I want to go to there

(Updated with more pictures, because I just can’t get enough of these men!)

Not exactly chocolate or shirtless football players, but today’s advent calendar door opens to reveal the beautiful, delectable and mostly Basque trio of Xabi Alonso, Fernando Llorente and Javi Martínez!

The three players, along with the World Cup, traveled to Vitoria to be honored by the Basque parliament for their triumph with the Spanish national team this past summer.  Xabi acted as the spokesperson for his teammates, and he thanked the government for the “simple and heartfelt” tribute, which he said was deeply valued by all of them, and added that it was nice to be “at home.”  The trio received as a commemorative souvenir the symbol of the parliament, the “Izaro,” during the act, and also signed the book of honor (Xabi wrote in euskera).

How fantastic did the three of them look at the act?  I can hardly pick a favorite!

I’ve never been so mesmerized by someone writing.  And that smile is pretty eye-catching too!

And it seemed that our Javi knew everyone there, because he was constantly smiling, winking and nodding at people off to the side!  And yes, it does look like a runway there on the left, no?

A couple more photos of these handsome men in suits.  All three are quite boss, but Xabi Alonso is so boss.  And I love the Athletic team suit!

Bring out the handwriting experts!  I love how Xabi wrote the date (1/XII/10) – classy, no?  And he writes in all capitals?  Does he always do this?  Meanwhile, Fernando’s signature is really flowery, and Javi’s is… interesting.  It almost looks like a drawing.

And a bonus:  remember this?  Well here is another moment from the AS Sports Awards gala.  See magician Jorge Luengo use Iker Casillas as a prop and VDB as a magician’s assistant here.  Keep watching for an appearance by conlaroja favorite Rafa Nadal, and marvel at his lovely acting skills (his part was more entertaining than Iker’s).

Pictures and video from Real Madrid’s site and elcorreo.


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  1. Love the Basque boys!!! More Una!

  2. Thanks for the gifs! Where I can find the video of these gifs?

  3. Yes, Xabi Alonso is so boss… and Llorente is so “Parisian”, with his grey scarf which is touching and elegant at the same time… and is tied with a French-style false carelessness… <3 ;) it makes me want to give Fer a glass of mulled wine with apples and cinnamon, to keep him warm on such a cold day :)

  4. Oh such hotness in one place! I love how they keep having those awards and ceremonies : )

  5. “I can hardly pick a favorite!”

    Xabi!!!. Even though i love Fernando and Javi, Xabi will always be my favorite. :D
    I mean…look at him. All that…classiness. *sigh* <3

  6. Oh, this is beautiful. Scarves and suits and general hotness… this is already the best advent calendar ever!

    Llorente’s handwriting is really… girly. (This is a compliment.) But I’m rather surprised that they all have such legible/neat script – nary a scrawl among them! Xabi writing the date is one thing, but – location, too? Hints of OCD there.

    There’s no need to pick favorites here, but I’m finding myself swayed by that lovely gray scarf and classy black coat… and that lovely writing. Not gonna lie, hot dudes with good handwriting are like gifts from heaven! :-P

  7. Wow this was very nice to wake up to – they all look fabulous. I could watch the clip of Llorente walking all day – he looks very dapper.. And has there ever been a bad picture of Xabi? The man could wear a sack and would look GQ ready. Thanks as always Una – this brightened my day.

  8. Classy, handsome, charming … Such a fine footballer/model they are ;)

  9. 2 words: Thank you!

  10. These 3 are among the best dressers of La Roja.

  11. Javi’s signature is for sure, interesting. xD!
    Oh my god they are all so beautiful.

  12. Another lovely post Una, these are some really classy men. I swear I get breathless while reading your post from all the sheer hotness oozing out of their pores <3

  13. wow… the 3 of them look so good in their suits! :D

  14. RRRRROWR. Three of La Roja’s finest. And by finest, I mean FIIIINEst!

    I have to admit to liking Javi’s signature, actually. It’s so cute and round and… young and innocent somehow! Oh, and he looks like a schoolboy bent over the book… whereas Xabi just looks BOSS.

    Thank you Basque Parliament for creating this occasion out of, let’s face it, completely thin air, to give us an excuse for these beautiful, beautiful runway pictures. I would hug you all right now if I could.

    • Oh, and if anyone’s interested — because I was —

      THERE IS VIDEO of Standing and Talking! I thought Xabi looked Especially Good standing with one foot slightly up, but I clearly have a bias. (It’s the very slight hint of shadowscruff. SO hot. I just can’t get over it.)

      Xabi also says a few words of appreciation (in Spanish, not Basque, which would’ve been more interesting) at the end of the video. And you also catch what I *think* is Javi Martinez going “oh, no, no” as they move to put the mike in front of him. Poor kid clearly has no desire to speak in public today! ;-)

      • Oh, I’m interested. More interested than I should be in a couple minutes’ worth of Fer standing mostly completely still. *sigh*

  15. Is your title a reference to Liz Lemon on 30 Rock? Random and off topic, I know, but it’s one of my favorite lines of hers! Thank you so much for this post, I love our Basque boys! They all look SO good. Definitely need some cheering up after hearing the World Cup decisions…

  16. WOW they look amazing!!! amazing!

  17. So sweet how that Cup has become a kind of souvenir our lovely boys may bring to all the events they like!
    I would not mind Xabi teaching me some Basque either – it looks so fascinating to me (ok. it might also be his his handwriting that makes it so fascinating, but still).
    And Llori’s signature; es amable!

  18. Oh goodness, who knew it was possible to look that good all the time? Those boys know how to wear suits. Also, that video of Iker… I didn’t understand a word of it, but it was so so funny! His face is priceless.
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while, this is the first time I’ve commented but I want to say thank you! It never fails to make me smile, and today was certainly no exception!

  19. It’s silly but I actually recognised Vitoria in the first picture on the right because I was in almost the same place in September! :) How awesome of the city to have a little ceremony for the Basque (and adopted :D) players of the Selección! And my my, the guys were looking very handsome indeed! I love the fact that Javi and Fernando are wearing their Athletic suits! And their handwriting is great (Llorente’s really does look a bit girly! :D).

    Eskerrik asko for the awesome pics and gifs! :)

  20. Oh Xabi.

    My forbidden fruit (he’s an ex-Scouse, remember?).

    I am starting to ~desire Llorente as well.

    Thank you for the pics/gifs, Una! You’re enabling my Xabi obsession!

  21. Omg @ Fernando Llorente’s cheek dimples when he smiles….it just makes me want to do something to make him smile over and over and over again……

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