Iker Casillas at Marca

Iker’s the cover boy of Marca today, ahead of Monday’s game between Barcelona and Real Madrid, which will feature 13 of our boys!  Here are the parts of the interview related to La Roja.  Iker is a great capitán and I hope the Spanish press heeds his words.

Q:  Where do you have the shirt you wore in the final of the World Cup?

A:  It’s in my house and I want to frame it and display it.  I’m sure I’ll make a special place for it.  I have everything from that final: the gloves, the shorts, the captain’s armband, the socks… everything.  For the last five years, I’ve kept everything that have good memories associated with it.  My father also gave me things that he kept and I hope to create a small museum.

Q:  What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the final against the Netherlands?

A:  When the whistle blew, it was the best moment ever.  It was the best moment of my career, without a doubt.  When I was small, I would talk about this with my mother, who doesn’t like football.  She would say, “I don’t think my son will be able to do that.”  I get goosebumps each time I think about what we achieved.  That’s why I would like to ask everyone to remember these two years, when the day comes that we stop winning.  Spain had never won anything, and in two years we managed to win everything.

Q:  Was it a pity to end this year with two losses against Argentina and Portugal?

A:  I don’t like to lose, but as captain of Spain, what has been said makes me sad.  I understand why the foreign press would say things like, “we beat Spain, the champions of the world.”  But I don’t understand the Spanish press.  I don’t understand.  I don’t want to rest on our laurels, but after everything Spanish football has gone through, I believe we have to stick our chests out until the next Eurocopa.  We should be proud of what we’ve done.  We have to continue to have hope in Spain, since nothing happens from losing two games.

Q:  In January, you’ll receive the Golden Glove award given to the best goalkeeper in the world.  Do you feel like you’re the best?

A:  I don’t know.  I work so that whoever gives out this award will give it to me.

Q:  What is left for you to accomplish in football?

A:  Before, it was to win a Eurocopa.  And after that, I wanted a World Cup.  And now, I want another Eurocopa.  And why not play in Brazil in 2014?

And on the Ballon d’Or, Iker says, “I still can’t believe that Raúl has not won the Ballon d’Or.  With all that he won and all the goals he’s scored he deserves it, but in 2002 he was up against Ronaldo and his wonderful World Cup performance.  I hope this year one of us will win it.  I’ve always said that Xavi deserves it, because he’s the reason why the national team and Barcelona play so well.”

As for his own possibilities, he says, “the work of a goalkeeper is different because he doesn’t score goals, but he’s also needed to win.  It’s an honor just to be nominated.”  Alfredo di Stéfano had once said, “in a sport that is played with the feet, one who plays with his hands can never be the best.”  In response to this, Iker laughed, “I’m never going to oppose anything don Alfredo says.  Although I don’t believe he’s right, he’s always right.”

Read the rest of the interview (the parts pertaining to his club) here.


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  1. Iker is a great captain.
    I like the fact that he and Xavi are very good friends.
    And my dear Iker with all the titles and awards you have won throughout your career and hopefully the many more to come you would not have a ‘small’ museum, it would be a great and big museum just like its owner.

  2. “That’s why I would like to ask everyone to remember these two years, when the day comes that we stop winning. Spain had never won anything, and in two years we managed to win everything.

    I immediately felt guilty… coz i really felt bad for Spain from those 2 friendly losses. and now for him to come and say this… certainly puts things in perspective.

    Looking forward to him still guarding Spain’s goal in the next World Cup :)

  3. “That’s why I would like to ask everyone to remember these two years, when the day comes that we stop winning. Spain had never won anything, and in two years we managed to win everything.”

    This made me cry :( When that time comes (and it will for everyone), I will FOREVER remember La Roja at its best. I feel blessed to have seen this generation of great football. Viva La Furia Roja!

  4. I love that he wants Xavi to win the Ballon d’Or. It is great that they can be such good friends while also being rivals. :)

  5. Off topic but did you see the promo of the new cuatro program called 3 sesenta? There will be a special with the players showing their personal side. In the promo Iker and Sergio are playing cards with the interviewer, I really want to know what she and Iker were saying. There is also footage of them in the bus and in Sergio’s room! The video is in the cuatro site.

  6. aww he soo sweet… love what he has to say…great guy…again wished i lived Spain… cause every1 over their seems sooo nice & u usually dont her anything negative … I agree with Iker… Xavi deserves it… :)

  7. Love the di Stefano quote. If Real can win the Champions League this season, Casillas will have to be considered for the Ballon – along with Ozil and Ronaldo of course.

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