La Roja on 3 Sesenta

At the request of reader Sara, here is the promo of the program that Cuatro’s new show 3 Sesenta will air on La Roja!

The full show will air on Dec. 3 at 23:15h.  It delves into the daily lives of the players in the time frame from the awarding of the Príncipe de Asturias award to their friendly against Portugal.  Thus, we’ll get to see Capdevila changing the diapers of his son, VDB choosing a tie, Juanín playing pool… and go for pintxos with Fernando Llorente and Javi Martínez in Bilbao!

In the preview video, a voice on the bus (it sounds like Arbeloa) informs us that Iker is on his mobile the entire day (I love the stare Iker gives when he hears that).  They call Villa “Oliver” and say they think he bought that diamond encrusted watch from the street market next to the bus.  Then it’s on to a poker game with Iker and Sergio, where they talk about the game, winning and how Iker doesn’t talk about Sara Carbonero.  Joan visits Sergio Ramos in his room (we see the bed that Sergio slept on!!!) and then Sergio turns the camera on Joan.  And then they film themselves!

Can’t wait to see the entire show!  It looks like so, so, so much fun!  And what a job Samanta Villar has, no?  Plus, Sergio and Joan send her a kiss at the end.  Who’s jealous?


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  1. LOL @ Iker giving them the “gurl please” look.

  2. Even better than Sergio’s bed – Sergio’s music! I am absolutely *swooning* right now… I can’t actually figure out who’s singing (I’d guess Nolasco, but he and Joan keep *talking* over it, how dare they!) but it sounds like I need to find it and listen to it! He has fantastic taste in flamenco-pop, anyway, and if anyone dares to suggest otherwise, I will just stick my fingers in my ears and go “lalalalalala.”

    Ahem. Fangirling moment over.

    This looks like it will be pretty freaking awesome! I can’t wait! Highlights of the clip, for me, other than Sergio:
    – Villa’s watch. Why did he decide that it would be a good idea to buy a timepiece made of silver glitter?
    – Iker’s *look* when Arbeloa accuses him of spending all day on the móvil – surely Mr. Twitterholic has to know that’s the pot calling the kettle black!
    – Fernando Torres just sitting quietly and peeking over the top of Iker’s seat like… “I am so glad I’m not as immature as these guys!”

  3. Gosh I could kill to get to eat pintxos with Floris and Javi…

  4. Love Iker’s glance, so mischievous ;) Capi, tienes que afeitarte y cortarte el pelo!!! ;) I mean that Joan had to cut his hair and shave – the stubble doesn’t spoil him, but he’s much sexier without it… if Reina called you feo, it’s not the reason to appear so unkempt on TV ;) anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing the program… <3… and no, I'm not jealous because it was Sergio who forced Joan to send the kiss ;)

  5. words cannot express how excited i am for this!!!

  6. This is the best idea ever. Simple as that XD

  7. This looks great! I hope our wonderful Una will do a post on it once it airs! Please? :)

    Wow, David, that watch is horrific! No style points for you! And why do they call him Oliver? I hope we find out in Pepe’s book.

    Capdevila rules, as always. I love him, even with the beard! And is it just me or does he have enormous thumbs? I’m sure that must mean something…;)

    • Enormous thumbs just mean distortion due to the use of a wide-angle lens ;) But Joan also has an enormous nose, and I hope it means something more interesting… ;)

  8. It sounds like so much fun! I hope it will be on the tv’s website or somewhere on TV, as I think it will be full of awesome (not to mention eye-candy) moments!

    Oh, Sergio, I am catching this kiss you are sending us and placing it on my cheek, sweet boys!

  9. I am!!! Wooow I realy wanna be a journalist!!! Hahaha lol ;p
    Could you please post it when the show comes out? Than you!!!!

  10. Oh my God. Can’t wait to see that!! *__*
    (At least I hope I can see it somehow, I’m sure it won’t be on Austrian TV…)

  11. Thank you, thank you so much Una! I can’t wait to see it too. Iker’s stare is amazing. This program along with the informe robinson program is a must see.

  12. Based on the promo this looks like it will be fabulous – and yes I will readily admit to being jealous of Samantha! what a great job. Villa’s watch is fugly. Actually …it looks like something Cris would wear, but I guess that is for your other blog. And of course it wouldn’t complete without a few “thumbs up” from the boys. Hopefully there will be some highlights for those of us not fortunate enough to be able to watch this :)

  13. ugh that sucks … i live in the USA … we dont get that channel.. we get TV Espana… but that it…. :( …. hopefully it will be on youtube very sooon… after it airs…

  14. Wow, I think I need to re-do my life so I can end up in a position where I have her job! SUCH fun… I’m really glad Joan (or someone) chose Sergio’s room for a visit. Also, the flamenco playing in the background– classic. Can’t wait for the whole thing.

  15. Bless you Joan for taking us into Sergio’s room! ;) ….Sergio sleeps on the right huh?….I always prefer the left myself but who would want to stay on their side when sleeping next to SEXIO?! :P

    • No, see, I just took that as a sign that he’s perfect for my bed (or vice versa)… since I also sleep on the left. Plus, the soundtrack is bloody fantastic. Sergio’s room = paradise :-p

  16. Dec 3 — That’s just a week away! Will someone based in Spain (ahem, you don’t need to identify yourself) *please* rip this to somewhere online for those of us who don’t get Cuatro?

    Also, I would LOVE to go pintxo-hopping with Javi and Fer. Can they make this an Official Visitors Tour?

    I can’t believe! I have to see this! I think I’m going to rape the replay button.

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