I’ll try…

… and write something about that game but I don’t know if I can get myself motivated enough.

There were some good moments (Iker taking his shorts off at the end of the game comes to mind) but of course, there were a plethora of bad ones as well.


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  1. What happened last night? I am still trying to come to grips with what I forced myself to watch until the end. My Spain team was unrecognizable. I’m a teacher and my kids are going to mock me all day today because of that game.

  2. I understand fully!

    Maybe the post with only some hot gifs.

    It is fairly understandable that yesterday’s match quality (on Spain’s part, Portugal played well and enjoyed themselves and were even brilliant at some points) fully justifies that one wants to concentrate purely on the looks of the players, not the strategy of the game itself sport-wise, no?

    So I vote for hot consolation gifs and pictures. And I think that Iker’s Photo (from the other blog) would be relevant also here. LOL

    • Strategy? There was no strategy, as far as I could tell….

      Let’s just look at shirtless, shortless players and go to our mental happy places, because that’s the only way we can get through this!

  3. It’s just too bad, really. I hope the team don’t get demoralised from this, though.

  4. It hurts to read every news about last night.. But I believe in you, una.. Every little thing you write will make our days much better..

  5. Just go for San Iker shirtless…(from the madrid blog)
    That will cheer up everyone!!

  6. I agree with you. They were just so lethargic last night. You’d probably have to title this one ‘Be glad you missed it’.

    • ‘Be glad you missed it’.—–LOL I love that, I dont think we even need a post to follow that title! The words are enough! ;)

  7. I know it was so hard for you and me and all fans of La Roja.. but we know we can’t always win. This is something that would happen at some point.. Please just focus at the good things, like, (fortunately) we lost at a friendly or, as you said (becz i didn’t watch the match but kept painfully refresh my espn matchcast), Iker taking off his short etc..

    • There were two “bright spot” that I came up with too…at least it was a friendly AND no one got hurt so they won’t be able to play for their club team.

      It seemed like the team synergy that was so evident in S. Africa was just not there. The passing wasn’t good, the challenging of the ball, etc. Meanwhile Portugal did those things.

  8. I’m going to try and take consolation that I got to see pictures of Iker shirtless and shortless in the same day. I almost choked when I saw him walking around without shorts on!

    I’m hoping that A) most of the members were focused on El Clasico, B) Portugal was more motivated to defeat the World Champions and avenge their loss, and C) even though it was a friendly loss, it will motivate the players more for when it really counts. (Hopefully all the tributes and fashion shoots haven’t made them lose their focus!)

    • Estoy de acuerdo.. I can only agree!
      We just cannot always win everything. We have to support our team even more now, and encourage them to show up their true ability and power in the next Euro Qualifiers (and, of course, El Clasico).
      Vamos Espana, os queremos!

      And congrats, Portugal.

      • I agree, I still support the team no matter what. It would be wrong to only support them while they’re winning. Just like when Villa’s recent goal scoring drought, I saw so many comments that threw him under the bus. This was the same man who scored the most goals in the Eurocup and Spain, and helped them win both championships, not only a few months ago! How quickly some people forget. But I support them all through good and bad times.

        Luckily, Una so far has only had to write about their losses in friendles, and luckily not during the World Cup!

  9. I didn’t see the game, but I’m not going to bother to download this one. Yikes. I blame the new shirts.

    • The new shirts are definitely not as good as the old ones. Also, why do they all have booty-enhancing diagonal lines on the back? It’s not like our players *need* the help…

      • I hadn’t noticed the “booty enhancing-ness” of the blue lines!!! You’re totally right. In that case, I shall change my mind. I no longer totally hate the new shirts.
        I think the fact that they’ve included blue in a “ROJA” shirt is the key element to the apparent jinx. Like, for Chelsea, including red in their shirts hasn’t worked out either.

      • There was blue in the last shirt too, just a bit on the shoulders.

  10. The team is bound to have off-days–I’m just glad that they tend to have them on friendly-match days! Like others have said, I think many of them have La Liga and El Clasico on their minds so I doubt they were very focused.

  11. i think, the spanish NT is experimenting during friendlies, trying to blend in new players with the older ones. so in a sense, had not portugal paid 2M euros for the big players (e.g. xavi) to play, they wouldn’t have been played. that, compared to being on top of the euro2012 qualifiers. well…. maybe im just justifying their performance…. sigh

  12. I read a report that said Spain has conceded 12 goals in its last 4 games. I really hope they’ll be back to normal soon. Shirtless Iker, please! We need something to cheer us up.

  13. Oh, it was very sad… :( Bu it’s good that our boys maintain a critical attitude to themselves. We still love them, even when they play like this – they don’t need to be supermen or invincible gods to have our love, right? I’m sure that when it comes to the next qualifiers we’ll see the same glorious La Roja, in all its splendour!!! ;)

  14. It was shocking how badly they played. But I guess it’s understandable why the players would be less motivated since it’s a friendly in the middle of the season. I’m just glad nobody got injured (unlike Gerrard FML)
    Anyway Portugal played really well. I hope this will be good for the Spain team in the long run. Don’t want them to get too comfortable after becoming European and world champions!

  15. I couldn’t watch the whole game but that what I watched wasn’t really good. But come on guys we know that this was Spain and they’re able to win. Fortunately it was just friendly. Even winners will lose once..
    Maybe the new jersey brought bad luck. No just kidding. But I start liking the new jersey. It looks good on Fernando Torres ;)

  16. Gentle Whisperer says:
    November 18, 2010 at 1:34 pm
    I agree with you. They were just so lethargic last night. You’d probably have to title this one ‘Be glad you missed it’.

    BGYMI – That should be the new title for games that were really bad.

  17. Simply put, La Roja tanked! I hope they are not planning on taking all the friendlies in such a cavalier fashion. They have lost the last two against Portugal and Argentina by big margins.

    I am simply disappointed that they lost the first game wearing that shield signifying their status as World Champions!

    Boys, remember you *are* the world champions and make sure everyone remembers that important fact each and every time you take the field.

  18. At least it was only a friendly… anyway, there have to be some happy moments as well (Iker shortless, Xabi Alonso at least trying to score… that shot from inside his own half was amazing, even though the keeper caught the ball!)

    Nevertheless, I am happy that my boyfriend took the laptop away from me when it was just 2-0. (had to watch the game via livestream on his laptop).

    Anyway, as I said before, it was just a friendly and no one got injured (like Stevie Gerrard… that idiot Capello. -.-“)
    And, to say it with Una’s words, the Spanish Barcelona defenders were not able to take down Portugals Real Madrid strikers. I am looking forward to El Clasico.

    • exactly what I thought about your last comment. Pepe & Carvahlo did a great job yesterday. I heard one commentator say that the main weakness in Barca’s defense is that they don’t have a lot of speed, something we all know that Real Madrid has. I think that Portugal’s speed played a bit part in Spain’s loss yesterday.

  19. Portugal looked less like the team that Spain played in the round of 16 and more like the team that trounced poor North Korea. Spain, on the other hand, looked tired. What bothers me is all the people commenting (on other sites) that Spain is overrated. Hmm, they did win the World Cup. I’ve been thinking for awhile now that a lot of these players must be getting tired, if not physically, then mentally. Maybe with El Clasico so close the whole concept of “team” could be subtly altered in their minds. VDB has some thinking to do! I’m glad it was a friendly, but honestly, the game they played in the World Cup looked friendlier!

  20. Not our best showing, for sure. Some players had decent games (Fabregas had fire in his belly, Silva looked sharp, Pique made a couple of big blocks), but others were off top form (my beloved Xavi was invisible, and not in that “oo he’s an ilusionista” good way, but in that “I might as well not be here today” way). No one can be great all the time, and some of these players have had pretty demanding campaigns so far.

    If La Roja has to lose, I’d rather they lose a friendly. Especially since this was a pretty big occasion for Portugal (their republic’s 100th anniversary, right?) and the home crowd and players were all really up for it. Portugal played well, tons of credit to them.

    You know what annoys me? Some of the headlines today saying “Cristiano Ronaldo 4, Barcelona 0”. Sergio Ramos and Iker were both on the pitch all 90 minutes, and Cris was only on for 45! And what about national solidarity now — they were emphatically a Spanish team and not a Catalan one when they won the Mundial — but they’re suddenly a “Barçaspaña” team now that they’ve lost? For shame, journalists. Get behind your country and your boys, regardless of their clubs, and let’s look ahead to the next match.

  21. aarg I just can’t believe they lost with 4-0 -_- But it was just a friendly!

    Una are you going to continue with Los Secretos?? And mayby you could transelate Pepe’s book too! But if you’re too buisy I understand!


  22. complete disarray on the pitch last night…hopefully we never ever ever have to see that again!!

  23. i missed the game but the news that they lost still upsets me. :( anyway, like what the others said, La Roja cannot win and be at the top all the time. I hope this will only make the team work harder in their future games. :)

  24. As World Champ you got to WIN always and not lose 2 matches in 8 weeks – yeah they won the Euro Quali matches against who small little countries not even in the top 20 but they lose against argentina and protugal – NOT COOL

    World champion is more then a star on a shirt it’s about being the best always and IF you have to lose then dont get 8 goals in 2 matches for gods sake ….fight be a warrior …we know in football a game can be won by 1 goal in the last minute…..as long as you play like a champ and fight like a champ but then lose ( example switzerland match spain was way better but no luck) then its good …but playing like this and going home with 4 in the sack


    I love La Roja but this was just not champion like performance

  25. *sigh *-
    I’m now going to my happy place of shirtless Iker (from Spanish Vogue and Una’s Madrid blog) and shirtless Xabi (only the first part of the Adidas video)

  26. speachless

  27. I’m still in shocked…WOW!! …. that was the WORST thing I have ever seen…. but at least they have come to terms with the fact that they play horrible…& well lets forget last nite…& move on… & hope that this NEVER EVER EVER EVER!!!!!! happens again…. that was sooo painful… i couldn’t believe it… I was soo disappointed …. i have never seen Iker play like that … but then again I became a fan of Spain/futbol like 6 months ago…***SENDING GOOD VIBES***

  28. Don’t be too down on this game Una.

    I take it for what it is: a friendly. Portugal treated it as if it were a rematch of the WC game. They had a very strong team, good tactics and a coach who finally knew what he was doing (hehehe I almost regret them not taking up Maradona’s offer), but this still doesn’t prove that they are better than us until we actually get beaten on a world stage.

    Spain came into the game lethargic and unmotivated. It’s understandable. La Liga, CL and el Clasico are looming and no one wants to risk injury. So they played half-assed. I didn’t really mind. Except for Busquets who treated all the RM players on Portugal as if it were el Clasico. Still, I didn’t think we’d get beaten so badly but it is just a friendly after all. A very badly timed friendly. Whoever thought of putting it right in the middle of the season is just DUMB.

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