how many of you also want this for Christmas?

At the request of various readers, here’s the story of Alleke and Xavi.

During the World Cup celebrations in Madrid this past summer, Alleke was one of the numerous fans cheering on Spain in the streets of the capital.  However, she was quite disappointed that Xavi didn’t get off the bus, because she wanted her favorite player to come and talk to her.

Well, six months later, that actually happened, thanks to the people at Premi Catalunya and TV3.  Xavi won the first Catalan sports award, and Alleke got to meet her beloved idol!

I can’t believe Xavi had to prompt her to give him a kiss…


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  1. How cute is that? que Guapa. Thanks for sharing Una.

  2. YAY!! I’m so glad you shared this! Alleke got her wish. I’m so jealous!
    This was absolutely too cute. I love watching Xavi’s face when he sees the replay of Alleke asking “Where’s Xavi?!” Ever since that vid was posted I’ve wanted to see how he would react to how cute this girl is. Xavi saying “¡Hola guapa!” just made me melt!!

  3. this girl is so darling and super cute! I bet all her friends are gonna be jealous of her! :o)

  4. it was cute seeing her so timid, though I was hoping that while Xavi was signing her little barca shirt, she went over and hugged his leg from behind lol…

    i totally would. if i had the excuse of being a toddler…
    at this age, it would be disturbing, of course.

    • Of course. But you’d do it anyway, right? ;)

      • I’d hope so! :)

        But the truth? I’d probably be hyperventilating…with a stupefied smile on my face…gushing incoherently.
        Maybe I can sneak in a little touch or two.
        But otherwise, too starstruck to do anything but stand there and giggle.

        Okay, sorry Alleke. Perhaps I can imagine how you felt up there on stage =P

    • “it was cute seeing her so timid, though I was hoping that while Xavi was signing her little barca shirt, she went over and hugged his leg from behind lol…”

      I was hoping so too! She was standing so close to him and I was just waiting for her to run up and do that. But she’s so young, kids that age are shy around people they don’t interact with on a regular basis, except maybe Elmo. lol

  5. Thanks for sharing Una!! I saw the “original” video right after the celebrations and was hoping that she would get to meet him, or that at least somehow Xavi would see the video. Glad that they were able to have her meet her idol. She’s so cute and shy, and Xavi is so sweet!

  6. aaawww, what a sweeeeeeet story!! im sooo happy for Alleke!! and Xavi! ohgosh!!! what’s not to love about this guy!??! just love him to bits <333

  7. Maybe I can make a video yelling out Xavi’s name and get to meet him! Love it and love him!!!

  8. Can I love Xavi any more…apparently yes. However, I must say, Spanish and Catalan men are so much better with children. I also loved how the show’s host actually put the jersey on Alleke. Most US TV guys would have stood there dumbfounded not knowing what to do.
    Thank you for sharing Una.

  9. What a perfect Christmas gift for Alleke. Xavi is such a sweet guy. He greeted her “hello, beautiful…” then asked her to give him a kiss???? Awwwww…… I am now so in love with Xavi!!!!!

  10. OMG!!!!! i wanna be the girl… :(

  11. My ovaries nearly exploded on watching this, and I don’t even want children! Xavi’s face when watching that video was, I think, exactly what we had all been hoping to see when we had previously speculated “I hope someone shows Xavi this!” THANK YOU TV3 FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN. When he greets her and they exchange kisses? This is me dying right over here in front of my screen, don’t mind me.

    I read in comments at TotalBarca that the morning of the shoot Alleke jumped out of bed and did her Happy Barcelona Dance, then checked to make sure she’d packed her special Xavi dress for that day. From now on she can wear her special Xavi / Alleke shirt when she does her Barca dance! I’m so jealous. :-) But how awesome to see another culer born! ;-)

    • awww…the “Happy Barcelona Dance”…bless her heart! Would have loved to see that when she met him but maybe if she’d been a few years older, she would have.

  12. OMG my heart just melted! Both for Alleke and Xavi! Xavi is soooo sweet!! And Alleke is just adorable! Right now I’m so jealous!! LOL ;p
    Thatn you Una!!

  13. Both videos are pretty cool! It’s totally understandable that the little girl was so shy to meet Xavi and that makes her even more adorable :)

  14. AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Thanx UNA!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! this little girl is tooo cute… I wish I was her… & I am on that boat of I didn’t think I can love this man even more!!!! DON’T KNOW … When?? Where?? Why?? OR How??? BUT I LOVE XAVI!!! I don’t care that he is 10 years older then me … BUT I DO!!! and my mother approves soo its alll goood!!! *lmao* :)

    & I agree… Spanish/Catalan men are soooooooooo much better with children then other men!!! I want to go to Spain & find me true spaniard!!! =D

    & does anyone besides think when they guys like (Xavi, Pep, Geri, Cesc… ext) talk catlan it makes them a lil more sexy.. *lol*

    • to Ange:

      Actually, Xavi is 15 years younger than I am so I am not sure who might have to approve of that:) But indeed, Xavi’s good soul is appealing to women (and girls) of all ages!

      Spain and Catalunya are phenomenal places that I bring my son to when I can. I would have loved to raise him in that environment. I hope you have visited or can soon.

  15. SO freaking adorable!!! Alleke is so cute! :) I want to meet Xavi too!!! :P

  16. awwww Xavi is such a sweetheart. Its one of the million reasons why I adore him!

    I cant get over with this video! Spaniards are the best! Its such a shame to dislike anyone of you guys. ( u are too adorable anyway to be hated ;)

    much love, xoxoxoxoxo

  17. They posted the behind the scenes and after. And this is what Xavi signed (at the end of the video, although did he spell her name wrong?), “Aleke, muchos besos con cariño. Xavi”

    Also, I’m pretty sure that the family is American, and not Dutch. Guess he wasn’t going to correct them on national TV and meeting his daughter’s hero :).!/spaindad/statuses/15410945543118848

  18. Oh god I died because of all this cuteness of Xavi and Alleke! I saw that video of Alleke months ago and wished her to meet Xavi and she really met him! It’s great that Xavi sees how amazing little fans he has. :’)

  19. who else thinks xavi’s voice is so sexy…my heart melted when he said “hola guapa” to alleke. And when he had that little chuckle after alleke kissed his cheek. sighh…i could dream of xavi all day.

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