Javi Martínez at Don Balón

Don Balón ran an interview with my secret crush (well, maybe not so secret anymore, no, since I just confessed it) Javi Martínez recently, and here are the parts where he talks about the national team and himself.  He comes across as a really nice, humble and down to earth guy.  Plus, he’s a pretty fantastic player and a gran capitán as well!  Now you can see where the crush comes from…  So, enjoy today’s advent gift, featuring this yummy Basque man.

The interview

Q:  Javi Martínez is now a world champion.  Which of your teammates surprised you the most as a person?

A:  No one surprised me because Fer (Llorente) had already told me what each one was like, but who is a 10 for me as a footballer and a person is Puyol.

Q:  Did you feel any burnout from the World Cup?

A:  No, although it’s true that we hardly had any vacation and the preseason wasn’t a usual one either.  It took a bit of effort for all of us that were part of the World Cup to start, but now everything is going well.

Q:  How many World Cups do you see yourself playing?

A:  It still hasn’t sunk in that I already played in one, and I don’t assume that I will have the possibility to play in another.

Q:  How have you changed since you came to Athletic, five years ago?

A:  I try to change as little as possible, although it’s true that many things change you.  I think I now have more experience in knowing how to express myself carefully.  And in my way of being, nothing has changed, because I try to spend as much time as possible with my family and my friends, and to be the same person I’ve always been.

Q:  Who have you learned the most from as a player?

A:  Vieira, Makélélé… they’re probably the players most like me…. Vieira, for his height, for running around the field and for this defensive ability that we both have.

Q:  Your biggest strength is your physical attributes, but it’s not the only one.  Define yourself as a player.

A:  I never know how to respond to this question because I never watch myself, and because I don’t like to answer it.  I never watch myself on video, so I prefer others to define me.  The only thing I try to always do is work hard, and to not hold back when it’s time to help out the team and give it everything you’ve got.

Q:  Can you define yourself as a person?

A:  I’m simple, a homebody, I like to be with my family and friends.  For me, an ideal Friday or Saturday night is to go to the txoko (gastronomical society) that we opened in Aiegi and have dinner, play cards and relax.

Q:  When you were small, which footballer were you fixated on?

A:  My brother Álvaro.

Q:  And on the superstar level?

A:  Zidane.

Q:  If you could enter a time machine, which era would you go to?  In what team would you have liked to play, or with who?

A:  In Cruyff’s Netherlands, in that equipazo with its total football.

Q:  Which players make up your perfect starting XI?

A:  Casillas; Maldini (I’m sure he can also play on the right); Hierro; Beckenbauer; Roberto Carlos; Xavi; Zidane; Cruyff; Messi; Pelé; and Maradona.

Q:  Who do you believe people will talk about in the Liga in the future?

A:  Muniain and Ander Herrera.

Q:  You’re very good friends with Ander, and I suppose that if it were up to you, he would already be playing for Athletic…

A:  It’s not up to me, but of course I want him to come, because he’s my friend and because he’s going to be a crack.

Q:  Tell me who will win the Liga.

A:  If I knew, I would have bet all my money already… jajaja!!  The truth is I have no idea.

They also did word association.

Del Bosque – serenity.

Llorente – the beacon.

Xavi – the one who makes Messi even better.

Iniesta – the most ideal complement to Xavi.

And Javi also responded to readers’ questions.

Q:  You’re a world champion, captain of the U-21 team, a starter on Athletic… how do you keep your feet on the ground?

A:  I’m not the type to believe any hype.  I’m not the American president, but rather someone who is enjoying his passion.  I’m prouder when I see my mother happy for me than when I achieve something.

Q:  What would you take from Bilbao to Aiegi and viceversa?

A:  I would put a highway or an AVE (the high speed train) to be able to get there in 40 minutes to be with my family.

The readers ask much better questions than the journalists, no?

By the way, here’s another little preview of Saturday’s Informe Robinson program on La Roja.  Javi’s in it, and I love the moment when he looks to the side and raises his eyebrows.


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  1. he’s my secret crush too, none of my friends know. He just seems so sincere

  2. I’m so glad you posted that, Una!
    I really like that player as well..
    In my opinion, Javi has the talent and the personality qualities it takes to have a great GREAT, five-star footballing career!

  3. Hey, he’s my not-so-secret crush too! Seems Javi is just impossible to resist :-p

    (I totally read the word association bit as “Llorente – the bacon” and was VERY confused for a second…)

    I hope he can make his mother proud – it was a little heartbreaking when he said in Conexión Samanta that she’d rather he were at university than playing football. Way harsh, Javi’s mom!

    • I see the bacon. Fer in Athletic strip = a long delicious piece of meat with streaky red and white stripes, yes? And both are YUMMY.

  4. who is a 10 for me as a footballer and a person is Puyol.

    Dawwww!!!!! That is so sweet. Javi is lovely, what a great guy. And not bad looking, either!

  5. Javi is so cute. Totally one of my not-so-secret crushes. I love his voice *__*

  6. Aw, I love Javi. He’s been my not-so-secret crush recently, lol.
    Broke my heart during Conexión Samanta when he said there was only one sign for him during the Principe de Asturias awards.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this! Everyone knows I adore him, so I can’t really call him a secret crush of mine, but a crush he definitely is. He’s such a funny, natural and adorable guy, there’s no-one like him, and I’m glad to see he’s getting some attention from the media now. This interview rocked, by the way. I loved his answers, especially the association ones. :)

  8. if memory serves right, xabi mentioned in a recent interview (in una’s madrid blog) that he also disliked answering questions that asked him to “define” himself lol … no wonder famous people get tired of interviews — so monotonous :)

    javi was not a prominent “fave” among my top La Roja players…but that videogame bit in Conexión Samanta endeared him to me… too adorbs :)

  9. Awww Javi! You are such a cutie. Make a return guest appearance in my dreams again sometime soon, ok?

    I dig that he thinks Puyi’s cool! Maybe we’ll see him hanging with the triumpuerate in future? Oh, I know that’s unlikely, those three seem a bit of a closed clubhouse and Javi has his own friends. But it’s just great to hear they admire each other and get along! What a sweetheart.

  10. I just love this guy, so humble, sweet and intelligent. Gracias Una.

  11. Damn I just watched the preview to Informe Robinson!!! AWESOME! Can’t wait for this.

  12. I’m on the same boat as you … he is my not sooo secret crush… I <3 MIS AVI's (Javi & Xavi) *lmao* … not only because they are single and good looking & have a nice body… but because the look & sound soooooooooooooooo sincere…they are both my ideal guys… its just one is taller then the other & one is closer to my age then the other .. *lol* … ugh…. CAN THEY STOP BEING PERFECT!!!! … j/k THANX UNA!!! I wish the would have ask those personal question that they asked Juan Mata & Xabi….

  13. Basque. Guys. Sigh…

    Q: Which players make up your perfect starting XI?
    A: Casillas; Maldini (I’m sure he can also play on the right); Hierro; Beckenbauer; Roberto Carlos; Xavi; Zidane; Cruyff; Messi; Pelé; and Maradona.

    I’d love to see those eleven on one field! If we don’t die of an overdosis of footbalicious talent.

  14. Aww Javi :] he’s so awesome. I was calling him my secret fiancé the other day…all in good taste though. :]

    I loved what Del Bosque said in the video about people from different countries that feel Spanish and enjoy the La Selección. It’s so true! I started watching football during the 2006 World Cup and fell in love with Spain. I never would have started learning Spanish without La Selección, and now my life has totally changed because I decided to add Spanish as one of my majors (which brought me new friends and new experiences) and I’m going to study abroad in Spain next summer. It just makes me so happy :] so much happy that I can’t communicate it in a comment, haha

  15. “Casillas; Maldini (I’m sure he can also play on the right); Hierro; Beckenbauer; Roberto Carlos; Xavi; Zidane; Cruyff; Messi; Pelé; and Maradona.”
    That sounds a lot like my list, except I’m pretty sure Pele and Maradona would not get along…hell Maradona probably wouldn’t get along with Beckenbauer either, who knows?

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