the conlaroja advent calendar: Dec. 13

I was very busy with the ICYMI post over at the Madrid blog, so this will have to do as your advent surprise for today!  It’s amazing how much can be expressed in 140 characters or less, no?

Translation:  Ooooohhhh!!!  I’m in a taxi and the look on the driver’s face was a spectacle!  I would have taken a photo but I didn’t want him to get distracted and crash us into anything!

Jajajaja!!!  Let’s hope Geri keeps this kind of tweeting up forever!!!  (And that Andrés Iniesta does not influence him in any way in this area.)


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  1. Haha this is hilarious! I just love Piqué for being such a funny and adorable person! Of course he’s a great football player, too! :D
    I can imagine the face of the taxi driver! And I think I would have reacted the same. Or maybe I would faint :D

  2. Nah! Pique is more likely to influence Iniesta than the other way around :)

  3. I thought you might have posted something about that doctor that is saying that our boys well some of them … are doping … & well that Xavi .. VDB …are all talking about it… & saying no… & of course they have the proof since all the players got tested during the World Cup & everyone came back negative…but that Doctor I just want to slap in the face… they can’t stand that the won fair & square… & that they don’t need to do drugs of any kind to be better….

    but its understandable Real Madrid played an amazing game last nite and that has more juice stuff *lol* =D …. & another *lol* for Geri’s twit & I hope that he doesnt get influence by Andres but that Andres gets influence by him….

    • Don’t pay attention to that Dr. He is Eufemiano Fuentes: he is not a honest person

      • I agree. Fernando Llorente said yesterday, and I couldn’t say it better: “It’s stupid. We face a lot of controls. If someone says something, they should have proof. What he said has no credibility whatsoever, and I don’t feel bad for what he said because I don’t care. In fact, I think it’s ridiculous that someone could say that.”

  4. Oh Pique, never change, never change XD His twitter was everything I could have hoped for and more!

  5. Hahahaha, I’m reading his twitter right now: he’s getting nervous while decorating his Christmas tree.

  6. hey una,
    speaking of advent, is this song a hit there in spain? i really like it. :-) target has it in their free christmas download list.

  7. Frow what i saw on his tweets to Rio Ferdinand, Pique might had been at the Old Trafford to watch his old club vs his beloved amigo’s club.. So, was that meant the Taxi driver in Manchester?

  8. Piqué’s tweets are what keeps me tuned into my twitter… a couple weeks before he joined twitter, i hardly logged on to check out anything…. gotta love him!!:)

  9. Haha, I find myself being distracted at work by his epic tweets! I love how Puyi’s tweets have gotten better since Geri joined as well :D

  10. His latest tweets about decorating the Xmas tree are hilarious. That he thought it was easy, and that he hopes it stays up by the window and he’s nervous. And getting Puyi into it by asking him for help. I wonder if Puyi is like, Man Twitter has created a monster (since Puyi is like, I’m off to sleep :) ).

    But Mrs. Xabi Alonso’s (Nagore’s) tweet about their daughter is precious!

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