Pedro honored in Las Canarias, and the Cup goes to Galicia

Like Xabi Alonso before him, Pedro is also taking advantage of the winter break to spend a few days at home and collect some honors.  Yesterday, he received the gold medal of the Canary Islands in Santa Cruz de Tenerife from the hands of regional president Paulino Rivero, who praised his “humility, sacrifice, effort and perseverance.”  Pedrito said he felt “honored to be a tinerfeño and dedicated the accolade to his family and other people who have helped him.

Rivero said that David Silva would receive the same honor, as soon as he has time to return to the Canary Islands.  Silva couldn’t attend yesterday as he’s on club duty with Manchester City.

The gold medal is the highest honor the Canary Islands hands out, and it’s for people for who excelled in their jobs.

Photos from Rivero’s flickr account here!

Meanwhile, the World Cup headed to the beautiful city of Santiago de Compostela (one of my favorites), accompanied by Ángel Villar and Vicente del Bosque (it’s being held there by the archbishop).

The cup was offered to the apostle James as a thank you for “helping” Spain to achieve the title.  In February of this year, representatives from the federation traveled to the capital of Galicia to ask the apostle for assistance in overcoming the obstacles in the way of Spanish football, and for success in the World Cup.

Since Spain ended up winning the World Cup, yesterday the trophy was presented to the apostle inside the cathedral, and then later on, there was an act with the president of the Xunta (the government of Galicia), who jokingly proposed making VDB the “coach of Spain” by choosing a team of the best politicians to work together to bring the same success to Spanish society and to help overcome the crisis.

VDB was also present at the annual gala of the Bizkaia’s sports press association, where he received the Bizkaia award (Bizkaia is a province of País Vasco, and its capital is Bilbao), which is handed out to people related to sports who aren’t from the province.  During remarks with the journalists, he said that he was “very happy” with the presence of Fernando Llorente and Javi Martínez on the national team, and that he would like to see the Spanish national team return to the province by playing a game at San Mamés.


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  1. Oh My, the World Cup in the cathedral and held by the Archbishop, given to the apostle!!!! That is something that I would not expect to ever see, even though I am catholic too ;-)

    Nice event and it is always nice to see Vincente Del Bosque, I love him.

  2. Hey guys,a little off topic question (but still a bit on topic;-) – did anyone of you ordered something at ElCorteIngles online store to be shipped abroad? I need to buy Pepe’s book and also the one of “OOOOOH” Pikay and want to do it via El Corte Ingles, since I know and love this store.;-) I just wanted to check whether some of you already have some experience with their delivery system;-) Thanks and oooooh! ;-)

    • Can’t help with El Corte Ingles, but I have a hard time imagining they’re any worse than Casa de Libro! The person who bought me the book for Christmas tells me that their customer service has not been the best / most efficient to deal with… *shrug* Spain, eh? What are you going to do? :-)

  3. La Roja playing at San Mamés? Yes, please!!

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