in case you missed it – Portugal vs. Spain

I decided to make this post because there were a lot of great moments in the game, player-wise, irrespective of the final result.  After all, no matter how the game ends, our players will still be the adorable, fun and emotional chicos that we love.  So, there will be no game talk on this post, just compliments and ogling.  If you want to talk about the game, you can comment on some of the previous posts.

The Real Madrid version of this post can be found here.

One. Our beautiful players during the national anthem.  I love how the camera has to descend quite steeply when it pans from Busquets to Xavi.

Two. Here is the patch on David Silva’s sleeve supporting the Iberian World Cup candidacy bid.

Three. Everyone has an opinion.  I love how all the players rush up to the referee, with their arms pointing to the right, and of course Pepe.  Remember how Iker said that Pepe was on the road to becoming a coach?  I can totally see it here.

Four. Llorente and Albiol have bad posture, while Santi and Cesc joked around.  It looks like Santi’s feet don’t even reach the ground.  And why was Álvaro playing with his boot?

Poor Víctor and Pedro, they looked quite cold there on the bench.  As does Puyol – why didn’t he put on his jacket?  And Javi has joined Llorente and Albiol in slumping.  Who can blame him, the game was a goner at that point.

I always love seeing shots of the bench during the game, and especially a bench as hot as this one.

Five. If this doesn’t make you feel better, than you need help.  Fernando Llorente in his tight, tight shirt.

Six. Footballers and their gestures/movements.

Seven. I love feisty Cesc.  And you know how I always talk about Xabi posing?  Cesc is great at it too!  Look at how he’s perfected the hand on the hip pose!

Eight. Here’s where the ogling begins, if you haven’t already started.

Nine. Somehow, the socks didn’t seem to stay up, because almost everyone spent some time pulling them up.  Well, anything that makes the players bend over is good…

Ten. I see David Villa is a great teacher.

Eleven. And you know how we always talk about how classy and perfect Xabi is?  Here are some moments that seem to prove us wrong, but who cares?

Twelve. The bottom line: our team is allowed to lose once in a while, especially in an unimportant game.


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  1. Thank you Una, you’re fantastic!!! You managed to make a super cute and positive report about a really bad game!! All our boys are sooo adorable, even when they lose like that ;) <3 Lol for Nando bitchfacing ;))))

    Love Pepe acting as a coach… ;) If he becomes one, I think he'll be the funniest and the most loved coach on this planet ;)

  2. Ermm, uhh Xabi? I know the game isn’t going well but…???? Never mind, you are still perfect in my eyes.

    Reminds me of Cesc after the World Cup Final when he and Puyi went back on the field. Maybe it is a guy way of keeping your hands warm in the cold night air?

    Una, you’ve managed to show me the silver lining in this – La Roja is always ogle worthy. No matter the score, they are the hottest team. Period.

    • I thought of Cesc too! That’s a good theory. Or maybe it’s just what boys want to do with their other hand while one hand is holding a beverage. (Cesc had a beer and Xabi his waterbottle.) Very Al Bundy to watch TV that way, one hand on a beer and the other idly in your pants.

      El Niño’s hair looks especially belligerent coupled with that great bitchface! I’m digging it. (I’ve never thought Torres was hot in general, but I do like his hair there.)

      Has someone sabotaged the socks? Perhaps the person responsible for sock specs at adidas is a woman who appreciates a fine rear view, and she has done this deliberately? Whatever the case, I hope this pattern continues! ;-)

  3. Fernando’s bitchface, Javi’s disgusted slump, and Xabi’s outstretched arms/angry face… basically put them together, add a few moments of foot-stomping, and you have my “match-watching” position. It was Not So Good, this game.

    But I still love this team. And even though it hurts my soul to see them get destroyed like this, I guess we have to take the good (that this doesn’t actually hurt anything but their/our pride; and also, Llorente’s shirt) and just move on from the bad.

    (I may have to pop in my DVD of the WC final this weekend just to relive a little of that old glory, though.)

    • (I may have to pop in my DVD of the WC final this weekend just to relive a little of that old glory, though.)

      haha thats what Im doing! Making my way through all of their WC games as therapy…minus Switzerland of course…

    • Even better, I still have a recording of the World Cup match against Portugal!

    • (I may have to pop in my DVD of the WC final this weekend just to relive a little of that old glory, though.)

      and my daughter makes fun of me because I still have the WC final saved on Tivo! Glad to see I’m not alone :D

  4. Andresito was also slumping, he looks so frustrated. What a bad experience for them… Poor boys.
    If only we had the chance to comfort them back to normal footy greatness…! xD

  5. Oooo, diecinueve… might be my new favorite number…

  6. Javi looked like he wanted to melt in a puddle inside his jacket…then poof back into a happier, shinier place lol :)

    and dear gawdamighty, Llorente’s hair looks so soft.

    Una, thank you.

  7. I knew that there will be an ICYMI post. ;-) People are asking me for years why I’m fan of La Roja, when I’m not even from España. They really don’t get it.. I mean.. Look at those boys. Gotta love them!
    Haha, Nando always with his bitchy expression. Llorente, please teach the boys about the fundamental jersey rules. We want tight shirts!!!

  8. RE: 11. … and Pepe keeps his eyes glued to the field.

  9. Great, great post. It definitely cheered me up. My comments:

    1) Xabi – oh he’s forgiven for little moments of not-so-classiness
    2) I agree that Cesc is a good student of Xabi, when it comes to posing. I adore him so much anyway, so totally see him as another Classy in the future too.

    3) Carles Puyol is made of melted lava (not my words, I saw it once under the pic of Barca players who were all wearing winter clothes and Puyol was just in a t-shirt) that is why he never has to wear anything warm. I find it somehow attractive, he’s a really manly man.

    4) Pepe Reina will be the hottest coach. As much as I wish him a long and sucessful player career, I cannot wait to see him coaching a great team one day. he will be legendary.

    5) Fernando Torres Torres Torres, such a pretty face, such a legendary bitchface!

    • Molten lava is perfect, because Puyi does in fact have “craggy, handsome features”! Bingo. (Yes, I read romance novels… why do you ask? ;-P)

  10. Even though my wish came true of having the two Fernandos play together, I am just ever so glad that I switched it off after the first half. Portugal was on fire and I thought that Spain could possibly lose the match but I never imagined it would be that bad…. que tristeza…. :(

    Thank god the team still looks utterly cute, even in defeat.

  11. Much, much appreciated post!
    A screaming Pepe, Llori’s tight jersey, bitchy Fernando and Cesc, the tight jersey, again – reasons that sort of almost make the score up for me.
    But by the way, Una, where’s the ‘Iker running around the field shortless’ .gif? I’m really missing that one.

    Thank you so much!

  12. Thank you for this post it was very well done! (not like a burger…lol sorry I had to do it)

    I gotta say I love Sergio’s pose during the national anthem, its the same for every game but I never get tired of it…or anything else that he does ;)

    Oh Xabi, Xabi, Xabi…..he looks like a baby enjoying his bottle and….yup thats it. My little sister used to have her bottle and play with her belly button so this gif reminded me of that lol even though he’s not quite playing with his belly button…………….

    • “(not like a burger…lol sorry I had to do it)” LOL! Oh Maisoun.. XD

      Yeah I just love his anthem face! He looks like he’s about to cry, it makes me whimper every time!

      • I think his anthem face is his praying face….it makes him look very…holy? Though his “holy” look probably shouldnt be so sexy….

  13. lol @ Xabi…he’s going for the Al Bundy look

    Glad to see Nando’s back…the look is priceless!

    and #3, I ALWAYS get a laugh out of these guys doing this. They are the leaders of in hand guesturing of all the teams I’ve seen…..they want an offsides call…all the hands go up…they want a hand ball called…all the hands go up…someone gets fouled (even if it was their teammate doing the fouling) the hands go up. I SWEAR they practice this in training. lol

  14. THANX 4 putting this up… no matter what happens… they are fun to watch…& it just comes to show no1 is perfect … no matter how cute…funny…sexy…smart…& amazing players they are…QUE VIVA LA ROJA!!! =) …but i know i cant wait to see Round 2 of Busi vs Cristiano … *DiNg DiNg DiNg* hahaha that is going to be funny … not to mention more then half the team is going to be their… & i know this is bad to say…but i am a fan of both Real Madrid & Barcelona…& its because i like watching good looking amazing futbol… =)

    • I understand about liking both Barca and Real Madrid. They both play such beautiful football. But in El Classico, I will cheer for Real Madrid. I just love these guys and they are playing so fabulously.

  15. I think its insanely lucky that the games Spain seems to lose are all unimportant ones…what’s that about?

    Also, I don’t like Torres’ new hair colour. I liked him better as a dirty/sandy blond or whatever it was…

  16. oh yes, llorente and his silva-sized shirt again

  17. Torres is the king of bitchfaces. No one can do it better than him :D I love when he bitchfaces..
    It wasn’t a good debut with the new jersey but whatever.. I’m really, really glad that it was just friendly.

  18. can yu translate pepes book

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