a twitter advent adventure

For today’s advent gift, we have the three amigos of La Roja!  They were busy tweeting each other yesterday, with hilarious results.  This “oooohhhh” thing must be a private joke of theirs, no?

UPDATE: Piqué’s latest tweet, today.

Geri: Ceeeesc!  Carles and I are waiting for you to say something!!  Oooohhhhh!!

Cesc: Hi Geri and Carles!!!  Why didn’t you invite me to come eat????  I send you all an Ooooohhhhhh from London!

Puyi: Yes we know, we miss you friend!!!  Kisses oooohhhh!!!

Geri: Ooooohhh!!  Jajaja!!!  We should have dinner together, but not in Puyi’s house since there’s not even a sad yogurt there!

Cesc: The last time I slept over at Puyol’s house, not only was the fridge empty, but there wasn’t even furniture!!!

Geri: Oooohhh!  Puyi’s house is like the Sagrada Familia.. it’s not finished yet!

And later on, Puyi sent Piqué and Cesc pictures of their “dinner,” telling the former not to take too long to come so the food won’t get cold, and the latter that if he’s late, he’ll give the food to the dog.  The pictures are of bones!

Other notable tweets from yesterday.

Left: I just heard David Villa singing with Ana Torroja!  It’s impossible that he sings like that!  I don’t believe it!  Jaja!  The truth is he’s not bad!

Right: There’s no Nestea.  There’s no Aquarius.  So, diet Coke it is.  On Jan. 1 I’ll give it up.  (Remember, he promised that if Spain won the World Cup, he’d give up Coke for a year.  And then he upped the ante by declaring that if Xabi started using twitter, he’d give up Coke for TWO years.  It looks like he lasted just a couple of months!)

And Iker said yesterday that he would give the Ballon d’Or to Xavi (I’ve known him since he was 15) or Ineista (also a great guy).


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  1. The ‘oooooooooohhhh’ inside joke must relate to this http://yfrog.com/20bgwzj

  2. I think Pique will be the King of Twitter in no time. Just a couple of days in and he’s way too hilarious for all our sanity. :)

  3. Were they communicating in Catalan or Spanish?

  4. I thought Arbeloa was hilarious, but I think that Pique and his two other La Roja mouseketeers are pretty funny. Too bad Villa is not on it to join in with Pique’s comments.

  5. These three are too cute for words.

  6. LOL @ Sagrada Familia tweet. ;-)

  7. i love that Geri brings out the childish side from Cesc and Puyi, since they were more serious in twitter before Geri joined in :p

    lovin the three amigos. Ooooooohhhhh!!

  8. Those twits made my morning… & everytime I read them I start laughing…. & its also very educational … cause your learning Catalan …. & yea that OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! is an inside joke…probably related to the pictures…. I wonder who started it …. idk why he lied in the tv special… the LAST thing Geri is… is SHY!!!

    & Alvaro Arbeloa…. *lol* w/ the coke… I don’t think he will last 2 yrs… I wonder why he is not following Geri yet… maybe he doesn’t know…but can you imagine those two…just remember the plane back in July…

    I wonder if Geri will convince his teammates … Xavi & David to join ..or Pedrito … or Busi ….OR SOMEONE ELSE!!! at least lets have 11 out the 23 guys … I think another person that can be funny in twitter is Joan …

  9. The 3 of them on Twitter has been the best thing about my life this week. That is all. <3 <3 <3

  10. I saw the bones and all I could think was “Oh, no, Queca!!!!!!!”. :D

  11. Pique on twitter is like a dream comes true. Too bad I don’t understand spanish/catalan, I had to depend on google translator at the very least… His conversation with Ferdinand should be done more often, cos he used english.

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