your last advent gift

A hodgepodge of players for today’s advent gift!  I’ll try and translate a bit more of Pepe’s book as well!

Iker, Busi & Llorente

All three of them were in Madrid last night, participating in Iker and Luis Figo’s football 7 “hope” game for various charities.  Iker captained one side, which was coached by Luis Aragonés, and Busi was one of Iker’s players.  Fernando was originally scheduled to participate, but his hip injury relegated him to watching from the stands.


Here are some parts from his GQ interview where he’s not being controversial/insulting, but rather the fun and quirky Xavi that I like.  Watch the video here.

– I have strange passions.  I like to go mushroom hunting.  I love it.  I have the same passion for it as I do for a goal.

– With my first salary of 4,000 pesetas, I bought a toaster for my mother.  I’m very generous because that’s the way I feel.  If I have anything, I feel the need to share it with my loved ones.

– I only like being the protagonist on the field, not in front of the camera with the lights, action…

– I’m the happiest at home.  My friends know that.  They say, hey let’s go have dinner, and I say, come to my house and we’ll get Japanese food delivered.

– I watch a lot of TV.  I like Aída, it makes me laugh a lot.  I watch the news, the Manolos on Cuatro where you (Juanma Castaño, the interviewer) are, everything with football, such as El Día Después, El Día de Fútbol on Sundays, which I love.  I rest and sleep a lot (mucho, mucho, mucho), three hours is the minimum length for a siesta.

David Villa

David is in Asturias for his vacation, and he took the time to unveil a commemorative plaque for Tuilla’s sports center, which is now named after him.  He thanked the town for the honor, saying it meant a lot to him because that’s where he began to play football.

I’m sorry, but that is one ugly belt buckle.  And I’ve seen a lot of them, since I support the team that Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos play for, but this one takes the cake.  It almost looks like a football crest, no?

Andrés Iniesta

Andrés is one of the stars, along with Rafa Nadal and (the in need of some grooming) Pau Gasol, in Nike’s new ad, with the tagline “shine, and make your country better.”  They list all the achievements of Spanish athletes over the past year, and the list is extremely long.  The list of course includes Nike’s football world champions:  Carles Puyol, Sergio Ramos, Gerard Piqué, Fernando Torres, Sergio Busquets, Cesc Fàbregas and Andrés Iniesta himself.  The ad is a message of hope in response to the crisis that the country is going through right now.

The team

Out now is the book The Bible of the Spanish National Team, which consists of historical data, graphics, statistics, line-ups, results, fun facts and anecdotes that will give you a better understanding of the history of the team.  The prologue was written by Vicente del Bosque and the presentation by Iker Casillas.  (For Madrid fans, The Bible of Real Madrid is also out, with José Mourinho’s prologue and Alfredo di Stéfano’s presentation).


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  1. Aw man, The Bible of the Spanish National Team sounds freakin’ fantastic, I’d love to have that!
    Happy holidays to you!

  2. “I like to go mushroom hunting” — Oh my God, hahahahaha! I’m in love, I am genuinely in love right now! XD

    Oh! I know that you’re busy with Pepe’s book, but it would be great if you provided some loose bits of The Bible of the Spanish National Team and the Real Madrid version on the RM blog (if that’s not too much to ask, of course). :)

  3. your commentary on the belt buckle cracked me up and that was exactly what I needed! Thank you. :D

  4. Be fair. Xavi is not the type of person to be insulting or controversial. Are you going to believe everything that the so called journalists attribute to him?

  5. (to add to my previous comment) Unless you perceived him being insulting or controversial in the interview itself. In that case, I think we’d need those parts of the interview to see if we will come to the same conclusion.

  6. Finally!!!! Xavi and I share the same passion. We both love to siesta!

    Thanks Una for the endless translations of articles about La Roja. Merry Christmas!

  7. Hi…I am sorry if I sound so unaware, but I must ask you or anyone for that matter what does this mean “the crisis that the country is going through right now.?” isn’t spain a rich and prosperous country?

  8. AWWW THANK U!!!! That interview… made me fall in love with him even more…. I just love everything about him… To me he is the “Perfect Man” my “Ideal Man” ….. You made my Christmas … Thanx UMA!!!

  9. jeje, i knew you would comment on the belt buckle! I saw it and I was like O_O….it looks like a crest with 2 tennis racquets surrounded by a laurel wreath…And I wish Xavi would always just be the Xavi we like. Those comments from before were genuinely hurtful.

  10. I must be having a Texan moment. The belt buckle looks almost normal to me.

    Iker’s so adorable when he smiles. *sigh*

    Merry Christmas from the Lone Star State, and thank you for these advent posts. They’ve been very entertaining.

  11. Hahahahahaaaaaaa mushroom hunting…. Xavi often gets on my nerves but wow, that is priceless.

    I love all these little snippets. Very cute.

  12. Soooo… Xavi….what kind of mushrooms are we talkin’ about here?! The ones that give you chameleon eyes? (Thank you Ray Hudson!)

  13. Xavi is perfection!!!!! <3 Villa's belt buckle, on the other hand, is tragic!

    I loved the NIke commercial. I ADORE Andres, I like Nadal, and am a HUGE Lakers/Pau fan, so it was a win all around :)

  14. I didn’t find Xavi insulting and I am a Madridista. Thank you so much for your advent calendar Una!! Felices Fiestas!!

  15. Two unrelated things – David Villa’s belt buckle is .ummm…..words are failing me here….really awful?Also sitting in an awkward place. But what I noticed first was the plaid jacket! I guess he’s making a very loud fashion statement.

    My second point – Una, could you say briefly what Xavi said that some people are finding rude/controversial? (I’m another one of your readers who doesn’t speak Spanish so can’t follow the video. If there was a previous post about this, I’ve missed it.)

    Happy holidays!

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