we have finalists!

Xavi, Andrés Iniesta and Leo Messi are the three finalists for the Ballon d’Or, while VDB made the cut as well, for the coach of the year, along with Pep Guardiola and José Mourinho.

I think there’s a great chance for a Spaniard to win the award.  Although all three had great club seasons, Xavi and Iniesta have the added advantage of excelling with their country as well.

It would be a great way to end the year, to have a Spanish player and a Spanish coach pick up these awards, no?


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  1. Xavi deserves it sooo much!

  2. All three are deserving but I’d like to see Xavi win.

  3. Yes, Xavi. The more I watch him play and read other players’ assessments of his skill, he really does deserve it. Viva España!

  4. Been rooting for Xavi from the start, ugh I hope he gets it!

  5. I hope Xavi wins it! If not, I’d be happy with Iniesta. Without Sneidjer on the list, I really hope that a Spaniard wins it.

    • I agree! I’m really hoping for Xavi to win, but if not then Iniesta is very deserving as well and I’d still be happy! The Ballon d’Or has to go to a Spaniard this year..

  6. Xavi gets my vote too – well if I had a vote. Am in awe every time I watch him play. A little surprised that Sneidjer is not on the short list though. Go Xavi!


    • Oh, and I know this is not a Barcelona blog, but Andres’ note on Facebook about it was SO sweet. “It’s an honour to be among the three finalists for the Ballon d’Or, but an even greater honour to be there alongside Xavi and Leo. What a great prize for the Barça cantera!”

      Aww, success is even sweeter when you get to share it with your FRIENDS ;-D

  8. yeah, I’d vote for Xavi too. He’s a genius, but as he does not score so many goals as Messi obviously, he is not appreciated enough, I think. He is the director of the movie called Barcelona, he had excellent statistics during the World Cup (the biggest amount of passes I guess) and I think he should win this year! (with all respect to Leo and Andres of course, they are brilliant too).

    Funny thing – look, all three of them are so humble and not at all attention-seekers (generally;-)

  9. It. Has. To. Be. Xavi.

  10. Hope Xavi wins! He really deserves it.

  11. Xaviii!!!!!!!

  12. barcelistasista

    they are all too too deserving but xavi is a phenomemon and i think he should get it.

  13. WOW!!! all the comment that I have read in like different blogs & forums… say Xavi deserves …. & its true…

    XAVI PA BALLON D’OR!!!! :)

  14. To be honest Sneijder should have made it on the list instead of Messi. He won the triple with his club and played an amazing part in getting his country to the final of the WC.

    That said I hope Xavi wins!!

  15. X A V I please let him get this reward. Pelopo deserves it!!! It is his time.

    Fantastic honor for La Masia too.

    I would also love VDB to get it, but somehow I think the voting public think it is easier to be a national team coach, go figure.

  16. Hi Una, why in your opinion has Casillas been ruled out for this award?? (Thinking he was captain of the national team I for sure thought they’d give him the tittle??!!)

  17. I’m surprised Sneijder didn’t make the final cut, too, what with Inter’s success and how far the Netherlands got in the World Cup. But I would be happy to see either Iniesta or Xavi win it. Particularly Xavi, since he’s older. I also firmly believe Messi wouldn’t be nominated at all if not for playing with Xavi and Iniesta! They really deserve it.

  18. crossing my fingers for Xavi, too!

  19. Although I would want to give every medal and every reward in the world to Andres (I simply love him), I believe it’s Xavi’s turn now. He truly deserves this recognition. He is the backbone in Barcelona as well as in the NT. Messi on the other hand deserves the balon d’or of the Universe.

  20. I am very patriotic so I want either Xavi or Andres. Messi has been great but quite frankly, I am tired of him and I feel it is time for a Spaniard to be recognized. Messi is a young lad. He will have his chance again later. So, I am all for either of the true Barca players!

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