a double serving of Xabi Alonso…

… is your advent treat for today!  First, head here to see what Xabi told radio program “El Partido de las 12” last night, and then here to see how he responded to the Don Balón questionnaire!  Some of you were hoping that other La Roja players would answer it after reading Juan Mata’s, and it looks like part of your wish came true!

And by the way, Spain was named FIFA’s top team of the year, for the third year in a row.  Go Spain!

And the Piqué Christmas tree post has been updated too!


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  1. Xabi is classy as always – and seeing that, the journalists were more reserved with him – they didn’t ask him about sex shops like they asked Juanin :))) and he’s so cultured, not many footballers are like him… some of them say they don’t read any books at all ;) well, now I’m waiting for other players’ answers ;)) thank you Una :)

  2. I love that his favorite book is The Great Gatsby! It’s mine too, and apparently yours, and probably a million others’ as well! :) Regardless, he never ever fails to impress me, and he makes my heart melt a little every time he mentions Liverpool. I’m not naive enough to think he will ever come back, but he mentions it so often/tweets about them all the time, I know he still feels strongly about the club!

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