La Roja news round-up

As you know, the decision on which country/countries will get to host the 2018 World Cup will be announced on Dec. 2 in Zurich.  The Iberian candidacy is sending all their top stars, both past and present, to shore up their bid.  Among the big names that will be in Switzerland next Thursday are Iker Casillas and Cristiano Ronaldo, the current captains of the Spanish and Portuguese national teams, respectively; former captains Fernando Hierro and Luis Figo; former stars Emilio Butragueño and Eusébio, as well as the current head coaches, Vicente del Bosque and Paulo Bento.  José Mourinho will be in attendance as well.  A total of 40 persons will make up the delegation.

And yesterday, VDB and team chef Javier Arbizu were the invited guests to a chat organized by the Spanish Olympic Committee on “the effect of food on sporting results.”

There, they revealed some things that we already knew, such that it’s Dr. Óscar Celada who makes up the menus, and that Pepe likes his meat practically raw while Piqué prefers it to have the texture of an old shoe.

But there were some new details as well.  VDB said that he ate pisto (ratatouille) and pasta on game days, because he ate this before one win, and so continued with the tradition.  We also found out what the team ate the day of the World Cup final: salad with onions, tomatoes and lettuce; spaghetti with organic tomatoes and 100 grams of grilled chicken; yogurt or fruit.   And, the team got to enjoy a buffet on the bus, so that they could sleep or rest on the flight after the game.  In the buffet, they got to choose from hot pasta; consomme; tortilla de patata; and fruit, yogurt or rice pudding.  They started this last year and are happy with the results.


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