja!!!

    • That group would totally get my support! :P
      How can one not LOVE this Crackòvia? Freaking epic.

    • I agree. For some reason there are people that expect everyone around the world to speak English. I’ve seen many posts on SR’s FB asking him to post in English or to translate.

      It suprises me that with the wealth of resources on the net, they haven’t been able to find anyway to translate it. Granted, the translating programs aren’t perfect but at least you’d have an idea of what’s being said. I guess it all comes down to how badly do you want to know what’s being said. For me, I wanted to know so I researched a way to do translate.

      Una, I’m sorry that some people are disrespectful to all the time and effort you (and others) put into translating for us. I, for one, appreciate it and will do my best to sort it out on my own when you don’t have the time to do it. Thanks again for this and the Madrid blog. I learn so much about Spain, the players, the country, etc. by reading it.

    • “Don’t worry Una, we can organize a “Defend unamadridista” group on twitter in no time, jajajajajaja!!!”

      oops…almost forgot…count me in, Julie! :D

  11. Una, thanks for the translations, you are great as always!!!! It is appreciated!

    I suppose the person that demands your translations must love your translations so much so they refuse to read the ones made by someone else – let’s put it that way LOL

    As much as I adore your way of translating (it is always so well-written) and I am always happy to read your translations, in case of twitter one can also try on their own to get the sense of the tweet (in case of PK, barcastuff translates his tweets often), so I do not see how anyone could demand from you to prepare the translations!

    anyway, lets embrace the moment and laugh at what the Plotter Pikay came up with, funny boy! The ComplotGP and all the stuff – funny funny! Amazing how so usual things can be so adorable.

  12. More thanks for translating. Love the shoes – they would match a t-shirt that I have…

  13. I really, really, really appreciate your work. All the translation you do must take you hours so I can’t thank you enough for translating all this. You’re simply amazing.
    Their tweets are just… GREAT! I wish I could speak Spanish but I already improved a lot since the whole world cup. :D

  14. Unamadridista,

    Like others said in previous comments, many of the readers of this blog have no expectation that you will translate each and every non-English post about members of La Rojas. If you do translate something, we appreciate it and enjoy it. But we have no right to demand that you or anyone else do it. So please do not take rude comments seriously. Translate something if you want to and if you enjoy it. Otherwise, don’t bother.

    Life is too short to have your day be spoiled by rude/unappreciative comments.


    • Hear! Hear! Well said.

      Una you have brought so much to your readers – not just the translations but your insightfulness and wittyness.

      I love reading your blogs because your love for the players and teams really shine through your wonderful words.

      You do not owe us anything and we are truly indebted to you for sharing your insights into Real Madrid and La Roja.

      It upsets me when I see things elsewhere on the web that I KNOW are your work (I always read you first as I am truly addicted to both blogs so I know you are the originator!!!!) and are not attributed to you.
      It also is very upsetting to find out that there are commentators who DEMAND and show their ignorance of civility.

      Please know that you really are appreciated by the majority of your followers who know the hard work you put into your blogs.

      Viva Espana!!! Viva UnaMadridista!!! Bravo!!! Bravisimo!!!!
      Zorionak!!!! Eskerrik asko!!!
      Gran Treball!!!

  15. Do you think Villa would have worn those if they weren’t Louboutins?? *coughFASHIONVICTIMcough*

  16. Don’t pay attention to such rude people who want all the world to speak and write in English… I think they are robbing themselves if they don’t use their opportunities to learn foreign languages :)

  17. I appreciate your translations! My sister and I are currently learning Spanish so the help in the mean time is greatly appreciated. Especially, since I know it is time consuming for you to do so! So thank you!!

  18. Una, I want to thank you a million times!! I really aprreciate all your translations!! I don’t understand why people have comment on you, you’re great! The best person I’ve ever know! You’re doing such a kind thing for all of us who don’t speak Spanish! I love you, I really do! And I’ll help with “Defend Unamadridista” on twitter if we need to!

  19. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!! *lol* its’s addicting… Una don’t worry… I just want you to know that the 99.9999999999999999999999999999% of people who read you … REALLY REALLY…. AND TRULY!!! APRECIATE WHAT YOU DO!!!! I learn english & spanish at the same time…even though I would say Spanish is my 1st language…. & the only reason I read your blog is because of the way you right and have everything so organize and how you put the gifs and the pics …. & it is true you don’t have to do any of the blogs but you do out of kindess for all of us… & I want to THANK YOU once again for everything… Cause I know if it wasn’t for you… One I wouldn’t be a fan of La Roja and Two …. I wouldn’t have gotten the book “Los Secretos De La Roja” for Christmas… and for those who don’t understand Spanish… and love the national team… I sugest you learn it… Cause some of them might know english… but I pretty sure that the talk Spanish more… here is a link to Google Translator for those who don’t understand … I use it when I’m learning Catalan..|es|

    & about those tweets … it sounds like a BROMANCE…”he says he’ll call and then doesn’t” and then “Here are some factors for you all to consider: this was the 100,000th time in 13 years that I called him, and he told me, hang on, I’ll call you! And then nothing. I waited up to two weeks.” …. all I can think is Lady Gaga song Bad Romance *lol* but if we didn’t know any better … we would think they are gay *lmao*

    DAVID “EL GUAJE” VILLA !!!! I don’t like the shoes I was shocked when I figured out it was David… I really thought and alot of people though it was Dani Alves… I still can’t get over the fact it was him… The only way I can forgive him … If it was gift or Patricia (his wife) has matching heels to with his shoes *lol* …


  20. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

    The internet has revealed many people who feel they are entitled to everything in the world, and that other people owe them favors. I don’t understand why these people act this way to complete strangers. I know we are all anonymous on the internet, but please, mind your manners and have some human decency.

    To the rude commenter(s): Unamadridista is doing all of this out of love for her team. This is her personal site and she can do whatever she pleases. I don’t understand Spanish that well either, but I take the simple effort to at least google translate the things I don’t understand. It isn’t hard, you should try it.

  21. Hahaha thank you so much for translating all of these little things that no one else would think of. That comment was super rude, but I hope you know the rest of us appreciate all your work very much.

  22. Actually, I have a question: what does “moc moc moc” actually mean/stand for?!

  23. Awww, Crackovia, always so quick!
    LOOL, no surprise these shoes belonged to Villa. His fashion sense is…endearing.

    PS: Una, te entiendo perfectamente. Your blog is amazing, you give more information that some media…I have translated some things myself and I like it but, if only people would know how hard it is.

  24. Just wanted to say I really appreciate all the work that you do in sharing this with us! Your conlaroja and Madrid blogs are so amazing, following football is a lot more enjoyable because of them :)

  25. Just to echo the other comments – it’s a shame that someone was so rude and please don’t ever feel obligated to translate!

    I am constantly amazed at how much you do already…and am very appreciative of it all!!

    And, for the non-Spanish speakers, if you follow Barcastuff on twitter they already translate all their tweets into English. (Obviously i am *only* following that twitter because it’s best to know what the opposition is up to ;-))

  26. thanks for the translations, una! ahh David, experimenting is good, but that watch, that buckle and these shoes?? *sigh*

  27. never mind the haters una, you’ve done an amazing job. really appreciate it :-)
    and i have to agree with most of the comments, following La Roja players on Twitter really gives me the chance to learn Spanish, so i’m grateful for that.

    and, i have to say this, the #ComplotGP #defiendeacf4ycp5 really is the highlight of my New Year’s Eve (did i just make myself sound pathetic? oh, well :p). really love those three amigos!!

  28. I guess I missed the post that everyone is commenting about! What more can Una do for us? It’s not like she has nothing else to do all day.
    Incidently, Villas sneakers are GREAT!!! Can totally picture him wearing them, too.

  29. Even Cesc liked the Crackovia episode as per his tweet today.

    Molt bo el Crackovia del dilluns….. ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! moc moccc!!!!!

    As per Google translate: Good Crackovia on Monday ….. ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! moc moccc!!!!!

  30. wow! Whoever said that to you should not even be here; all of us here surely appreciate your hard work Una because I am also in the process of translatin some works, and it’s not easy. Some people may think, oh it’s a piece of cake, all you have to do is come up with different words that correspond with those of the different language.. No you do not; it takes A LOT of hard work, thinking, time, and energy. I mean for all she cares, she could have just put it in Spanish and told us to figure it out because I am sure she has family and life to care about too, but instead, she has given us her valuable time to keep us all happy. I am very thankful for all of your hard work Una, and I am sure everyone here appreciates it.. You are a great worker; Thank you dear for all of your hard work that you do with us, and keep in mind that you’re definitely not obliged to translate for us, but some people just don’t know how to be appreciative! Thank you again Una, we appreciate your hard work :)

  31. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you THANK YOU! That clears up a lot :) I guessed my way through some of the ooooooohhhs and moc mocs, but this makes a lot more sense now. Thanks. And as for the haters, just ignore them, ’cause we love you :)

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