Informe Robinson: Campeones del Mundo – the translation, part II

And we continue with the translation of Informe Robinson…

Narrator: On June 16, Spain began their journey at the World Cup in South Africa.

Álvaro Arbeloa: Eleven minutes into the game, I said to Albiol, “Raúl, we’re going to win the World Cup, we’re playing so well that if we keep this up, nobody will be able to beat us.”

Iker Casillas: I think that the whole match can be summed up in that play. It was bad luck: I hit it, he got the rebound, it hit Piqué, then the ball stopped rolling…


Óscar Celada: I go out onto the pitch, and he tells me, “I felt a strange sensation in my hamstring.” And I said, madre mía, madre mía, we’ll sub you out.

Andrés Iniesta: I injured myself more than I thought.


Juan Mata: Right after the match, the important players, the captains, started trying to cheer people up, telling us that we could still win the rest of the games.

Fernando Torres: I remember Xavi, Xabi Alonso, Arbeloa…

AA: I think I was one of the ones who tried the hardest to raise morale, telling them to be calm, that we had played phenomenally.

FT: Their serenity, the sense of confidence even though we had lost, raised our spirits, including those of Vicente, who had been silent, along with a lot of the rest of us.


Luis Aragonés: In the first matches, you have to go out with 110% from the very beginning. And today, in my opinion, that’s not how they came out. They came out as though they were convinced they would win easily. And in football, that doesn’t happen.

FT: I spoke to Xabi, to Xavi, and I said, you know, with Luis, you have to read between the lines, we know him and how to read between the lines, we should listen to him. It’s not just anyone’s opinion, we should listen to him, we’re going to listen carefully and pay attention to what he’s trying to tell us. We’ve spent so much time with him that we know how to interpret what he says. And I think, in a way, it helped us, it motivated us, that our coach asked more of us, demanded more of us… [corrects himself] our former coach.

Xavi Hernández: And that was when Fernando Hierro really stepped up. He gathered those of us who had been with the team the longest, the captains, and he told us that he had no doubt that this team could do something great at the World Cup…

Xabi Alonso: … that we had such an amazing opportunity, with such a good group, that for many of us it was probably going to be an opportunity that we wouldn’t have again.

OC: The day after the game against Switzerland… the day after the game against Switzerland, I think we all doubted everything. I was even doubting the menus that I had changed.

Gerard Piqué: That’s when the doubts creep in, when you start to say, “and what if we really aren’t that good?”


Newspaper headline: “Spain’s defeat? Blame the girlfriend.”

IC: I’ve heard all types of comments about my personal life, because there’s always ones that I’m expected to respond to.  They can arrive at any moment, and I don’t believe that I’m always playing at the highest level, but the important thing is that I never started doubting myself.

XH: I spoke with Vicente and we talked a lot about football, we discussed what happened, but really the only thing that had happened was one of those freak footballing misfortunes that we just couldn’t explain.

FT: We didn’t know why we had lost. You don’t know why you lost? And if you had to go back and do it again, you’d do everything the same? Well, that’s because you’re on the right path.

VDB: I think that was the most critical moment. We received a lot of news from Spain. As the coach, you have to know how to listen, but you also have to have a firm sense of judgment, and at that time, I think we were working with a solid style of play that we couldn’t just cast aside, and also the players themselves.


N: Andrés Iniesta was definitely ruled out for the second game.

AI: I had a really hard time between the Switzerland game and the Honduras game.

Raúl Martínez: The ghosts of the past season began to haunt him again.

AI: I met up with a fenómeno named Raúl.

RM: And that’s when I reminded him of Fernando and said to him, “Andrés, this is how it’s going to end.” And he got up from the couch, gave me a high-five, and said, “Venga, yes it is!”

AI: If I had to say that it’s thanks to him that I played in the World Cup, well… that’s how I feel.

The night before the match against Honduras, that day was key, because he pushed exactly the right buttons.

RM: When you realign many different body parts –  e.g. parts of the cranium – that are far from the injury site – parts of the thorax and even the visceral areas – when all the various parts are brought into alignment, then everything can start to function again.

AI: And I remember that day, I went to bed very happy.


N: Against Honduras, Del Bosque brought in Jesús Navas and Fernando Torres for Andrés Iniesta and David Silva.

Michael Robinson: And that was the last we would see of Silva…

VDB: Well, yes.  He’s a player I appreciate greatly for his footballing abilities, because he’s very good…

David Silva: The coach told me I should be playing more, and he felt bad about it, but as I’ve said before, at times like that, you have to consider everyone, and put the group first.

VDB: And that’s a sacrifice we made… surely too much of a sacrifice.


David Villa: I ran at both of them, I tried to get between them, then another player came forward, but I was already concentrating on the goal, and so I was still able to kick the ball hard as I was falling.


Carles Puyol: I walked away from the match in a bad mood, because the team had broken…

RM: I don’t know, he took his shirt, and threw it on the ground. He was furious.

CP: A single goal could have made it difficult for us to qualify, no? So that’s why I left a little bit angry.

GP: The worst thing, which nobody knows about, is that the next day in training, Andrés put a cross into the box and I tried to clear it, but the ball hit me full-on in the face and all of my cuts reopened again. I said all the bad words I could think of, I left training and I remember Vicente saying to me, “What bad luck!”

PR: And that day, he was quieter than he’d ever been. We were joking around with him, and he was like [mumbles, imitating Piqué] “Haha, guys, I can’t laugh…” We couldn’t understand him, he couldn’t talk with his mouth all swollen, and he was having a really bad time of it.

XH: I saw that Busi was having a really hard time. Even though you try hard not to listen to the critics, people were saying that we didn’t need Busquets.

Sergio Busquets: It’s clear that the most important thing is to be aware of everything, no? Of your job, of the fact that you’re the youngest, and perhaps that you’re the one who hasn’t made a name for himself yet.

AI: The most important thing is that the people around you have faith in you. So, in that sense…

VDB: If I were a football player in this moment, I would like to be like Busquets.


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  1. Thank you for this! I was reading another translation from someone on youtube, but it doesn’t compare to this. They left the viewers with the impression that VDB said they don’t need Busquets, which is very different from the meaning you showed here! It also doesn’t make sense especially since Busi played in each game.

  2. Is carles puyol talking about after the switzerland game that he got upset?

    • After Honduras one (if I’m not mistaken). I think he meant he felt the team suffered too much and the goal average was not that big.

    • He’s referring to the Honduras game (that’s the footage they’re showing, if you watch the show while reading the translation). My guess is that he was upset because, even though they won, he felt that the defending hadn’t been convincing, and that they had come close to conceding, which COULD have been bad.

  3. thank you soooooo much for the translation:)

  4. Ps thank youuu for this! It made my christmas :)

  5. Thanks for the translation! Can you explain why Puyol was in a bad mood after the Honduras game and why he thought the team was broken?

  6. Thank you guys so much for translating this! Reminiscing is so much more fun when you can understand what they’re saying!

  7. Whaaaat, already the second part translated??! You are awesome girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all your work, you need to know that it is appreciated!!!

    I visited this website like 100 times today and just told myself after few-hours break that I will come to visit just for a minute. Now not only will I read the translation, I will also have to watch this part of the show. Please don’t judge me. ;-)

    What a great escape from the reality of life, it is sometimes so needed.

  8. Don’t need Busquets? Why you!!!!!

  9. Ladies,

    THANK YOU for the translations!! The program is sooo well done, no? Can’t wait for the remaining parts!

  10. Oh goodness, thank you so so much! You have no idea how much I appreciate this. Besos y Abrazos a todos!

  11. Thank you so much for the translations! And does anyone have a link to a video again, the one I had to rewatch it is now missing :(

  12. Thanks SO MUCH for the translations!! Really, really appreciate it!!
    Reading what the team has to say of their World Cup experiences in their own words makes me love the team even more!

  13. Poor Pique! lol

    Thanks again! Cant wait for part 3!

  14. Aah, the episode has been phenomenal so far!

    I found an upload on Youtube, it’s the full hour, but without subtitles:

    Thank you again, guys~

  15. Awesome = gracias chicas! Lovin the words of el Niño Torres.

  16. Thank you so much again for this! it’s like Christmas all over again for me!!! :D

    im just soooo confused about Puyi’s reaction when they won against Portugal. what did it mean – it would be hard for them to qualify with a goal? and the team was broken…? gah, im all tied up in knots. was the team furious because of Dahveed’s goal???! though, i remember there was a talk that the goal was offside or something? there are just too many questions running through my mind right now. :(

    anyway, thank you so much again for the translation!!! looking forward to the rest :D

    • Itś difficult to translate it into English. It was after Honduras game. He means the team suffered too much to get just one goal more in the goal average.

    • They won, but it wasn’t against Portugal, it was against Honduras :-) Although they kept a clean sheet, my best guess is that Puyi was probably angry because he felt that they didn’t defend as well as they could have, and let Honduras into the game a little more than he would’ve liked. Not living up to his high standards for himself, etc.

      I don’t think the team was angry because of either of the Villa goals. Those were the happymaking parts. :-)

  17. Hey. I just wanna say thanks for all the translations you’ve done! You’re truly amazing. I’d really like to ask you if its no big deal to translate the interview with David VIlla. Please,please,please,please,please,please,please <3.
    This is part 1 of the interview :
    Part 2 :
    Part 3:
    Part 4 :

    Pleaseeee I beg you too! Thank youu so muchhh <3!

    • If I don’t even have time now to translate Informe Robinson…

      • Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee? You’re like the only spanish translator I knoww. Do you know any others? If you do, could you give me their emails or something?

    • Alex, I know what it’s like to be passionate about something, incredibly excited to watch a show about it, and then super frustrated when you can’t understand most of it.

      However, you’re asking A LOT of La Madridista, or any other amateur translator, with the four videos you linked — that’s 40 whole minutes of video, and it’s not a trivial task to sit down and whip through those, even for someone who’s fully bilingual. You have to listen hard enough to pick up what they’re saying, type it all out, and then think of an elegant way to render it into a second language.

      To give you some sense of how much work this can be, Jen and I are working on Informe Robinson together, and even with two people, each 10-minute chunk is still taking about 4-5 solid manhours.
      For 40 minutes of video, you’d be looking at close to 20 manhours, which is half a workweek for most adults who have jobs. Many people, when asked to contribute 20 hours of labor, would expect to be paid for it…

      So in short — yes, it actually is a pretty big deal. Your best bet might be to find David Villa fansites that would be interested in translating this content for their members, the same way Madridista translates Real Madrid-related things because she is interested in them. Or perhaps you could find a native speaker friend and ask if they’d be willing to watch the show together with you and help tell you what Villa is saying? It wouldn’t be word-for-word, but it would give you the gist of things, and hopefully be a fun way to spend an hour.

      I wish you the best of luck. :-)

  18. Thanks Girls! You’ve done a very good job! Keep up the good work!!!!

  19. VDB: If I were a football player in this moment, I would like to be like Busquets.

    High praise indeed! Busi is a quiet guy who goes about doing his job to the best of his ability. It is great that he is getting the recognition that he deserves.

  20. It’s so interesting to find out some of the background. Lots of translation work in this – thank you!
    I tried watching a few minutes of the David Villa interviews and wished that there was some software on You Tube which made instantaneous translations from Spanish to English – someday, perhaps! .

  21. Hola, ¿En cuantos capítulos está dividida la traducción? y… ¿Cuando calculáis que estará terminada?

    Lo digo porque ya he conseguido los originales sin comprimir del video para crear un DVD y como he descubierto vuestro trabajo he decidido esperaros y hacer el curro extra de insertar la traducción en una pista de subtítulos, así también podrán disfrutarlo los que no entienden el castellano.

    Pondré una página de créditos en la que figurará el nombre del blog, de las traductoras y gente que ha colaborado. Cuando esté listo os pasaré los enlaces de descarga a los dos servidores más populares para que podáis hacer una entrada aquí con la información.

    Todo está listo a la espera de que finalicen las traducciones de los subtítulos (y de que yo los implemente, que también es un currazo), por ahora aquí está la portada:

    Informe Robinson: Campeones del Mundo


    • Hola, creo que hay seis o siete capítulos, así que faltan tres o cuatro. No sé cuanto tiempo tardarán en terminar (supongo que no mucho), les preguntaré. (Or, Michelle & Jen, feel free to step in and answer but don’t feel that there’s any pressure on you!).

      Me encanta la portada!

    • ¡Muchas gracias por el interés en nuestro trabajito! La verdad es que las dos tenemos unas inquietudes en cuanto a este asunto, así que si nos podría pasar un correo donde mandarle un mensaje, nos alegraría tratar el tema más a fondo. Esperamos su respuesta :-)

  22. Presión ninguna, por favor, es sólo para irme programando. Anoche estuve un par de horas trabajando en la iimplementación de los subtítulos y aún no he terminado la segunda parte, como es taréa pesada me viene muy bien que sea por capítulos y así dividirlo en varios días.

    Si se corresponde con los capítulos en Youtube entonces serán 6 supongo.

  23. Para que las traductoras trabajen sin ninguna presión ya está disponible la versión sólo en castellano del DVD. La internacional puede esperar hasta que sea preciso.

    Feliz Año

    • I edited the comment to remove the links – if anyone wants them, send me an email!

      For those that don’t read Spanish, kbootlegs’ comment was that the Spanish DVD version is already available.

  24. Thank you for the translation. Not being a great fan of the sport, I am more so thanks to you.

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