bits and pieces…

… for today’s advent regalito!

One. We won’t have to wait until March to see the national team again (concretely, March 25 against the Czech Republic in a Euro qualifier).  That’s because on Feb. 9, La Roja will dispute a friendly to benefit the Spanish Footballers Association against Colombia at the Bernabéu.

Two. The most sought after number this year in the national Christmas lottery (El Gordo) is 11710, because that’s the day in which Spain won the World Cup.  The vendor who held tickets with this number started receiving calls on July 12 for the number.  However, in the almost two century long history of the lottery, the number of the first prize has never ended in a “10.”  This is why the number 11070 is also very popular this year.

Also popular: 11555, since Iniesta scored at the 115 minute and 55 second mark.  If this number ends up winning, Iniesta himself, as well as his teammates, would be winners, as one of the official sponsors of La Roja bought tickets in this series and gave them to the players.  Other numbers that are selling well:  11584 (Iniesta’s birthdate), 13478 (Puyol’s birthdate) and the traditionally unpopular 00006, 00007 and 00008, for the players who wear those jerseys.

Three. Here is another little preview of the Informe Robinson program, which will air on Christmas Day, where the players look back on Iker vs. Robben from the World Cup final.

Four. A cute tweet from Cesc yesterday, providing us with a picture of him as a six-year-old, when he participated in a summer futsal tournament in Arenys de Munt.  In case you can’t tell, he’s the one in the middle row, all the way on the right.

Five. And the RFEF museum opens today!


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  1. I like Cesc’s English, it’s so cute :))… to me, the Spanish way of writing and/or speaking English is almost always sexy :))))

  2. So adorable!!! Thank you @ Unamadridista
    But I would also like to inform you if you haven’t heard already about Pique’s “Papa Noel” photoshoot for Don Balon :) He has put up videos on Facebook and twitter :)

  3. it’s so interesting to see how the people are picking their lottery numbers after the national team. thanks for sharing, Una! :)

  4. aaawww…that pic of cesc is soooooo adorable!!! ♥_♥

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