Conexión Samanta, part II

And in part two of your Dec. 8 advent gift, we continue with the Conexión Samanta translation!  In these segments, she goes to the province of Valencia to hang out with Carlos Marchena, Joan Capdevila and Juan Mata.  And lucky girl, she gets to spend some time in the homes of the latter two!

Doesn’t Joan appear to be super sweet?  And what a sense of humor!  And of course, Gerard is the cutest little thing, no?  Juanín also comes off as extremely nice and cuddly, and Carlos is, well, el padre.


Villarreal fan:  Villarreal is the best team in Europe.  We’re a town of 50,000 people.  Twelve years in the first division.  Three Champions League appearances.  And seven UEFA Leagues.  Who’s better than we are?

And what do you think of Marchena?  He’s playing better than when he was with Valencia.  He’s a good signing.

And Capdevila?  He’s the indisputable left fullback for the national team.

Carlos Marchena and Joan Capdevila

JC:  I think that’s the dream of any kid, to be a footballer, to do what he likes and wants.  And you get paid for it!  It’s great, no?

CM:  You have to have good people surrounding you, to keep a good head on your shoulders, to not think you’re more than you are.

SV:  What is the trick?

JC:  Marchena’s better at it.

CM:  When you want to kick it a long way, use your instep.

SV:  Instep for a long kick.  I should have known this.

When the World Cup started, did any of you think that you would end as champions?

JC:  When you participate in something, you think about winning, because if not, why are you even there?  The group that we have is so strong and so great, and they help you out in difficult situations.

SV:  What do you have there?

CM:  Someone stepped on me during a game, that’s all.

SV:  Does it hurt?

CM:  It’s a wound from the game… it wasn’t done in bad faith, so it’s nothing.

Joan Capdevila

SV:  What is the schedule of a footballer like?

JC:  We usually all have breakfast together at nine, then we have free time to prepare for the training session, and at 10:30h we train.

SV:  So you’re out from nine to twelve, more or less, no?

Here we have Joan Capdevila’s wife.  With their baby.  What would you do if he signed for a foreign club?

María:  I would go.  Learning another language would be nice, no?

SV:  He’s woken up.  Hello.  He’s used to cameras already, no?

JC:  Yes.

SV:  Footballers don’t always live in chalets and mansions, no?

JC:  People have that idea of footballers, that they’re not normal, but I tell you, apart from the superstars, everyone else is normal people.

SV:  How old is he?  (It could mean that, or what’s the weather like?).

JC:  Sunny.  Eight months now.

SV:  How old was he when you had to leave for South Africa?

JC:  Three months.  [He cried when he had to leave his newborn son to go to the World Cup.]  I missed him a lot, since he was far away, but we were in contact.

SV:  Where’s Mommy?  Mommmy.  Look, there’s Mommy.

SV:  Oh, and he was just changed!  That always happens.

JC:  Today we wanted to watch Valencia and we’re not going to be able to watch, no?  Do we want to?

It’s an embarrassment when he opens his mouth.

Goal for Valencia.  You see it?  Are we going to celebrate?

We’re going to try to get him to sleep, and if not, oh well.

SV:  Is it true that you’re very superstitious?

JC:  I always enter the field on my left foot, I try to step the lines between the fields with my left foot…  [This is the first time that he’s watching the final of the World Cup on TV.]

SV:  You made some promises if you won the World Cup… you remember?  You said you would kiss the king on the lips , is that true?

JC:  No, I said that if I got that opportunity… I said I would get a tattoo of the Cup, but I never said when…

JC:  The only thing I regret about the final was that we couldn’t play in red.

SV:  You came running, is that you?

JC:  I was literally on the bottom, we couldn’t even see those who arrived last. I think it’s a record, to have 23 guys on top of him.

SV:  You were all suffering, weren’t you?

JC:  It was the longest four minutes of my career, no?  I think he blew the whistle here, we were hoping Iker wouldn’t take the kick.

SV:  Where were you?

JC:  There I am.

SV:  That’s you!!!  Let’s see that again.  Look!  Press play!  That’s you!  You were crying like a little kid.

JC:  It was normal!

SV:  You were super emotional.

JC:  The one who cried the most was Casillas.  A couple of hours later, he was still crying.

SV:  Look how happy you were there.

JC:  The first thing that came to mind when I saw the Cup was to kiss it.  I thought, why not?  It’s here and we just won it.  Why not kiss it?

Sergio Ramos always has to be in the front of the photos.  I don’t understand.

SV:  Look, it’s true!

JC:  You see?  Sergio Ramos is always the first one.  It’s a lost cause competing against him because he elbows you and kicks you so you say, fine we’ll respect him.

SV:  Anyway, you’re one of the tall ones, and they’re in the back.

JC:  I put myself on the side, and I said, it would be really bad if you didn’t get into the photo…


Manolo el del Bombo

MB:  After 32 years of following the national team, winning the World Cup was the maximum.  I can die happy.

Everyone said I was crazy, and it’s true, because carrying a drum around the world is.  The World Cup is not mine, it’s not the players, it’s for all of Spain.

My heart is divided between the national team, Valencia and Real Zaragoza.

I’m preparing for the trip to Portugal, for the friendly.

Juan Mata Sr.  Hello Manolo, how are you?

MB:  Your son was phenomenal tonight.

JMS:  He was great!  Give me a beer.

Juan Mata Sr.

JMS:  I’m now known as “the father of…” even by my friends, my ex-teammates, and I love it.

We saw the World Cup there, in South Africa, and the only thing I said to him was son, you just entered into history.  Right now you all still don’t know what you all achieved.

Juan Mata

SV:  Are you a dog or a hamster?  It’s so cute.  What’s its name?

JM:  Bimba.

SV:  Bimba?

Is this you?

JM:  Yes.  Does it look like me?

SV:  What are your first football-related memories?

JM:  Going with my father to his training sessions and games.

Here I have a lot of things, mostly things that were given to me.  Photos, awards…

SV:  Did someone make this for you?

JM:  Yes.

SV:  And where did they give it to you?

JM:  In Paterna.

This is the shirt from my debut with the first team of the national team.

SV:  And the strangest gift you’ve been given?

JM:  My face carved from wood.  And also posters.

SV:  “Never stop us from dreaming.”  “I fell in love with your eyes, I fell in love with your smile, I fell in love with your glances and your little face, which I can never FORGET!!”  Porrrr fa-vor Juan Má-ta!

Is it easier to hook up when you play for the national team?

JM:  When we arrived in Spain, there were hopes, but… calmness.

SV:  What do the girls say to you?

JM:  They always say the same things, a photo, can you sign this, and from that some of them start trying… not all of them but some of them.  But I suppose you have to be more or less famous.

SV:  Do you cook?

JM:  Very little.  My mother leaves me food in the freezer when she comes.

SV:  She comes with an armful of Tupperware?

JM:  Yes… Salads, juice… [He loves natillas and cheesecake].

JM:  These are shirts that I’ve gotten in exchange during games.  This one is David’s.  One from Croatia, from the U-21 team.

SV:  How did you feel when you began to play with the national team?

JM:  It’s a dream that all Spanish footballers have, and mine came true when I was 20.

JM:  This is for the Christmas lottery, and they used the date of my birthday.

SV:  Do you have the feeling that “I haven’t done anything that special, why does everyone follow me?”

JM:  The last time I thought that was when we received the Príncipe de Asturias award.

SV:  The last times that you were in the Teatro Campoamor was when?

JM:  To watch a play with my school, and also with the choir from my school. [He was born in Asturias 22 years ago.] (That’s actually wrong, because Juanín was born in Burgos).

SV:  Look at him, in his suit.

JM:  The prince or me?

SV:  Both.

JM: Look, I was saying hi to my family there.

SV:  Did your mother give you Tupperware containers so that you could bring…

JM:  No, no!

SV:  You’re thrilled, no?

JM:  The happiest moment.  Then…

SV:  This was the other moment of the World Cup with everyone waiting for the kiss between Iker and Sara…

JM:  I didn’t see that moment, because we were in the locker room, and I only found out about it once we were back in Spain but I think it was the one with the most audience.  More than the goal of Iniesta!

Playing pool

JM:  Can I film you?

SV:  If it goes out of focus, tell me.

What do you want to drink?

JM:  Pineapple juice.

SV:  Do you ever drink alcohol?

JM:  Very rarely.

SV:  And what happens if one day you’re here having a few drinks and they find you half drunk in a corner?  Would there be problems?

JM:  If I don’t make it to the training session or I arrive not in the right state, yes.

I was going to ask you, what do you know about football?  What is the name of the coach of my club?

SV:  Idounai, Nai…

JM:  Unai Eme…

SV:  Eme… Managari, Menerguini, Emerini…

JM:  Emery.  Which team do you support?

SV:  Barça.

JM:  Where?

SV:  Barça.

JM:  And if I take away your camera?  Would you know how to continue living?

SV:  If you take away my camera?

JM:  Without the camera.

SV:  Ohhhh.  Hold on, I’m going to show you I can keep living.

JM:  Cut, cut.


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  1. Cant thank you enough for this!!!! ive actually yet to see the vids but after reading this and your other post i want to go home now (im at work, dang it!) and watch them!!!
    The baby pic of Juanin is just cuteness overload! just LOVE.

  2. Dear Una,
    You have no idea how much I love you for doing this…
    thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!
    akdjlajdk…they’re just so cuuute ! *squee*
    <3 La Roja!

  3. I’m officially IN LOVE with Joan after watching this segment…..fact ^^

    • lol I feel in love with him after the World Cup when I saw him kiss the Cup :)

      …and then felt guilty for thinking he was sexy even though he’s like twice my age. XD

      His baby is so cuuutteee…

      • I watched this segment over and over only to see Joan and his uber cute baby :p

        this is probably my fave scene from the series, aside from Fabrique (since I’m obsessed with Cesc XD)

  4. Una thanks so much! I love Capdevila even more. His kid is so cute.

    JM is cute as well.

  5. My favorite part of the video —-
    JC: The one who cried the most was Casillas. A couple of hours later, he was still crying.

  6. Come on Joan, you ARE a superstar!! and your house is quite impressive :)
    Yes, he’s sweet and he’s one of the cutest fathers I have seen, but my thoughts on seeing him were not exactly these – he’s not just sweet, he’s hot – at least for me… anyway, when it comes to Joan Crackdevila Mendez, my thoughts tend to be a bit more caliente – the most innocent ones involve something like undressing him in a dark photostudio and making a hot photosession… :)

  7. Marchena—-Yummy in Yellow! ;)

    Joan is just a smokin daddy, I loved his part of the video! haha them making fun of Sergio ‘I need to be in front’ Ramos was hilarious :P

    Cant wait for the next parts!!!

  8. That was my favorite part Joan with his son…. It was sooooooooooooo CUTE!!!! I LOVED IT!!!! :)

  9. Thank you very much, Una!
    But I was just wondering why has this journalist been given such a unique chance to get into the lives of the NT-players? I mean, why SHE? Is she the most prominent TV-presenter in Spain?
    I can’t say I love all the questions she asks and all the reactions she gives… She misses out on sooo many important things whereas some stupid minor details are brought into view. And sometimes she gets too much attention. I couldn’t care less what team she supports or anything else about her.
    So, all in all it seems that she’s the main character of the programme and not the footballers.
    Am I being too critical? Or do I get the whole idea of the programme wrong? I anticipated it was going to be dedicated to La Roja. (thus even the title doesn’t sound proper)

  10. The mental image of Sergio elbowing people to get to the front of a picture makes me laugh so much, and frankly doesn’t surprise me at all, hahaha.

    I have to say I usually don’t believe celebrities who say “I’m just a normal person” (especially because I’m American and a lot of our pro athletes are ridiculous) but all of these segments in their houses make me believe them. This also makes me miss the summer and watching the World Cup. The segment where they showed Iniesta’s goal especially!!

  11. Seriously, you are my new favorite person! Translating this show is the best Christmas present ever, and I just wanted to thank you for the amazing work you do all year with both of your blogs.

  12. My adoration of Joan Capdevila just went up exponentially after watching this. :D This guy rocks so much!

    And aww, that bit about Mata threatening to take away Samanta’s camera. XDD

  13. Thank you so much for translating! I tried to download the videos with the subtitles but they wouldn’t work on my computer! :(

  14. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t comment on this:
    “Sergio Ramos always has to be in the front of the photos. I don’t understand.

    SV: Look, it’s true!

    JC: You see? Sergio Ramos is always the first one. It’s a lost cause competing against him because he elbows you and kicks you so you say, fine we’ll respect him.”

    hehe!! so true!

  15. I didn’t know JM was so flirty. Him and Samanta…player! lol

    Capdevila emerged as my favourite from the whole show- he was so lovely, down to earth and funny. With his baby (how cute) and even the way he greeted Samanta. Llorente came across well too.

    Nice work Una- we love you and this blog!!

  16. mata is so cute! thanks a lot for your nice translation!

  17. Mata looked to me like he was hitting a bit on her :s

  18. Thanks again, for such a quickly appearing the second part of translations! Now I understand more what they are talking about in the film and it makes me like them even more.

    JUanin Mata is adorable, absolutely adorable.

    And I agree, Joan Capdevila is one hot daddy!

  19. where can i watch all the parts of this show?

  20. Wow, I can definitely see why Iker was crying from the time they scored the goal til the lockerroom. And yeah, Capdevila is all choked up too when he hugs him.

    • Thank you so much for the video – that’s one of the reasons why I love Capdevila: he’s not afraid of showing us his soft side… <3

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