better than chocolate?

Ready to take a peek behind today’s advent calendar door?  Still no chocolate, but we do have Víctor Valdés, Gerard Piqué and Carles Puyol!

Víctor showed off his modeling skills once again (and once again, I’m going to say that he has another viable career option should that football thing not work out anymore) in La Vanguardia Magazine.  It doesn’t look too much like his style (remember, he says likes wearing jeans, a t-shirt, leather jacket and boots) but he looks great, no?  And I can totally see Pep Guardiola right at home in some of the outfits, especially the center and right ones from the bottom row.

Meanwhile, Carles Puyol announced to everyone that his bestie Gerard Piqué is now on twitter, via his own twitter of course.

And Gerard didn’t make us wait long for some amusing tweets.  Let’s hope he keeps this up and isn’t the Andrés Iniesta type of twitterer.

Left:  Hi Puyi!  I’m here!!  Lots of kisses, friend!!  Right:  Wow!  I need a map to use twitter!  Give me time and confidence!  Haha! A hug!

And then he did what he does best, poke fun at one of his best friend-teammate, with this picture of poor Puyol looking like a bank robber who’s freezing his ass off.

To compare, I really can’t see Víctor participating in these types of things, no?

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  1. I’m looking forward to reading more tweets from Pique; I think they are going to be fantastic LOL. and how can he have not tweeted Cesc yet? Can’t wait!

  2. DEFINITELY better than chocolate! These two are so adorable!

    And Puyi is clearly doing an audition for that La Roja film Llorente was talking about… since Xavi is planning the robbery, he’ll be the one to carry it out!

  3. Better than chocolate!! Nooo, Puyi doesn’t look like a robber, he’s way too cute for that… these blue eyes cannot bear malice!!… and who on earth robs a bank in a light-reflecting blue scarf?! such a thief would be spotted at once ;)

  4. VV- what a nice pics!

    @Pique’s twitter – I love the guy as a player, he will be even better with time. And he looks gorgeous to me, not to say that some pics of him are breath-taking. However, I cannot really decide what do I think about his off-pitch antics, I have mixed feeling sometimes. Not this time, the Puyol thing is cute and funny, but some of his pranks are really kind of closer to mocking people and making hurtful fun of them. Anyway, I think it;s a matter of age (damn, he’s so young) and maybe – in my case – the language – I cannot really “feel” the tone of someone’s words when I do not know the language well myself…anyway, as I see no solution to my Pique-dilemma, I will just maybe stare at him and read about his hilarious adventures…;-)

  5. I think the windows around me just steamed up.. Can a live being get any sexier than this?! It’ll be hard to favour his modelling photos over Mr. Classy’s, but damn it, that’s what’s going to happen if he keeps this up! :D

    Aaah! We’ve all been waiting for those three to unite within the twitter world, so let the teasing begin! Also, someone needs to tell Pique to strip off Puyi’s clothes instead of piling them on!

  6. Oh so much better than chocolate! I never thought I would hear myself say such a thing. But just LOOK AT VICTOR!! I’d give him my last piece of chocolate any day. He’s gonna kill me one of these days. And Puyi i so hot too! I have so much love for these boys.

  7. LOL!!!!! Una, I loved the comment on Pep’s fashion sense, you probably nailed it and maybe he’ll wear one of those outfits for the next game, I’ll keep ya posted xD
    And OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe I missed the day in which Geri joins twitter!!! I can’t believe it happened just when I decided I was gonna give myself a break from the 2.0 webs…
    I’m angry!! >=(

  8. VV looks really good in those pictures!

    I can’t believe Piqué is on twitter now! I’m sure his tweets will be super entertaining and the pictures, too!

  9. I loved his twits today…. better then yesterday….if yall haven’t read them … yall should… & Carlota (Cesc Sister) says Pique on twitter is going to be trouble or something like … But @ least he will give us a laugh….

  10. I almost died from this one from the one and only GP: “Este tio tiene la nevera mas pelada que el culo de un mono!!”
    After his first few tweets I was eagerly awaiting the next ones, hoping they would be just as hilarious, and so far he hasn’t let me down! Now we just need some Pique-Cesc interaction…

  11. Hahahahaha, poor Puyol! I suppose he’s already regretting having lured Piqué to Twitter. XDD

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