how long is he going to make us wait to see the tree?


For your advent treat today, we sort of have a Christmas tree.

It all started when Gerard Piqué tweeted that he was decorating his Christmas tree, saying that while it looked easy, it wasn’t, and that he thought the tree could fall out of the window shortly, making him verrrrrrry nervous!

This prompted Carles to ask how it was going, and offer his help.  But Geri didn’t need it, saying that his tree was “great” and “spectacular!”  By this point, like all of us, Carles wanted to see the tree (of course, he has the option of going over to see it in person, which we don’t), so he asked for a photo.  They also sent a lot of kisses to each other.

In the meantime, Cesc and Puyol also showed everyone how their trees looked (por cierto, very nice, because both of them had the help of their girlfriends and in Cesc’ case, the dog as well.  No word on if Queca helped Puyi).

In the above tweet, Puyi once again reiterated his desire to see Piqué’s tree, as did Cesc, who also offered his help and his company, although he didn’t get his wish fulfilled before bedtime.

And we finally got a response, if not a picture.  Geri tweeted, “I see there is a lot of eagerness to see my tree… but I’m embarrassed!  The balls are too heavy and the branches aren’t straight… they’re actually bent over!”  Doesn’t this make us want to see this special, wonderful, so Piqué tree even more?

UPDATE I:  I don’t think we’re going to get to see it.  Here’s Piqué’s latest tweets, from today.

He says that after seeing their trees, he’s realized that his is not at the same level, perhaps because he didn’t have the help of a Malena or a Carla.

UPDATE II:  Puyi has provided a picture of “the tree,” calling it sad.  Both he and Geri promise to tweet more pictures tonight, but Piqué warned people not to expect too much.

UPDATE III:  Geri decided to toy with us for a little more, before finally (!!!) posting a picture of the real tree.

First, he weighed the pros and cons of showing us all the photo, and asked what we would feel if he went back on his word.  Puyol for one said he would love him just the same.

Then Geri decided to let anticipating build, before finally posting a photo of the tree, which he admitted “wasn’t bad” and also said he was proud of his work!

Here it is.  It doesn’t look bad, it’s just a bit bare on top and the branches do look kind of flimsy.  I like the star on top!

UPDATE IV:  Puyol has cast doubt on the authenticity of the tree.

He asked Piqué, isn’t that the tree from your parents’ house?  So Piqué said he’d invite clever Puyi to come see the proof, by inviting him for dinner, which will also serve as an opportunity for revenge for the super dinner at Puyol’s house.  And Puyi tweets back, ok, we’ll have dinner at your house tomorrow and take a picture together.

So this story is NOT over yet, since we can expect one more photo!

UPDATE V:  Puyol was unable to have dinner with Geri, and verified that the tree above in update IV is in fact the real one, and apologized for doubting its authenticity.

And Carles also hung out with his Crackòvia double (the extremely talented Jordi Rios) and that of Piqué yesterday!


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  1. these boys are so precious. geri, you need to let us see your tree. after all the suspense and everything, that’s the least you could do haha.

  2. …the branches are probably bent because of too many heavy balls…

    less is more, geri! c’mon, show it already! :)

  3. hahaha!!! puyi just tweeted a photo with this caption: “the tree of gerard pique… how sad, no?”.. of course, with the obligatory “oooohhhhh”

  4. Ha ha, I’m glad that Pique has gotten the other two tweets to be more interesting! I thought Pique had a girlfriend that could help out?

    And that’s great that Puyol is friends with his Crackovia counterpart! I wonder what he thinks when he watches it.

  5. I am really enjoying the ongoing Twitter adventures of the Tres Amics! I may actually break down and get a Twitter myself, although I have previously said I would only do that if Xavi got one (never gonna happen). Thanks for posting all this.

    Geri is engaged, no? Why doesn’t his gf help him with his tree?

    And I love love love Crackovia, and especially Jordi Rios. To tell you the truth I have a bit of a crush on C!Puyol. And also C!Guti and especially C!Pep, whom I love almost as much as the real Pep. :)

    • LOL me and a friend have a massive crush on C!Cristiano, C!Ibra and C!Villa, who is the same actor, Bruno Oro! We love him… and on the Xavi on twitter thing, I thing if he make it some sort of trending topic it could happen…
      I think els tres amics are in over their heads with the twitter thing! lmao

    • I actually think Geri might be single. Someone mentioned that the girl he’d been linked with before (Nuria) hadn’t actually been seen with him in public in 6-9 months. And tonight’s tweet (“I don’t have a Malena or Carla to help”) just seems to confirm that!

      (I also think that the boy is secretly very smart. That tweet was DESIGNED to send teenage fangirls all around the world into paroxysms of “MAYBE I CAN BE MRS PIQUE” flailing…)

  6. it´s great! because of piqué, puyol is tweeting a lot! and cesc too;
    how i love them!
    soooo cute.

  7. i think pique’s tree is more of a branch…JAJAJAJAJA.
    what happened to his girlfriend?

  8. That Pique tree is HILARIOUS! I’ve never even seen one look like that coiled thing before, let alone such flimsy decoration. Inspired ineptitude- bless him ;-)

    Carles and Cesc’s are nice, esp Carles’ big star/flower thing.

  9. I’m torn between pity and extreme joy! I’m a terrible person for this… but I must admit to it…
    If Pique’s saying that he doesn’t have a Carla or a Malena to help, it can mean two things:
    1) his girlfriend can’t put together a good christmas tree, which is completely understandable
    2) he’s single again (!!!!!)
    If it’s the first option, well, I’d understand. Not everyone is a good xmas tree-builder but if it’s number two that brings me two conclusions to mind, that give way to the previous emotions i stated:
    1) he’ll be alone during the holidays, while his besties have relationships and all… which means he’ll be sad :(
    2) he’s single again!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah, the second one doesn’t really mean I’ll get together with him, but at least that lets me fantasize without feeling guilty!!!
    On a final note, I’d just like to wish everyone happy holidays!!!!
    And may Santa bring us all a picture of Xavi/Sergio/Iker wearing nothing but a Christmas hat! :)
    feliz navidad, una! :D

    • “And may Santa bring us all a picture of Xavi/Sergio/Iker wearing nothing but a Christmas hat! :) ”

      lol Now that’s one Christmas gift that wouldn’t get returned!

    • “And may Santa bring us all a picture of Xavi/Sergio/Iker wearing nothing but a Christmas hat! :)”

      ==>How did you get inside my head?!?!

  10. Jordi Rios is great on Crackovia… I love all the parts he plays!!! & I want to see Geri’s tree…

    & I think with that post he is saying he is single… I also want … Xabi, Alvaro, Juan Mata y Sergio Ramos… put up pics of their christmas tree!!!

  11. Is that ACTUALLY the tree Geri had been tweeting about? I assumed that Puyi’s tweet was a joke — “here have some fake #arbolPique — the real/final one will be up tonight!” There are no branches on that “tree” to be doblada’ed! It’s not even a TREE, it’s a big evergreen boa wrapped around a wooden pole!

    Then again, those balls DO look like they weigh way too much, so that “tree” could well be it? I guess we’ll find out tonight after the boys are out of their training session!

    • Ha, I knew the first was a fake/joke tree! The real tree isn’t nearly as bad as he made it out to be. Assuming, of course, that it IS his real tree and not someone else’s (his parents’) tree! Puyi will get to the bottom of this, of that we can all be sure.

  12. from the picture Cesc has a posh residence.. haha
    Una, Barca players allegedly had lunch together yesterday… since it contains soooo many la roja players would you please consider make a fashion post for that? it would be precious…

  13. Priceless!! Just imagining these three guys decorating at home brings a silly smile on my face.

  14. FINALLY!!! HE PUT UP TREE!!! *lmao* …. he loves messing with ppl don’t he..

  15. I just saw this on Twitter… very funny, reminded me of this post. A pie chart: “What Gerard Piqué tweets about.” It’s very accurate….

  16. These guys are hilarious! I’m glad Pique finally got on twitter. The tweets from Cesc and Puyol have improved 1000 times since then. I was hoping that Arbeloa and Ramos would join the fun but so far…no.

  17. Their Christmas tree tweets have been the highlight of my twitter feed the past 2 days! I LOVE it! Geri’s tree might not look as well put together as Cesc and Puyi’s, but I thought it was cute anyway, haha.

  18. Why did he pick a balding tree?! Lol. But Pique did a rather good job in the end. Like. Thanks for updating the blog post as all this hilarious tweeting nonsense happened, Una! Advent calendar rocks so far! Just needs some Sergio!

  19. Pique gets points for having a real tree, even if the top does look a little Charlie Brown-ish.

  20. I miss the blog for two days and what do I come to! Pikay’s christmas tree saga, very funny! I hope he continues with this way of tweeting, hilarious dude! and I love all the “ooooooooooooohhh”


    That’s it.

  22. I love the tweets of Cesc, Puyol and especially Piqué. They are really entertaining. And the top of Piqué’s tree just makes me laugh. But it’s not that bad.

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