a Christmas present…

The TV show Informe Robinson on Canal Plus has a Christmas gift for us, and it’s an episode titled “El año 2010: el año en que fuimos campeones del mundo” (the year in which we were champions of the world).  They released a little preview yesterday, saying that the champions of the world have a surprise for all of us.  Catch the program on Dec. 25 at 20:15h!  So far, we can see that Iniesta, Puyol, Piqué, Javi, Iker, Llorente, Xavi and Villa will feature in the video, but I’m sure the others will show up as well.

Watch the preview here.  By the way, in the video, the players are just doing some sound testing.

You can tell it’s going to be a good one,* because David Villa actually smiled during it!

Meanwhile, Spain is still on top of FIFA’s World Ranking, 202 points of second-place the Netherlands.  This is for the period up to Nov. 17, meaning the friendly against Portugal was taken into account.  Spain also gained 39 points in the ranking since October, and increased their advantage by four points.  The next ranking will be released on Dec. 15.

* However, to be honest, I’d rather receive one of these guys for Christmas than the program.


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  1. I saw this preview yesterday and I got very excited. If it is anything like the one about the Euros then we are in for a treat. I can’t wait for it!

  2. Lol Villa looked like he wanted to slap somebody!
    Oh my God I understood something! But whoa..they count really fast..Counting in tens and getting 60 and 70 the right way around is like reaching the top of Everest for me :(

  3. Iniesta at the end of the video made my day! He is so darn cute :D

  4. I think I just drooled on my laptop

  5. Yeah, I’d rather receive one of these guys for Christmas too, except for Puyi. I love him (as part of La Roja), but I can’t find him attractive, although I did tried.

  6. Looks like they’ve seen photos of Iker’s ‘normal’ clothes and told him (only) “It’s probably a good idea to just wear some team gear…” :-)

    • hahaha awww poor Iker! They probably warned him about his man purse too! “Its too expensive to edit that thing out, so keep it on your lap where the camera wont see it.”

  7. Diddo, i as well would like to recieve the .ENTIRE. Spanish National Team for Christmas.

  8. When Iniesta smiles, the whole world lights up! :)

    And I squeaked when Xavi said “OK”. If he ever actually learns to speak English I might just die of joy!

  9. This? This is gonna be EPIC. I cannot WAIT. I assume (and hope) that it will stream off the Canal+ website! *fingers x’ed*

    Also, that wasn’t really a SMILE from David Villa as it was… some combination of a smirk and a grimace….

  10. Wow, that’s intriguing, and I hope it will be sexy!! ;)) as I’m not Spanish I hope to see the program on the internet ;) And yes, I’d like to receive Llorente as a Christmas present, but he has to come with a ladder, as I’m only 1.59 m tall ;) (however, even being so much taller than me, he’s still my little hermano :))

  11. offtopic: una, would you know what video this is? http://tsingran.tumblr.com/post/1592778972/players-level-vid, it’s iker, fernando, and xavi acting out something

  12. “However, to be honest, I’d rather receive one of these guys for Christmas than the program.”
    Oh God, yeah

  13. Beautiful gift! I remember Robinson commenting on it coming soon. He said that some of the guys became quite emotional during the filming.
    I can’t wait!

  14. This is a lovely present and all, but I would also like to request one Sergio, one Javi, and one Llorente (shirts, and indeed clothes, optional). They don’t even need to be left under the Christmas tree.

    (In seriousness – I am SO EXCITED about this. Makes the annual viewing of “Love Actually” seem rather less appealing in comparison.)

  15. Got the date on my calendar!!!

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