and today’s advent surprise(s) is (are)…

One. Remember this (and even if you remember, it’s worth your time to go back because as a bonus you’ll get to see a wet Fernando Llorente)?  Well David Villa is no longer the only member of La Roja to record a song… Juan Mata has done it too!

A while back, Juanín recorded a Christmas carol with the group Pignoise to benefit the Aladina Foundation, which helps children with cancer.  His Valencia teammate (and ex-Mesa de Triana member) Joaquín Sánchez and La Rojita goalkeeper David de Gea also participated (he rapped!!!), with Andy & Lucas and Edurne, respectively.

(Go former Madrid canteranos!!!)

The Christmas carols were sung in both Spanish and the language of The Sim (simlish), as part of the promotion of The Sims 3 videogame.  You can get the CD for free with a purchase of a The Sims 3 product at any FNAC between Dec. 9 and Dec. 31, with EA (the maker of the game) donating €2 to the foundation for each disc that is given away.  It’s comprised of three Christmas carols, with versions in both simlish and Spanish.  Juan’s song is “Dulce Navidad” (it has the same tune as “Jingle Bells”).

The album was presented yesterday in Madrid, during which Mata said, “if singing in front of others embarrasses you, then doing it in the language of The Sims is even worse, but it was very fun and a great experience, and it’s for a good cause.”  He also said during the presentation that he hopes either Xavi or Iniesta wins the Ballon d’Or, and that it would be an honor for him to say that he’s shared a locker room with a golden ball winner.

Meanwhile, Juan is also giving away an autographed World Cup shirt, go here to enter!

Two. Speaking of twitter, Geri Piqué started off his tweeting career with a bang!  I hope he keeps this entertainment up!

Left: Right now I could eat a horse!  I’m so hungry!  I’m desperately looking for a decent restaurant.  Any suggestions?

Middle: I don’t have anywhere in mind!  I’m leaving Francesc Macià and heading towards the Paseo de Gracia.  I think I’m going to go for Italian…

Right: Tic tac tic tac!!  The clock is ticking and I’m still here without a solution!  I’m going for the last resort!

Left: The last resort is Carles Puyol’s house!  Are you there nano??? I need help!

Middle: Now I am, what do you want to eat?  Kisses.

Right: Yes!!!  Malena Costa is preparing something!  I’m desperate!  I’m really really hungry!

Left: I arrived at Carles’ house and Malena is on strike!  I see that I’m going to have to be Ferran Adrià!

Middle: (You have to read the Spanish to fully appreciate this – it’s a comparison between Puyol’s fridge and the butt of a monkey.)

Right: Incredible siesta after a great lunch at Chez Puyi!  I’m going home to watch the Euroleague and play poker with friends!

Three. Go here to watch an interview with David Silva, where he talks about his life in England, including the language, the weather and who’s helping him out!

Four. VDB presented the book La Futbolería yesterday in Madrid.  My personal highlight was when he talked about the epilogue (his son Álvaro wrote it), saying that when you read it, you can tell immediately that it was written by his son, because it says very good things about him, and that it reflects the affection a son has towards his father.

The epilogue starts off with, “My name is Álvaro del Bosque, my father is Vicente del Bosque, the coach of the Spanish national team, I think he is the best because he won the World Cup, but for me he’s also the best in everything… I like Raúl a lot, but my father didn’t pay attention to me and didn’t call him up.  I also like Xavi, Casillas, Xabi Alonso, Ramos and Güiza, who papa didn’t call up even though I wanted him to be on the national team…”

How touching is that?  Álvaro is spectacular!  VDB also revealed that Marcos Senna is another of Álvaro’s favorites.

Watch a video here!

Five. There are reports that Vicente del Bosque will take home the FIFA Coach of the Year award, after receiving the majority of the votes from his fellow coaches and the captains of the national teams, especially in the UEFA zone.  The formal announcement and awarding will take place on Jan. 10 in Zurich.  I hope this is true, because he deserves it!

If he does win it (fingers crossed), it will have to share space in his trophy cabinet with the Alfonso Ussía “Person of 2010 award” which will be presented to the coach on Dec. 13.


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  1. Una! You have no idea how much you are appreciated! Thank you so much for your translations and being in the loop for all things La Roja :)

  2. “I see that I’m going to have to be Ferran Adrià!” .. Who is Ferran Adria? A chef? Is that mean Pique cook?? :D
    Juan Mata singin in Sims.. Hehe..

  3. Ok, I admit, Pique’s tweets are so random it’s hilarious. I hope he continues like that. I wonder how many friends he will visit in the future to eat at their houses. LOL

  4. Ohmygod Andy & Lucas plus football? Sorry, I just died and went to heaven… plus I need more villancicos for my Christmas playlist anyway. (Though maybe not in Simlish.) Sorted. Now if someone can just get a collaboration between Sergio and Bisbal, my life will truly be complete.

    Geri’s twittering kept me entertained/distracted all day yesterday. I don’t know if I want him to keep it up, or ease up a little bit so I can occasionally get some work done! I also love his *style* of writing (even in 140-character bursts!), and now I’m super looking forward to reading his book. My favorite tweet is when he tells Puyi to have Malena make food – and then she very rightly goes on strike! (It made me love Malena just a little bit more. I imagine her giving him a *look*, saying, “I’m not your mother, cook your own damn food!”)

  5. thx very much for your post about silva!

  6. Pique has a new tweet about David’s singing but im not sure if understood it correctly. :( help?!?

  7. HAHA, okay, you’ve convinced me I need to follow Piqué on Twitter… hilarious

  8. This woke me up in the morning haha its great…AwEsOmE!Juanin and Joaquin singing.. Kewl!(im a BIG Valencia C.F fan! So i l.o.v.e them!!) ..PIQUE ON TWITTER IS SOO AWESOME!!!

  9. yea Cesc just replied to him .. & talked about Puyi .. saying …

    “The last time I went to sleep at home @carles5puyol not only there was nothing in the fridge, there wasn’t even furniture!! ” *lmao*

    Pique reply was

    Its like “La Sagrada Familia” (a catholic church in Barcelona) that is not finish yet…

    I think if Geri keeps this up Alvaro will lose is thrown… as the King Of Twitter… *lol*

  10. Oh I love David de Gea!! He’s so cute :)

    And Everyone else already said what I liked about this post so thats all :)

  11. Pique’s tweeting is epic, but what really knocked my socks off was Alvaro Del Bosque writing about his dad. Amazing, adorable, ect.

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