the conlaroja advent calendar: Dec. 4

As this weekend is a puente (long weekend), here is your advent surprise for Saturday in advance.  I’m hiding it after the jump, so you can wait until tomorrow to see it, or you can spoil the surprise and take a peek right now!

DiR is a chain of gyms mostly in Barcelona, and they produce a magazine called DiR emotions.  They love featuring athletes on the cover, and here are some of those who have graced the covers!

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  1. Adorable smiles! Plus, I love the high res.
    But – come on, guys – why always sticking with sports brands? Though you might not believe it, there are even people that wear print-less shirts, who look amazing as well. Just ask Míster Alonso.

    • maybe they’re required? you know, when everytime they appear on the media, it has to be nike. marketing idea. just a thought though :)

  2. busquets actually looks kinda bad-boyish with that earring. i think it’s his heavy lidded eyes.

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