gold is the color of the season

(I love, love, LOVE Iker’s smile lines.)

Iker received the Golden Glove award for the World Cup yesterday in at adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany, although he had already posed with it back in November (see below).  The award is given to the least scored upon goalkeeper during the tournament, and Iker received it from the hands of Franz Beckenbauer.  Diego Forlán (who tweeted this photo) received the Golden Ball for the best player, and Thomas Müller the Golden Boot for being the top goalscorer/assist man.

Iker had allowed in only two goals during the course of the tournament, and none in the playoff series.  He said of the honor, “I’m very thankful for this award because I achieved one of the goals I had upon winning the World Cup.  I dreamed of it since I was small, and when I saw Dunga, Cafu, Zidane or Cannavaro raising the Cup, I thought it would almost be impossible to win it, but in the end we managed to do so… And on a personal level, receiving this award is an honor because you realize that your work is valued.”

Iker brought his World Cup medal to Germany, and joked around with Forlán, asking him where his was.  He told “El Larguero” after the presentation that the trophy doesn’t weigh too much, and that he’s very happy with it.  I haven’t seen video of the presentation yet, but I assume they spoke English because Iker was asked how his English skills were.  He said he understood it, but was afraid to speak it!  Jajaja, pobrecito!  El capitán also revealed that the golden glove will go into a small room in his house where he has all his trophies, unless the RFEF requires it for the museum.

Some questions that come to mind upon seeing these pictures.  (1)  Did adidas impose a dress code / provide the clothing for the photo op?  (2) How many pairs of those Reebok Zig shoes does Iker own, and in how many colors???  (3) And do you think it was his idea to match the jacket and the shoes and the shirt with the color of the medal ribbon in the above pictures?

Iker might not be the only golden goalkeeper in Spain, because David de Gea is on the shortlist for the Golden Boy award, given by Italian newspaper Tuttosport to the best U-21 player of the year (it’s the equivalent of the Ballon d’Or for the younger generation).

Also on the list are several of David’s La Rojita teammates:  Fran Mérida, Bojan, Sergio Canales and Dani Pacheco.

Cesc Fàbregas is the only previous Spanish winner, as he won it back in 2006 (although if we’re going by bloodlines and not only nationality, Rafa van der Vaart won it in 2003).

Wasn’t David a cute kid?


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  1. That trophy is beautiful, but the person holding it makes it even more so. I think addidas clothes and shoes look much better than Reebok so I’m glad that Iker is signing with them and leaving their baby Reebok.

  2. Three gorgeous men (yes, even Muller, he’s a cutie)!

    Congrats to them all, but I have to say that Golden Glove trophy is fugly! Or creepy. Or both.

  3. OMG lol at lil De Gea!!! He changed a bit, but I think he’s still just as cute. And he’s a brilliant goalkeeper! Good for Spain! :D

  4. LOL. The photoshoot.
    The fabrics are matching. The colors are matching. Even the riffles find their place on shoes, jacket, even SHIRT and probably pants as well (maybe on Iker’s butt? who knows [okay. adidas does.])
    All this combined we come to a rate of matchiness of 250%. Adidas seems to know our Iker very well. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one telling them what to prepare for the shoot.

  5. yes David was a cute lil kid … but personally the only negative thing have to say about him …is he is tooo skinny for my taste… I want to be lil more body like Iker…Pepe… Victor…Geri.. Javi…but I guess he has good genes… cause I know ppl like him that eat & eat & eat are skinny they don’t get fat…& Iker… what can I say about San Iker… with all respect to Sara… he is soooo cute…& i love him…but then again i love them all *lol* :-P

  6. You speak truth. Iker’s smile lines are things of pure beauty and joy. He should smile like that more instead of being Old Mr Get-Off-My-Lawn Grumpybotas like he was in Conexion Samanta! ;-)

  7. Mmmm, I loooove it when Iker kisses things (or persons!) :D

  8. This is great! I love how truly genuine Iker is. A new interview is also up at with Iker after picking up the Golden Glove:

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