here’s something to cheer us up…

Juanín and Álvaro’s videos promoting Pepe’s book!

Do you want to know why my life and that of Pepe Reina are parallel?  Well, you can find out in the book.

Spartans, if you want to know all about what happened during the World Cup, Pepe will tell you.  I hope you enjoy it.


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  1. ¡Spartans! ¡That means take off your shirt, Álvaro!

    These aren’t quite as funny as the first set, but I’ll take anything positive on the La Roja front right now!

    Do you know if the book is actually available yet, or is it still just being “presented”? I’ve been stalking Casa del Libro and the Corte Inglés and Fnac, but there’s nothing thus far…

  2. Where can we buy the book online? Thank you again for your amazing site! :)

  3. Oh, another thing to cheer me (us) up: Portugal 0 – 13 Spain. Sadly, only in FIFA 11 and not in reality. But it’s the thought that counts? And it feels really good.

  4. Oooo, Juan Mata is just endlessly cute. His little smile!

  5. That’s it… it’s official, I have a crush on Juanín!
    (^_^) niño lindo!

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