Informe Robinson: Campeones del Mundo – the translation, part VI

Sadly enough, we’ve come to the end of Informe Robinson: Campeones del Mundo.  In this final part, the players reminisce about the final against the Netherlands, and provide their insights into the game.

Once again, a big thanks to Michelle and Jen who so kindly volunteered to translate this entire program – they did an excellent job, no?  Even the serial mumblers that we have on La Roja were no match for them!  And they also rendered the English so beautifully…

Clearly, Michelle is the Andrés and Jen the Iker of this series of translations.

Andrés Iniesta: I think the tunnel must be the absolute worst place to be in.

Gerard Piqué: You start to head down it, and you’re not even aware that you’re walking…

AI: I don’t know, the tunnel… it’s overwhelming. And in the distance, you could see the World Cup itself…

Joan Capdevila: You’re like, madre mía, there it is! And we’re just one step away from getting our hands on it!

GP: You have to hold the hand of the kid assigned to you, and he ends up pulling you along because you’re not reacting…

Sergio Busquets: They say that looking at the Cup will bring you bad luck, but… I looked at it. And I wanted it.

JC: I just can’t believe I’m right here, right now – it’s impossible, really –  a guy like me, playing in a World Cup final! The emotion makes you want to cry, but you have no idea why!


[Sergio’s header is saved; then Sergio’s shot is cleared]

Sergio Ramos: That was the one thorn in my flesh, you know? It had been stuck fast in my side, bothering me throughout the tournament, up to and including the final, because in practically every match I had had many occasions to score, but hadn’t been able to make it happen.

[A Dutch player hoofs it from inside his own half; it comes very close to bouncing into Iker’s goal; he gets his fingertips to it and it goes wide for a corner.]

Iker Casillas: I thought to myself, if I had allowed let that in, how bad would that have been? Because conceding a goal at that point and in that way…  I would have gone down in history for conceding an absolutely ridiculous goal.

[Scenes of the Spanish getting tackled by the Dutch; then De Jong’s karate kick on Xabi]

Xabi Alonso: It was a huge shock to me, a total surprise. I was thinking, “What just happened?! Where did that come from?!” It took me completely by surprise. Oof. What happened there?! I felt the bones crunch all through my back and my hips…

SB: You feel powerless, because you can’t do anything about it, that’s supposed to be the referee’s job…

Xavi Hernández: I spoke with Van Bommel about it, and with Gio (Giovanni van Bronckhorst) to tell them, “hey, what do you think you’re doing?! This isn’t how the Dutch play!”

Pepe Reina: No, it was definitely a message that had come down “from above”; that much was obvious. These particular players would never think to play like this unless someone had explicitly ordered them to do so. And Van Bommel in particular… he had it in for Iniesta the entire game.

AI: I don’t even know how to describe it… it wasn’t good. But what they did to me that day… well, I wasn’t expecting it.

PR: Iniesta got mad, really mad, and he even risked getting sent off.

AI: The truth is that I just… I’d just had it up to here, you know?


PR: It was the 70th minute, maybe the 72nd…

IC: The 61st.

[Sneijder threads a pass through to Robben, who is through clear on goal with only Iker to beat]

GP: You just freeze – at that moment, it’s like you’re completely petrified, until something happens, you know?

David Villa: I think it was the single longest moment I’ve ever had to suffer through on a football pitch…

IC: I don’t know, a thousand things were going through my head, you know? Just hang on, just wait for it….

GP: You’re just trying, trying to move your body to help Iker out, to stop the ball… [he means while watching from a distance]

IC: I was already more than halfway down to the ground (when Robben took the shot), and well, I got it with my foot…

[82nd minute: Van Persie dinks it on to Robben, who fights Puyol to get to it…]

IC: That play felt a lot worse to me than the previous one, because it seemed like Puyi would get there, that Piqué would get there, but no, no, no…

Carles Puyol: I tried to make it as difficult for Robben as I could…

IC: I don’t know, Puyi stuck out his foot, Robben instinctively jumped over it, and…

CP: If he had chosen to go down, it would’ve been a foul and a straight red.

IC: And I think, in the end, Robben basically wanted it too badly, let his nerves get the better of him, and lost his chance.


[Extra time]

XH: I remember that Andrés shifted into more of a central position, and then towards the end, I remember Jesús Navas and Cesc both coming on, and one of the Dutch players getting sent off…

El Guaje had a clear-cut chance… Cesc missed a good opportunity too; he and Villa were two-on-one against the goalie, but Cesc couldn’t make the pass, so he ended up taking the shot himself, and it was blocked by Stekelenburg.

And at the halftime break in extra time, I remember telling the doctor, we’re going to win this.

Dr. Óscar Celada: It was… like a calm descended over us. Because he had said it with such confidence.


PR: I was scared shitless. Honestly. I mean, I thought the match was going to go into penalties.

Toni Grande: And Vicente said to me, start thinking about the penalties…


XH: Jesús Navas had the ball, and he made a 30-meter run up the wing…

Jesús Navas: When I got the ball, I ran up the pitch, I passed the halfway line, and then I tried to pass it, and it kind of took a bounce off someone…

AI: And just as the ball comes to me, I play the backheel to Cesc…

Cesc Fàbregas: I pass it to Jesús…

JN: And I see that Torres is wide open on the flank to receive it…

Fernando Torres: And I see that Andrés has slipped past one of their fullbacks… and I try to play it to him, but they intercept and clear it…

CF: It fell to me, and I saw Andrés there… and well, I’m not saying it was easy, but he was in a good position, diagonal to me, and I could make the pass to him…

AI: Everything stopped, and it was just me and the ball. You know how when you see a slow-motion replay of something? Well, that’s what it was like for me. It’s hard to hear silence, but at that moment, I listened to the silence, and I knew the ball was going in.

FT: And then he scored the goal to end all goals.


Raúl Martínez: And I asked, “Who was it???” And they told me, “Andresito! It was Andrés, it was Andrés!”

AI: In that moment, you have no idea what you’re even saying…

PR: I threw myself on top of Cesc, and Cesc was gasping, “Pepe, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe!” But I didn’t give a crap!

AI: The only thing I could think of at the time was to spend as much time as possible celebrating so that the match would end sooner!


[Fernando Torres is clear through on goal, but suddenly pulls up short]

FT: I thought it had to be something serious, because I’ve had many muscle tears before, and none of them were quite like that… and I just couldn’t believe it, you know? I didn’t want to open my eyes. I could hear Raúl, and Dr. Cota, and when I finally opened my eyes, I was in the dressing room, on the treatment bed…

[The whistles blows for full time]

Dr. Juan Cota: And, with both of us in tears, I told him, “Fernando, you’re a world champion, you have to go out and celebrate with them.”

FT: And I wanted to, but I couldn’t walk…

Dr. JC: And I remember walking down the Soccer City tunnel with him, the two of us together, talking about being the champions of the world.

FT: And you think, “Was it really worth all of that to win the World Cup?” For me, yes it was.


AI: I turned my head to the sky and fell to my knees… and I was there on the ground, crying like I’d never cried before, when Víctor Valdés came up to me…

Víctor Valdés: And seeing Andrés as overcome with emotion as he had been that long-ago day in training, but this time overflowing with happiness instead – the contrast between the two filled me with emotion as well. And watching him cry tears of joy, after the year he’d had and all he’d suffered through… for me, it felt as good as if I’d scored the winning goal myself, or even better.

IC: Crying, just crying with happiness, crying because you’ve accomplished something you’ve dreamed about since you were a kid – after listening to all the naysayers, all the nonsense, all the garbage about how Spain could never win the World Cup, about how Spain could never succeed on the world stage… for everything we’d lived through, for everything I had gone through…

CP: The one thing I remember the míster saying that really surprised me was when we hugged each other and he said to me, “You can’t retire from the national team now, you have to at least reach the 100 game mark!” And I was really touched, because we had just won the World Cup, and for him to even think of my retirement at a time like that… it really touched me.

JC: What really made an impression on me was seeing my parents cry. I’d never actually seen them cry before, you know?… Just thinking about it makes me tear up a little right now…

CF: She said to me, “I’m your mother!” I saw my mother there, my grandfather, my sister too, and my father yelling, “Hey, I’m your father!”… and I was like, madre mía


IC: And you see the Cup, and you say, “Uf, I can’t believe it!”

JC: And I remember, the first thing I did was kiss it and say, “You’re mine now!”

DV: It felt like we would never see the day when a Spaniard would hold the World Cup in his hands, you know?

IC: When I was a kid, I saw Matthäus lift it, I saw Dunga lift it, I saw Deschamps lift it, I saw Cafu lift it, then Cannavaro… and when Sepp Blatter handed me the World Cup, and I thrust it into the air… I could watch that moment again tomorrow, three years from now, ten years from now, and I’d still be completely overcome by emotion because, I’m telling you, there is absolutely nothing like that memory.

SR: To be able to kiss it, and raise it above your head, to know that you are a champion, I’m still not used to seeing the mini replica World Cup there on my nightstand… there’s nothing that can be compared with that.

XH: It’s the feeling of having changed football for the better. It’s not just that Spain won and made people happy. No, it’s the feeling of knowing that we embodied an era.

GP: It’s the feeling of knowing that we created a team, un grupo de amigos, who won a World Cup together. That feeling will always be with us, as the Spanish national team. Many people called it a “Barcelona victory,” but it was a Spanish victory. Sure, there were eight of us from Barça, but there were 15 other players who weren’t.


[In Madrid to celebrate with the country]

PR: I’ve never seen such a sea of people in my life. I don’t think I’ll ever see the likes of it again. I mean, an entire country united – I think the only thing that can accomplish that is football.

Vicente del Bosque: I was touched that people from so many different countries felt Spanish and wanted to celebrate the successes of the Spanish national team with us. [Michael Robinson gestures to himself] I think it’s such a great way to create a sense of belonging… and you first and foremost, no? It’s so true.

PR: That an entire country could, for two, three, four days, forget about everything else…


AI: For the year to start as it did, and then end in such a way… I could never have imagined it.

It makes me very happy to know that not only I will be remembered, but that Dani Jarque will, through me, be remembered as well.

Emili Ricart: He’s a giant amongst men. That’s all I can say.

AI: Everything that others see, really, is what my parents have taught me. Feeling happy as a person is far better than winning any trophy. That’s how I see it.

Michael Robinson: And thus ends the story of the unforgettable summer of 2010. Allow me to thank everyone who gave their best in order to make millions of Spaniards happy. This has been Informe Robinson, and it has been a pleasure. Until next time.


FT: What are we going to do now?  We’ve accomplished everything.  The next World Cup is in Brazil.  Let’s see if we can beat Brazil in the final in Brazil.

During the credits, they air the outtakes.  Look out for Javi Martínez imitating Michael Robinson (soy Michael Robinson, soy Michael Robinson); the light going off on Iker; Dr. Celada receiving a phone call in the middle (he says, Juan, I’ll be down in five minutes).  Plus, we get to see some of the others who didn’t make it into this program:  Antonio Fernández, Paco Jiménez, Paloma Antoranz…

And in the credits, you can see that included in the thank-yous are a lot of the behind the scenes people from the team, as well as journalists and René Ramos, Sergio’s brother.


The videos won’t embed, so click here and then here to watch.


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  1. No llores, Joan, no llores… I love him even more when he’s that sensitive… :)

  2. Michelle, Jen & Una, thank you -so- much for the translations. <3

  3. Poor Nando. He really had a torrid World Cup but I’m glad he got the medal at the end of it.

    Also, I hope Spain wins Euro 2012 and Brazil 2014. I love them that much and if any team can make it happen, this one can.

  4. I’m at work and trying to stop from tearing up! This was really lovely, thank you!

    Now to watch the whole thing again when I get home.

  5. thank u so much for this!!:) all of you..

  6. I cried (again) just by reading this! and then i rewatched and cried AGAIN, such a beautiful play from the team! thank you everyone to the lovely translations :)
    does anyone know the name of the classical song played throughout the segment? haha

    • I believe it was Alice’s Theme, by Danny Elfman. It was orignally from Alice in Wonderland.

      • THANK YOU! i did keep hearing Alice throughout I thought it was in a different language haha. It’s a beautiful song :)

    • You mean the Love Actually music that played over all the celebrations the end? It’s the Portuguese Love Theme. (I have watched the movie enough times that I didn’t even need to look that up. ;-) If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll recognise it as the music that plays when Colin Firth goes to Portugal and Aurelia agrees to marry him.) It is SO good for getting you to well up in pride and joy and complete ferklemptitude, isn’t it?!

      • YES. I, too, have see the movie enough times that as soon as I heard it, it clicked. It’s such a beautiful song and it gets me very emotional every time. It was so fitting for the end of this program. Beautiful.

  7. Thank you again, Michelle and Jen, for translating this! :)
    Now I understand how hard it was to win this world cup. I could have never imagined that it was this hard. They’re just an amazing team that really deserved to win. I was supportig them since the first match.

  8. Busi looked at the trophy and it didn’t bring bad luck to them, so he should be allowed to eat crossaints now!

    thanks girls for the translations!

  9. i dont know what to say anymore…i just love this team so much!

    thank you so much again to all of you! you’ve no idea how much we appreciate all your hardwork!
    thankyou thankyou thankyou! <333

  10. i am so interested in knowing what Gerard Pique says during the outtakes…. ? help.

    • I tried hard to pick that one up, and checked with Jen too, but they were outtakes and Pique is kind of mumbly at best! (Lips perma-swollen from being kicked in the mouth too many times, is our guess.)

      Best guess at this one —
      The journo (more on him later) is asking a question intended to wind Pique up — I THINK he asks him which result he prefers, the “1-5, or the 2-6”? (2-6 is clearly the Barcelona v Madrid at the Bernabeu where Pique scored the 6th goal. Not sure which 1-5 result — the recent one vs Espanyol? I thought he might have been referring to the 5-0 manita, but he says something-cinco for sure, so it has to be a match where the away team scored 5.)
      Pique laughs and says “The 2-6 — it makes me so — you are CLEARLY a madridista (“eres madridista, fijo“) — it makes me so mad(?) that you don’t remember (or are pretending to not remember) — it was such a ____ result (“es un resultado — es un resultado — ” He never finishes his thought in an audible manner, but my guess is that he’s saying “It was such a great/amazing/legendary scoreline”….)

      I’m not sure who the madridista interviewer was, we only see him in profile/shadow, but he definitely
      looks familiar. My first thought/guess was Juanma Castaño, but I cannot be sure at all about that (I don’t live in Spain and haven’t watched a lot of Spanish TV), and I’m not even sure if Juanma Castaño is an avowed madridista.

      Madridista, any additional thoughts/insight on this one?

  11. i <3 michelle and jen!! you girls are angels!! oh, and una too!! :)

    thanks for bringing this to us! i loved every minute of it!

  12. Una, Michelle, Jen – gracias amigas! Fantastic work. It just gets me so choked up again!

  13. The translation is perfect, Michelle and Jen, thank you!

  14. I love this guys… It just brought tears and chill just reading and thinking about this… WOW!!! 6 months…. just came and went like nothing… but those 90 mins felt like an enternity….I wish I would have heard Xavi ( he is soooo special) say that… I think I would have been ok to watch the extra time…. & I love how they are sensitive… but I bet they are the type of guys that are sensitive but can kick someone A$$ if they don’t respect their woman… *lol*


  15. OMG Thank u so much all of u for translating all parts so quick..
    now I can watch and understand all of it..
    and it was really great to be able to know how they really felt during world cup..
    the tears, the laughter, it is priceless ^^

  16. Do you know what Piqué said at the end of the second video ? About Madridista ?

    Thank you so much for trnaslating .

    • I just made a long replycomment about it a few posts above which hopefully helps to shed a BIT of light. (Although still not fully sure!) :-)

  17. Thank you Michelle, Jen and Una! Not going to lie, this part made me cry multiple times. Watching don Andres score, Iker, Joan and Raul tearing up, Fernando’s obvious pain, the ovation for Iniesta in different stadiums and the line about remembering Dani Jarque made me cry. It was a good cry though.

  18. I can’t believe i almost was never going to watch this..just because I knew I wouldn’t understand it in Spanish. What a shame that would of been! This is such a moving and excellent program, and thanks to Michelle, Jen, and you (una) i was able to understand it =)!

  19. I had tears in my eyes as I read this. :’) I will never forget 7/11/10. <3

    Thanks so much for the translations! These are great!

  20. Thank you Michelle!! Thank you Jen!! And as always, Thank you unamadridista!!!
    You are incredible for helping so many of us to really enjoy and relive all these amazing WC moments through the words of the La Roja team. Tears are welling up in my eyes… Its all just too wonderful!

  21. Thank you so much for translating, Michelle, Jen, and Una! It was amazing reflecting back on this. It brought me to tears.

  22. I’ve been wondering what Pepe was repeatedly saying. “I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!” THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

  23. Michelle and Jen – Thank you so much for the translation, and for all the work.

    And Una, thanks for EVERYTHING. Your website always puts a smile on my face =)

  24. I love that Del Bosque mentioned being touched by all the people in other countries who felt Spanish on that day… I can certainly relate to that. Just reading this made me teary, not to mention watching the video.

  25. Foremost, thanks so much for the translations!

    Second, I teared up reading this and watching it again. It’s so great to hear what the players were thinking during the final and after.

    Also this from Pique made me feel great. GP: It’s the feeling of knowing that we created a team, un grupo de amigos, who won a World Cup together. That feeling will always be with us, as the Spanish national team. Many people called it a “Barcelona victory,” but it was a Spanish victory. Sure, there were eight of us from Barça, but there were 15 other players who weren’t.

  26. “I threw myself on top of Cesc, and Cesc was gasping, “Pepe, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe!” But I didn’t give a crap!” hehe makes me want to watch the entire final again just to see that part, except it was so hard to sit through was it not? There were so many parts in the final that just made me want to jump up and down in frustration.
    Thanks Jen, Michelle and Una for the translations!!!

  27. Thanks again for translating.

    I have to say, this was a great program. A+.

  28. Thank you for the wonderful translation and post, Una, Michelle and Jen!! It is so much easier to understand now with you translations. :)

    Just wondering, what is Rene Ramos’ role with the team? Or does Sergio just need his big brother to babysit him wherever he goes? ;) ;)

  29. Once again thank you so much Michelle, Jen, and Una for the fantastic translations – you are all stars!!!!

    It has been so emotional reading all the players thoughts and feelings about their World Cup experience Not only are they extremely talented footballers but wonderful guys, and have a real team spirit and friendship.

    And just love this from VDB: ” I was touched that people from so many different countries felt Spanish and wanted to celebrate the successes of the Spanish national team with us.”

  30. I loved and truly enjoyed every second of this program. These emotions are so overwhelming… even half a year later – and they will stay, forever.

    Two of my favorite phrases were what VDB and Piqué said, about foreign people feeling Spanish (me too!) and that it’s not only a Barcelona thing.
    I know, the latter is clear to all of us, and I like Barca, but it does bother a lot that some people just always mention those two – still outstanding – Spanish Liga clubs while talking about our NT. But this is a completely different team with different aims, so, please, deal with it!

    Thank you from the very deepest point in my heart for the translations, Jen, Michelle and Una.

  31. OMG I missed the credits!!! thank youuuuuu! you guys rule!!!!

  32. I am late catching up on my reading and just finished the last 2 parts – it was so great to live this all over again although the parts with Torres were very difficult to read – i do hope that what he went through was worth it for him. My sister and i were in Madrid when the team arrived home and did the parade and i dont think i will ever forget those memories. Thanks Jen, Michelle and Una sooo much for all your efforts in translating this for us – hopefully my spanish lessons will have paid off in four years and i will be able to read these things myself when they win again in 2014 :)

  33. Thank you all so much for the translations!
    That means a lot for us who can’t understand Spanish!
    So appreciated!

  34. I tried to keep my tears in but lost my self control when Iniesta took off his shirt and I saw what he had written on his undershirt and what he had said about Dani Jarque. Great job with the translations, ladies. What a wonderful and informative blog you have here!

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