all set for the battle of Iberia!

Spain trained in the Estádio da Luz in Lisbon yesterday, and it did look more like an actual training session than recess at kindergarten, even if I did choose to post the funner pictures.  Of note during the session:  Pepe from Portugal dropped by to visit his Real Madrid teammates.  Pedro didn’t train due to stomach problems, which started paining him early Tuesday morning, and was sent to a hospital for tests.  Fernando Torres trained normally and will be at the disposal of VDB.  The session ended with the players posing with a sign in support of FIFA 11+’s injury prevention program.  And throughout the day, Fernando Llorente’s teammates made fun of him for how tight his new jersey is.

I guess the line-up given several days ago can still be amended, because the training session didn’t reveal who would start.

Speaking of that, the Portuguese will wear their second kit despite playing at home today, in order to allow Spain to debut their new red shirts.

And Carles Puyol tweeted this pic yesterday!

How cute are the three amigos?  I love how Cesc is pointing at the camera.  I wonder if Cesc and Carles have gotten even closer because of Piqué.


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  1. Funny how they make fun of each other for things we drool over ;) Keep rocking that tight shirt, Llorente!

    Lol, I’m in love with the amigos photo! Next stop: three shirtless amigos. Thanks, Puyi! :D

  2. Ohhh Dios mio that’s so sweet… “meus dois amores” in the first pic… <3 y que sonrisa, que sonrisa, mi once!!! <3 thank you Una!!!

    As to the match with os portugueish, there are two things I expect from it: 1) A big llorentazo and 2) Some stripping. This will be enough to make me happy (although two llorentazos and a lot of stripping would be just perfect).

    Los tres amigos are super cute!!! And it's so sweet of the Portuguese to let Spain show off their new jersey!!

    The bad thing is that I can't watch the game… :( at 21:00 GMT it is midnight where I live, and I just can't let myself stay up at night and then sleep late. But tomorrow I'm sure to see the videos and read your "in case you missed it"!!

  3. “And throughout the day, Fernando Llorente’s teammates made fun of him for how tight his new jersey is.”

    Ooooohh, delicious! Can’t wait to see it. Is Fer starting later?

  4. Pique posted that pic on his facebook, too, with captions in Spanish, Catalan, & English. “With my two best friends. My brothers!” So sweet! And not a thumbs-up to be seen!

    Caption for second picture:
    Xabi: “I’m coming to get you, Busi!”
    Busi: “No, don’t! I have a low pain threshold!”

    Just kidding, I love Busi! ;)

  5. poor pedrito :'( a gastroenteritis is not a simple stuff :'( get well soon

  6. OMG they took an identical one a few months ago, I think… All three of them looking like cute goldfishes in a fishbowl :)

  7. So if they team is wearing the dark blue training wear, does that mean they’ll keep the dark blue away jerseys or are those white ones definitely a go?

  8. Adorable pics! The 3 amigos are the cutest, and I like how they always act like little boys when they are together! And Xabi in a light-hearted moment is also appreciated <3

    Can't wait for the match later!

  9. Geri, Puyi, and Cesc are my favorite football besties! I can see them getting old and still hanging out at 70.

  10. They shouldn’t be mocking Fer, they should follow his example!

    just sayin’ :D

  11. I love love love that pic of the 3 amigos! Their matching expressions are the cutest! <3

    And YAY! The game is in a couple of hours! But I have to admit I was hoping to see the boys wearing their new away kits, because I'm really curious how they're all gonna look in white :D

  12. Is Llorente’s shirt really that tight? In the first picture it looks like there’s still enough fabric to bunch up. CLEARLY not tight enough! :-D But that’s the training top, right, not the jersey? Do we have any photos of Llorente in tight jersey and the making fun thereof?

    That picture of Xabi approaching Busi for some reason makes me think of tickle fights! “I’m gonna come getcha! Tickletickleticklet!” “Aaaa! No! Don’t!! AAAAH!” Don’t ask me how my brain works. (Ticklefight with Xabi, though! Anyone care to join me in that pleasant momentary mental diversion? :) )

    I have no doubt whatsoever that Geri is the connective tissue in that threesome. (There’s usually one in most tripartite friendships, at least initially). And I know we really shouldn’t talk about “controversial” things here, and that club football is not La-Roja-relevant, but — part of me does want Cesc to go back “home” to Barcelona, if only because those three together are THE CUTEST THING EVER!!! I mean, SERIOUSLY. Just look at those faces. They look so HAPPY. Don’t you want them to be that way all the time? Eternal boys’ night out!

  13. Good luck to them, and that last pic of the three amigos is so cute! Like another commenter above, I also want to ask if the away jerseys are also due for a makeover- I like them, I might actually be a little sad to see them go.

  14. awws. what I most like about this team is that you can tell that they do honestly like each other and play together and enjoy working together (unlike some other teams I know *cough*)

    Villa looks like SuperMario with Llorente, who must convince his other teammates to follow his example :DDD

  15. Adorable picture. We need more of this from the others… Sergio and Arbeloa have not been using their Twitters enough!

  16. oh, oh, I watched the game….very…weird for me, it was even a bit paiful to watch, as if the players were not really there. But it’s sometimes good to loose when points do not matter, so the mistakes can be analysed for the future and no harm is done, besides hurt ambition (which hurts as well, but you know what I mean).

    Iker was so angry, so angry – I hope it’s a good sign and it means he will not really let anymore goals in in the nearest future (of course, the goals today were not just his faults, by the mistakes of the team…). Okay, now I am going to the second blog to stare at his wonderful picture!

    • It was very painful to watch. I felt like half of the time they were running around without a real plan in their minds. Thankfully it was only a friendly.

      I was watching in the middle of a class…. I stormed out after the 3rd goal and chucking my pen at the computer screen :( Good idea with staring at Iker pictures, hopefully they will take the pain away ^_^

  17. Ouch. 4-0. I wish the year La Roja had ended on a better note. Iker definitely seemed upset. The defense was porous. But it did seem like the the team didn’t show up or their minds were elsewhere. Then again it was a friendly and as much as the players want to defend their title, right now they’re in the middle of their club seasons, so maybe they didn’t want to get injured, conserve their energy, etc. I’m sure Portugal also wanted to avenge their loss. I agree A., that better to learn lessons when it’s not as important, and that they will grow stronger for it, like the loss to Switzerland.

  18. Wow, Portugal really out played them 4-0. They lost badly to Argentina and they tied Mexico I believe….whats happening to the Champs?

  19. Iniesta posted a status update on Facebook which broke my heart (translated):

    “Painful defeat after a bad game. We have not played well and we have paid the consequences.”

    It’s OK, Andresito, it’s only a friendly. We still love you! :(

    • Iniesta is my father’s favorite player of La Roja, this morning when I told him about the defeat he asked whether Iniesta had played… and he still can’t accept what has happened and says it’s too shameful :( but I admire him for being honest with himself and his fans… and yes, it’s only a friendly, and we still love him and Iker and Capdevila and everyone else, even though they’re not perfect :)

  20. That was the most painful game I’ve watched in a long time. I hope that the players learn from this experience, and that way, I’ll never have to see such a lackluster display ever again!

  21. I think it’s a shame that spain is losing it’s magic lately, yes they win when it counts for the EURO 2012 against small country teams big deal – teams like portugal , argentina are good to beat for the moral and the spirit but not to lose and specially not darn 4 to ZERO like what’s up dudes –

    Last La Roja match of the year and they leave us with a ” bad taste” they had last what 2 matches before the WC in 3 years or whatever and now they lose 2 in 6 weeks – …. things can change quickly from being a winner to going to matches and to play not to lose – they need to come down from cloud 7 and focus and win so they emain unbeaten ntil euro 2012 or else whatwill people say about La Roja then?

  22. the pain from last nights game… I was so sad what happened :’C

  23. didn’t watch the game, but seeing the final score on the news in the morning enough to make me feel gutted. two massive lost in a row. hope they got over the World Cup hangover really quick, and prove to everyone that they too can beat the big teams

    vamos Espana!

    oh, btw, kinda disappointed in Cesc about the whole Pepe situation thing, but he sure is sexy when he gets angry :p

  24. I had a long rant typed-out and just ready to be pasted on here…
    But it was so dreary and dramatic, so I’ll try to keep it short now…

    First, I’m upset, upset that Spain has conceded 4 goals again from, yes, a ‘pointless’ friendly.

    But it no longer feels so pointless… it’s like they haven’t learned from that Argentina thumping a few months ago.

    I’m disappointed ‘cos Spain could not even score a consolation goal despite putting on their strongest players.

    Actually since the WC, Spain haven’t looked their sharpest. Boo.

    And, yes, I’m hurt, because this latest dismal performance would make a lot of people slate La Roja :(

    Perhaps I’m also a little angry — angry at myself for feeling so negative over a friendly that really has no business at this time of the friggin’ year. It’s not as if there’s an international championship soon that players need to warm-up for… and it’s not as if there are new players in the squad that the coaches need to test out onto the field…

    As I’ve said: pointless.

    But still painful :(

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