Portugal vs. Spain game notes

Some game notes that I thought were interesting, and some observations.

It all went downhill after this.

(And wow, Busquets’ shorts are kind of straining there at the front, no?  Are they too small to contain him?)

One. How come Iker doesn’t get a new jersey?

Two. Speaking of the new jersey, I think it’s too crowded on the front, with the star, the escudo, the number, the Adidas logo and the emblem.  Add to that all the patches (thank goodness the World Cup candidacy one is a one-time thing), and it looks like Spain’s shirt is covered in sponsor logos, when in fact it has none.  The vertical blue stripes just add to the general chaos.

Three. The record since the World Cup is 3-1-2.  The good news is that in important games (qualifiers), the record is 3-0-0, with the record in friendlies a not so stellar 0-1-2.

Four. Following the game, VDB traveled to the U.S. to receive a gold medal on behalf of the entire team from the Queen Sofía Institute of New York.  He gave Henry Kissinger a La Roja camiseta.

Five. Fernando Llorente told El Larguero that “it hurts my soul to lose like this,” and that the defeat against Portugal “should not happen again.”

Six. This was Iker’s worst night with La Roja, since it was the first time he allowed four goals.  The last time he received three goals was in 2006, against Northern Ireland.  Spain lost the game 2-3 and it’s also remembered for being Raúl’s last game with the team.

Seven. The players came out on the field wearing t-shirts with the logo of the 2018 Iberian World Cup, and posed next to a big sign.  Later on, Iker and Cristiano, both together and separately, read some texts in support.  Both Cristiano and Iker, as captains of their respective national teams, will be in Zurich on Dec. 2 when the winner is announced.  The players also had a patch on their sleeves with the logo.

Eight. Ricardo Carvalho flew back to Madrid with the Spanish players immediately after the game, with the four players belonging to English clubs stayed overnight in Lisbon, and took a morning flight to London.  The eight Barcelona footballers waited until the next morning to return to Barcelona.

Nine. Andrés said via twitter that it was “a painful defeat after a bad game.  We didn’t play well and we paid the price.”

Ten. The star has become more like a target sign than a symbol of winning a World Cup, no?  Everyone wants to beat us.

Eleven. Villa was a “ghost” at La Luz, according to Marca.  That’s why he wasn’t able to score that all important goal 45, why he finished the year with just nine goals (having scored more in the previous years), and why he wasn’t able to fight for the title of top national team goalscorer, which was taken by Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, with 11 goals.  What a shame, considering the year he had.

Twelve. To end on a good note, a cute picture of Cesc from Marca.

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  1. Pobrecitos!!… :( But the boys just need to learn from their mistakes and… have a good (and well-deserved) rest during the New Year holidays. They haven’t stopped being champions because of this bad loss.
    And I’m sure next year Villa will become the team’s top scorer in the whole history ;)

    Yes, Busquets shouldn’t have tucked his shirt in… ;) but I noticed this detail only after having read your note, because ALL of my attention was taken by the handsomeness and sexiness of the man standing to the left of Busquets… ;)

    (Joan, be a good boy, please take off your jersey and give it to Iker!! ;)

  2. I’m proud of the badges on the new shirts for what they signify but I agree that it looks too crowded. That single star was a beautiful sight and very elegant.

    At least the team plays well when it really counts. I’m sure they will use this as motivation and a reality check. Euro 2012!!!! Let’s Go!!!!

  3. I’m bleeding from this game but the fact is – They ARE already THE World Champions. They are the group who brought Spain their first World Cup championship title. The first group to lose their opening game and ended up winning the title. I never expected them to win everything after that because there will be days where they’re not 100% and days where the other team will have the better game / strategy.

    I just can’t accept Villa’s ‘detractors’ although I’m not really sure the context of ‘ghost’ per Marca but I believe he can up his game soon :)

    Viva La Furia Roja!!!

    • I couldn’t agree more re: Villa’s detractors. I know Villa plays for Barca now and el Clasico is coming up but without Villa, we wouldn’t have made it out of the group stages of the World Cup. Players play so many matches now that they’re bound to have poor form once in a while . As Una said, it was only a friendly and every team loses sometimes.

    • I agree. Without Villa, they wouldn´t have won the World Cup. Nor the Eurocup. And he is tied for the most goals scored. So why all the bashing? I love my boys no matter what. And I agree, only the star was very elegant.

  4. a cute picture of cesc is always a good way to end a post. I’m sorry that Spain lost, sweetness!
    I wish they’d tied or something, it’d felt better, I guess! Anywho, don’t lose the faith! As long as everything works out in Euro qualifiers everything else is okay… And this defeat will only spark the killer instinct in everyone next time they have a friendly! Poor next team, they’ll get crushed!

  5. There is a philosophy that some sports people subscribe to called ebb and flow. Teams have peaks and valleys. Maybe, La Roja peaked at the right time this past summer and what we see now is the hangover from the drunken stupor of worldwide fame. The WC was a wonderful time where beautiful ballers were paraded before our hungry eyes to ply their trade and the most beautiful team won our hearts and minds. Perhaps, this is just our reminder that we all have good times and bad times. The future is still bright for all of these young men.

  6. its alright, we know spain are amazing and so does the rest of the world..one loss to portugal or argentina or whatever doesnt mean that spain is crap, it just means that you cannot win em all..and anyway, poor boys have so many games one after the other that they are so tired and also they havent trained with VDB in a long time..so its ok. theresalways nrxt time and they will want to win even more

    ps. dont worry sergio, im here to make it all better..everyone does own goals sometimes..hell, even pique did!

    la roja, te amo

  7. I’m with Emily about form peaking at the right time. As I’ve said in other comments, you can’t operate at 100% ALL THE TIME. And given that that’s so, you want to choose when to hit peak form, when to win. I’d rather this crew wins when it matters, and so far they’ve been doing that.

    Re Busi — I choked on my soda! This is why most of the others leave their shirts untucked! Awkward picture is AWKWARD!

  8. Villa was so much a “ghost” as the others….
    Que oportunistas los de marca!

  9. … what happens now with Spain NT it´s what´s happen with all the world cup winners and with all the best NT in world : everyone wants to beaten then!! so is normal, and was just a game!! I say that because I´m brazilian and even when our NT is not having good moments(like now) still everyone wants to beat us.. so, Spain, lose this game was not a big deal..believe me!! xoxo
    love your two blogs una!! =D

  10. thats what i said when i saw Iker… i’m they dont get a new jersey..that sooo wrong… & well Busi….hahahaa no comment… let me say i like how it fits Xavi Andres & David just right ….

  11. I agree, everyone’s gunning for la roja even if we aren’t gunning for them. This letdown is not surprising to me and just part of the cycle. The cycle also includes the chabacanería of the new shirts, as marketing strives to capitalize. What great is how little fame seems to affect the players. Possible exception of Andresito’s little traspié.

    • I TOTALLY AGREE. The reason why I love La Rojas especially Xavi and Dahveed is primarily because despite being among the top players of the world, they remain humble off the pitch. I definitely respect and admire this about them.

  12. They all look so angry in this picture, and they hadn’t even started playing yet! Maybe that’s why they lost, they were all really cranky about something?

    It’s a very hot look on them, though. I can’t decide who to drool over more! Can I just squeeze in there between Joan and David? Yum!

  13. They weren’t the winners of the game against Portugal but they are winners in our hearts. Everyone makes mistakes.

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