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Pepe Reina presented his book, El mundo en nuestras manos, yesterday in Madrid!

And of course, he was asked about the upcoming Barcelona-Madrid game, which will pit a great number of his La Roja teammates against each other, starting at the goal.  On Víctor and Iker (who of course also wrote the epilogue and prologue, respectively, for his book), Pepe said, “both of them have great careers, perhaps with some parallels… they’re both very good friends.”  He also said that he and Víctor were able to catch up and relive their times at La Masía during the World Cup, since they had been apart for a number of years.

Pepe also said he would place his bets on Andrés Iniesta or Xavi Hernández winning the Ballon d’Or, although he admitted that he would be extremely happy if his friend Iker were able to take it home.

Watch videos here and here.

In the second video, Pepe says that he had told his teammates that he wanted to write this book, and they all thought it was a good idea, and that the book is full of fun and interesting anecdotes.  He reveals that he only had to ask Valdés and Iker once to contribute, and their answer was an immediate “yes.”

If you weren’t excited about the book, maybe this will help you get there.  Pepe says, “the image people have of Xavi is that he’s serious and distant… but the truth is far from that.  Xavi is very important in the day-to-day of the team, in how the locker room gets along.  Marchena is another important person, as important as the kidding around of Iker, the jokes of SErgio and Navas, the card games…

Meanwhile, Vicente del Bosque also attended a book presentation, in this case El método del Bosque, which is described as a “practical manual with strategies to manage groups and overcome obstacles” with practical applications not only for football, but also for business and life.  It draws on the book El conde Lucanor, which has inspired VDB.  Also included are reflections on VDB’s style by likes of José Antonio Camacho, Xavi, Hierro and Llorente.

There, he blamed the losses of Spain in the Argentina and Portugal friendlies on himself, saying that he hadn’t properly motivated his players for the game.  Is this part of the method?  In any case, I like that he did that.  VDB also said he has already cast his vote for the Ballon d’Or, although he didn’t reveal exactly who he voted for, just saying “two players in the Spanish Liga and a German” (coaches can’t vote for players from the country they coach).  He added that he hopes a Spanish player will be the winner, as “both Iniesta and Xavi are deserved winners of this award.”

And the awards keep coming for VDB!  He will be honored on Dec. 20 with the “I Premio Juan Manuel Gozalo,” which will be handed out to him during the 2010 Cantabria Sports Gala, and also recently received the “Premio Espejo Público,” having been chosen as a winner by the audience of the TV show “Espejo Público.”

And today, the silver coin commemorating Spain’s 2010 World Cup victory goes on sale at banks, with the number of editions issue limited to two million.  The special part of the coin has a figure of a footballer about to kick the ball, with the words “champions of the world” above him.  The other side has the normal profiles of the king and queen.  Each coin costs €20, the same as its face value.


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  1. Before I read any further – El Conde Lucanor? Really?

    I don’t think medieval Spanish lit and football have ever been quite so close… and likely never will be again. I suppose that means I’ll have to buy the book ASAP.

  2. “the image people have of Xavi is that he’s serious and distant… but the truth is far from that. ”

    I cannot wait to hear Pepe’s stories about Xavi!!!! I’ve always known he had a reputation as a joker, but the public so rarely gets to see that side of him.

    Do you have your copy of the book yet, Una?

  3. has it translated in english?

  4. I totally want that book for Christmas … Reyes… sometime… its its going to very intresting… & probably very funny….

    VDB : e added that he hopes a Spanish player will be the winner, as “both Iniesta and Xavi are deserved winners of this award
    Sooo does that mean he voted for Iniesta y Xavi …. i like that idea… i say a tie.. *lol* but that will never happen

    • oooo WOW .. i’m very special..or i just wasnt fully up yet…but i just notice it said “Spanish Liga”… not Spanish player…i completly 4got that they cant vote for people of their country… & sooo ignore that last post…

      BTW .. Marca said he voted for Lionel Messi , Christiano Ronaldo … & the German guy w/that long name … that i cant say even if it would save my life Schweinsteiger << i had to copy & paste..cause i suck @ spelling … *lol*

  5. so Una, are you going to translate VDB’s book? Do you think it will be too hard to read for a pocha like me?

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