Merry Christmas from the boys of Villarreal!

Here’s another advent gift for today (it’s club related, but you can see how I can’t resist), courtesy of the boys of Villarreal, including our beloved Santi Cazorla, Joan Capdevila and Diego López (it also stars Giuseppe Rossi and Gonzalo).  It’s an adorable Villarreal Merry Christmas video!  It’s extremely awww-inducing, and be sure to check out Joan dancing and cross-eyed at the very end!

By the way, Joan has extended his contract with Villarreal for two more years.  Congratulations!


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  1. Wow, a super cute video!! “cosa stai facendo”, haha…. love it :) and my love “signor Capdevillo” is adorable como siempre <3 <3 <3 :) thank you thank you thank you!!!

  2. Santa is a Villareal fan! LOL!!!!!

    That was adorkable. I love the Yellow Submarine.

    And Capdevila…..*sigh* Gorgeous man is gorgeous.

  3. Wow the Villarreal boys are so cute!:)

  4. too funny! Why do I get the feeling the guys are like this even if the camera wasn’t on? :p

  5. Can Christmas get any more adorable?
    (Okay, only if La Roja would make up the whole cast!)

  6. i love this video i saw this morning when I woke …cause they gave on TV Espana…. it was awsome … I couldn’t stop laughing….I hope more teams do this type of Xmas videos… maybe they should get the national team to do that…except Fernando Cesc & David are probably snowed in right now …

    hey Una … I wasn’t sure if you seen this … cause I’m kinda late with news and i sometimes forget what you put here… but its an intreview with Xavi… << u know he only give interview once in a blue moon *lol* … …. its an interview w/ GQ … and he talks about a lil of everything… including Mou …

  7. I love this! Beppe Rossi posted it on twitter. More fotos of il Jersey bambino please Una!! Gonzalo is quite a character in the video and on twitter too. lol La Roja love evident at el Madrigal!!

  8. o my gosh i just found out Santi has a baby (boy) waat i didnt even know that, he seems so young!!!.just thought i should share?!?

  9. omg Thank you so much unamadridista! This video just totally made my day :) The guys are so adorable, even though I didn’t understand a thing of what they said, they were so adorable!

  10. Thank you Una, that was amazing! I just fell in love so many times, over and over again! Joan is such a handsome bugger. Rossi in the kitchen killed me!

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