Gerard Piqué at El Mundo Magazine (first look)

The first time we looked at El Mundo Magazine was when they brought us the faces, and more memorably, the feet of seven of our players.  Then they followed up with a wonderful Andrés Iniesta feature, and this weekend, they’re returning to Gerard Piqué!

He’s featured on the cover, next to the words “President Piqué,” an allusion to the parliamentary elections being held in Cataluña this Sunday (and the reason why el clásico is being played on a Monday).

I’ll try and translate the contents when they come out, but in the meantime, enjoy the cover, and the presence of our boys all over the media!


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  1. Pique for president? He would be the best-loved president ever… but in this case he would have to give up taking part in sexy phtoshoots, so his female fans would be upset ;)

    And yes, I remember the feet photosession… I fell in love with their photo of Capdevila’s face (and of his suntanned shoulders and wet hair), and once in a while, when I need some Spanish heat, I put it as a wallpaper on my screen… ;) <3 Therefore, for me, El Mundo Magazine is The Only Magazine That Ever Undressed Capdevila – and will be that until the day some other mass media undress him… ;)

  2. all us non-spanish speaking persons are so happy that you put the time to translate, thanks!

  3. The picture is so pretty I can cry! Pique is my secret crush from Barca, I have to be honest. I love love love my Sexio, Iker and Xabi, but I cannot pretend – I could never ignore Gerard Pique. He’s looks absolutely gorgeous and dreamy. Yummy Pikay!

    I also have to admit that the thought of El Clasico makes me more calm and happy than nervous, really. TSO really calmed me down while saying that no matter of the result, the next day will still be Tuesday, and I just want to see a nice, brilliant game with everyone giving 150% of their effort and heart.
    So many great footballers on the pitch, it’s gonna be great!!!! .Apart from the game itself sports-wise, a lot of them are also so eye-candy that in case the game is awful I will just stare at them running around. LOL

  4. Hottie alert!!! Can’t wait for this one to come out! If it’s anything like the Iniesta one, it should be a really good read. (And, um, I’m sure the pictures will be a bonus. Yeah.)

  5. I can’t thank u enough for providing us wonderful articles along with wonderful pics.. Thanx una =)

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