Conexión Samanta – part IV

Here is your second advent gift of the day, the last part of the translation of Conexión Samanta!  It was a great show, no, even if the audio quality was horrible!  When can we expect to see the sequel?  Please tell me there will be a sequel!  Or better yet, an entire TV program dedicated to following the players around.  I’ll even pay Cuatro (or any other channel) if they let me be the host!

My conclusions after watching this program:  Capdevila, Llorente, Javi, Mata and Cazorla come across very, very well.  If you didn’t love them before, you’d definitely love them now.  Iker came off as a bit grumpy and argumentative, Piqué as slightly immature, and Raúl Albiol needs to enunciate!!!

Iker & Sergio

Waiter:  Two Cokes.

Iker Casillas:  Is it cold?

SV:  When did you starting playing this?

IC:  Not too long ago, I still didn’t know how to play.

SV:  And who showed you how?

IC:  Some friends.

SV:  Do you have the same friends as before?  Or is it not easy?

IC:  In my case, it’s easier than with Sergio, because he’s from Sevilla.  I’m in Madrid every day.

Sergio Ramos:  They come up to Madrid, I go to Sevilla when I can, it depends on my football schedule, and I have less time now, but I have the same friendships that I’ve always had.

Let’s see.

IC:  Look at what cards you have.

SV:  Ok.

SR:  And I’ll put these three down.

SV:  Let’s go.

How much do you usually bet?

IC:  One euro.

SV:  Just one euro?  With all that you earn?

IC:  Hold on one second.  You’re not poor either, are you?

SV:  More than you, I bet!

IC:  I’m not talking about that, I’m just saying that you’re not poor.

SV:  Well, I don’t have anything to complain about.

IC:  I’m tired of always hearing about how much footballers earn… what can I say.

SR:  It’s what football generates.

IC:  Football generates that money and the principal actors in football are the footballers.  That’s what it is.  I’m not going to expand on this, but what can we do?  I think you can play for one euro.

SV:  Ok, I’ll bet one euro.

I raise you five euros.

IC:  I’ll see your five euros, because I think you’re a bit of a bluffer.

SR:  Yes…

IC:  I don’t know if the previous reports you did were the truth or not…

SV:  Hey, you can’t say that!

IC:  Ok, whatever you want, but I have doubts!

SV:  I’m here with you, yes or no?  It’s true, isn’t it?

IC:  I’m sorry but I have my doubts.

SV:  Are you a hologram?

IC:  I get criticized when I mess up, so I can criticize too, no?  Everyone has that right.

SR:  I wouldn’t do that, for example.

SV:  Does it upset you when people criticize you?

IC:  No, who doesn’t mess up?  But then when they start talking about the [private] life of someone… if he’s doing that, doing this… you can have 10 games and one bad game, but they focus on the bad game.  The country is like this, always.  When you’re at the very top, everyone, in this case especially journalists, have it in for you.

SV:  I got very indignant when they suddenly started talking about Sara and said it was her fault that you messed up, you remember?  That seemed to me…

IC:  I’m not going to say anything about that, because if I say anything…

SV:  Because whatever you say…

IC:  Whatever I say will be misconstrued.  In the end, I think that with time everyone will get what they deserve and I think silence is the best way to respond to all of this.

SV:  So what do you do to not get angry?  Because you have feelings too…

SR:  It’s inevitable, because it bothers you when someone speaks badly of you.  And more so if they talk about personal things.  But you have to learn to live with that…

IC:  I don’t think that people realize that we have mothers, fathers, families, friends…

SV:  And do they suffer?  Are they hurt by this?

IC:  More than us.

SR:  Of course.

IC:  A lot more than us.  Think about it, my mother in the stands, or his mother, or anyone’s mother, having to put up with everything they say about us.

SV:  Two pairs.

IC:  Joder, you learned fast!

SV:  Goal!

IC:  Goal, no.  Whoever wins this pays for the Cokes.

SV:  No one told me that.

IC:  You have to be smarter.

SV:  Good luck tomorrow!


JC:  It’s game day.  Today we’re going to play Portugal.  I can’t believe this is how I make a living.  Let’s see what the room is like.  I think the TV’s a bit too small.  That’s Sporting Lisboa’s stadium, but that’s not where we’re going to play.

Manolo el del Bombo

MB:  I always wear a sweatsuit in the colors of Spain, from the bottom to the top.  This is not a sweatsuit, this is a suit.  I have the jacket as well.  If I go anywhere where the national team is, I have to wear the uniform.

I’ve been to eight World Cups, six Eurocopas, almost 400 games, but the most important thing is that the people love you.

I have various hats…

This is the drum I brought to the World Cup.  The RFEF wants to put it in the museum… because this is not my drum, it belongs to all Spaniards.  Each Spaniard owns a piece of this.

SV:  It’s going to be like this the entire day, no?

Do you want to take a look around, see if we can bring something back from Portugal?

MB:  Yes.

I’m going to buy this for my bar.

SV:  What’s the best thing about all of this?

MB:  The affection of the people, that’s the best.

SV:  Your ringtone couldn’t be more Spanish…. answer the phone!

Joan & Sergio

JC:  Now, we’re going to go see Sergio Ramos.

SR:  Whaaaat!!

JC:  Sergio!  Open the door!

CF:  Joan, I have to speak to you about one thing.

JC:  About what?

CF:  You have to bring me something…

Someone:  Explain that you’re pro-independence.

SR:  What’s up with you?

JC:  Tell us what you do in the hours before the game.

SR:  Here we are in the room, we just finished eating and now I’m preparing the bed to sleep a couple of hours before the afternoon snack.

JC:  And are you one of the ones who rests, sleeps or listens to music before the game?

SR:  Now I’m going to rest for two hours, and I’ll turn off the music, turn off everything, and we’ll put on a bit of music before the game.

JC:  And who is this?

SR:  Nolasco.  From Sevilla.  A flamenquito singer.

JC:  What a bed, no?

SR:  Yes, we’ll rest well since we have to perform well later.  And you?  Now I’ll tape you.

JC:  Me?  But I didn’t even comb my hair!

SR:  So, about you.  Are you one of those who rest or…

JC:  Well, now after doing Samanta’s work , I have to sleep a bit, because…

SR:  You’re putting in overtime, no? 

JC:  I’m looking for my second job, for when I retire.

SR:  I think we should send her a greeting.  How does this go?  Like this?  Ok, now.

Well Samanta, I send you a big kiss and I hope the report comes out very well like the ones you usually do.  A kiss.

JC:  What words!

To the stadium

SV:  The players are now leaving the hotel now, on their way to the Estadio da Luz.  Are you leaving now?

PR:  We’re leaving.

SV:  There’s Iker, with Sergio behind him.  Good luck Sergio!  See you later!

SV:  One more hour until the game.  The journalists are all already in their seats.  All the newspaper journalists are in this row.  And here, those from radio.  And the ones furthest down are the ones from television.

Journalist:  I’m writing down some data, such as if Iker plays today, and he will, he’ll be 10 games away from tying Zubi as the most capped player in history of Spanish football.  And if Villa scores today, he’ll have 45 goals, the record for Spain, beating out Raúl.

After the game

SV:  Fernando, what happened?

FL:  You brought us bad luck.

SV:  You think it was me?  But I wasn’t at the Argentina game.  How are you?

FL  Sad.  It hurts.

JC:  It’s a deception for everyone, fans and players, but we can’t always win.  Today we lacked a lot of things, and we can only improve, we can’t get worse.

SV:  A kiss.  Have a good trip… this boy never loses his sense of humor.

Samanta on her report

After the program aired, Samanta took the time to answer some viewer questions.

What did you think of Piqué? I wasn’t able to get to know him enough.  But from our interaction, he appeared to me to be a young kid with a lot of desire to have fun.  And he plays football very well.

What did you think of Llorente? Llorente was charming.  He’s serious, responsible and has a great sense of humor.

How is Sergio Ramos off-camera? Very much like you saw.  He’s down to earth and friendly.

What was your favorite moment and which player was the nicest? Joan Capdevila made everything easy for us.  He was so tender with his eight-month-old son.  Thanks to him, we captured great moments.

Are there groups in the national team? There are groups: the Madrid players, the Barcelona players, those from Athletic… it’s logical, because they spend a lot of time together with their clubs, but they all get along very well.

Which player caught your eye, and why? I was very surprised by Juan Mata’s maturity.  He had to grow up very fast.  And I liked that Iker Casillas was a very ordinary guy.  He has a lot of reasons to be full of himself, but he’s very humble.

Are Fernando Llorente and Javi Martínez as nice as they came across? Yes, they’re as nice as you see in the report.

What did you think of the players? I realized that the majority of them are very young boys who slap each other on the neck as they pass by in the hallway of the hotel.  When they come out on television, they’re very responsible, but in reality, although they earn millions of euros, what motivates them to go onto the field is toe play, to have a good time.  And win.

And in case you missed it, find parts one, two and three of the translation here, here and here.


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  1. Una, thanks again! I agree with your assessments, (and maybe Samanta’s as well?), I thought Capdevila was the best, and Llorente and Javi very charming and nice. Mata too. Pique definitely seemed immature and Iker a bit sensitive/grumpy? Ha ha, Sergio making his bed and getting some rest.

    Do you know why Cesc or someone wanted to speak to Capdevila about being pro independence? Or that was to Cesc?

  2. i sincerely hope these guys defend and retain their 2 titles in the (long) coming years so something like this gets cooked up again (never mind if this show ended in something less than impresionante bleh…)
    coz maybe they won’t be letting reporters get this up-close-and-personal again anytime soon…

    valiant effort by ms Samanta. whatever complaints i’ve had about how she presented her report… well, in the end, i’m really just happy that La Roja allowed her to meddle into their lives for a while :)

    and una, thanks thanks thanks! big hugs *\o/*

  3. I agree with you – I love(d) Capdevila, Llorente, Javi, Mata and Cazorla so, so much. Casillas… not so much, aha. Thank you for the translations!

  4. I as well agree with you Una all the players seem great especially some!!and when i saw the videos i thought that too about Iker..(i want to think he was having a bad day) and all thiss was awesome thanks for all the hardwork you put in!!:)

  5. God bless you Una!

  6. Capdevilla made me like him more and Pique came off a bit as a douche to me :(
    I want to play poker with Iker and Sergio so bad! I know I will beat them XD And I feel like Iker was a bit grumpy and argumentative because I think he had a lot stuck in his chest that he wanted to get out, especially people interfering with his personal life.

  7. Sergio shuffling cards….well there goes my day! ;D

    Una thank you soooooooooo much for all of your awesome posts! You give me a place to hide from all my finals! ;)

  8. Iker comes across as just a little bit touchy and defensive with the media. But that should not be surprising since he wears his heart on his sleeve and cries whenever something great or bad happens to him. He is more likeable this way than if he was full of himself.

  9. Thank you so much for transelating Una!! Are there any links where we can watch it?

  10. Maybe he sounded nicer in Spanish but Iker seemed pretty rude. I understand and tbh agree with what he said but I feel like it wasn’t the time, the place or the manner to kinda “go off” like this.
    I love Piqué but the guy is clearly a big child lol.

  11. Hahah Piqué “a young kid with a lot of desire to have fun”… a.k.a. immature. That’s really funny. I’d have to agree with all of Samanta’s statements. And I agree that Iker came off grumpy, but I feel like he has the right to be grumpy sometimes… he has to put up with a lot of questions about his personal life. This made me love Capdevila even more (I’ve liked him a lot since he put the bucket on his head during the World Cup… :) ) and I like learning more about Llorente, Mata, etc., cause I only follow Madrid most of the time.

    Thanks again for translating :)

  12. Iker :
    I wan’t going to use the word grumpy … I was thinking of more of annoyed…Like he didn’t want to really do it… but he did it to be nice…& maybe he was also tired….

    Juan Mata :
    He acted mature for most guys his age… But I didn’t like her in that part.. NO OFFENSE… but to me it seen like she was acting like a 15 year girl when she was reading those posters & say ooooooooooo JUAN!!! or something like that…

    Javi & Fernando :
    WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! they are TALL!!! … They are so great…to me they came across as a little shy … i don’t know why…but they did well.. Javi mostly …

    Joan :
    That was his show… I am sorry … but it was… Cause all the “GOOD PARTS” too me invovled him… & I do love him more… With all due respects to his wife…

    Santi :
    he looks like a joker too… & i agree he came out great…

    Alvaro & Raul :
    we learn that they had new nicknames… & we also learn Alvaro’s favorite word..

    he make want to learn Flamenco … *lol* … which my sister actually does have a workout dvd to flamenco …soo i might have to use it…

    Cesc & Geri :
    Too many the blance each other out… Cesc is a lil more serious then Geri…& well Geri … its not that he is immature…its that well… he hit his head when he was lil baby… & he gets hit so many times in the head … well that…I have to agree w/ Pep … he is missing a few screws *lol* … that & his a BIG joker… & is a kid at heart… he wants to have fun & enjoy life…

    Xavi :
    the day he doesnt talk about football .. is the day the world ends… I can see him being the head coach in Barcelona… & even the coach for the national team… amazing player & amazing guy… I dont know when… I dont know how… but he won me over… & I have to say Xavi is my FAVORITE of them all …

    David Villa :
    his great…he takes time to answer…but when he didnt want to talk anymore he past it to Pepe Reina..

    I wanted to see more of the other guys … like what about the other guys that they didnt even show on camera…come on she followed them for a WEEK!!! I want to see the footage that wasn’t shown…
    ALSO … Did the guys know about what she was doing… cause David ask her what are you doing?? or something like that…

    & maybe they should have fan film them… but not a fan that is OMG OMG OMG!!! …a fan that is calm… serious…& well behave… very very mature….maybe you should do it Una … follow the boys for a week… with a camera… record everything and anything… how bout … go talk to the federation??? ;-)


  13. in all his interviews and even with Samanta, Sergio has a way with words. He knows exactly what people want to hear

  14. “Joan Capdevila made everything easy for us. He was so tender with his eight-month-old son. Thanks to him, we captured great moments.”

    Love love love love love love this man!!!!!!!

    • Yea, Capdevila was the unexpected star of this show! I went from thinking positively but generically of him to deciding I Really Liked Him. Maybe he does have a future in broadcasting, huh?

      • You’re right, I think he could be quite a decent journalist (sports journalist… or perhaps not only that ;) although he says he does not like speaking in public, I think he has lost that awkwardness by now… at least he does not appear to feel uncomfortable in front of the cameras :) he’s extremely charming (even to those who don’t have a crush on him) and could be very popular if he made a career on TV :)

  15. Thanks Una. Funny that Ash aka Futbolita also told me that both Pique and Iker were a little cocky or full of themselves when she interviewed them. hmmmm

  16. Thank you so much :)) It was super interesting… I agree with Samanta, Capdevila is “el mas simpatico”, or simply the best – he’s talented in everything – playing football, taking care of children, filming, joking… love him <3 <3 <3 :) And yes, I'd love a sequel of this program… I've never seen you Una, but judging by this blog, I can suppose you'd be a journalist no worse than Samanta :)

  17. What I’d REALLY want to see as a sequel is a reporter going SHOPPING with Sergio. THAT would be an epic WIN. Or even David Villa browsing cheap marketplace watch vendors.

    I don’t blame Iker for not being warm and open with a reporter at ALL, plus it was before a game, so I’m fine with him being all intense and focused on being captainy… it would’ve been cool if we’d seen them all together, but se la vie.

    Nice to see at least a glimpse of Torres! :)

  18. Thanks again for putting so much effort into this! What a pleasure it was to sneak a little peek into the players’ lives, and to watch them interact with each other! My appreciation for most of them has grown exponentially thanks to this show.

    I have very little free time, and as an Athletic supporter I obviously spend most of my time with stuff that concerns Athletic, so it was a particular pleasure to see more of players I usually don’t really have that much time to focus on, like Capdevila, Cazorla, Sergio and Villa. They seem like such awesome, funny, natural guys!

  19. “After the game
    SV: Fernando, what happened?

    FL: You brought us bad luck.”

    Llorente seems like a really cool guy to be around!

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