yesterday’s leftovers

Some photos, anecdotes, curiosities and more fun things from yesterday’s event celebrating the world champions!

– a total of 239 men who have worn the shirt of Spain turned out for the event yesterday.  And 74 years separated the oldest player, Gabriel Sosa (94) from the youngest, Bojan (20).

– there were some big names missing, including Raúl, who didn’t have permission from Schalke to attend; Guti; Guardiola (who was in Oviedo giving a talk); Luis Enrique, Gento…

– there were 46 tables at the lunch.  Santi sat at the table with the 23 champions.

– for the photo, the players were called up by decade, and made to stand on a sticker.

– Jesús Navas was still on crutches.

– Sergio and Arbeloa were seen taking pictures of each other kissing the trophy.  They don’t have enough?

And some pictures I liked.  Iker, while placing the trophy on the stand, looked a bit like he was making a save instead.  Meanwhile, Miguel Reina proudly posed by a picture of his son in the museum of the national team.  Unfortunately, there was no sign of Xabi Alonso’s father, who had appeared 20 times for Spain.  And David and Iker looked quite cute together at the AFE’s press conference.

Plus, a super high res copy of the foto de familia, via SportYou.  Now we can see everyone’s cute little faces (some cuter than others)!

And Pepe Reina was on El Larguero last night!  Among the things he said was that it was a very nice event, that it’s always good to see his teammates and idols (whose cards he collected as a kid) and that he has taken a picture with that many people before, the last time the RFEF gathered everyone together, right before the World Cup.  Pepe also said it was nice to share the experience with his father.

When asked about the Ballon d’Or, he said he hoped Xavi or Iniesta would take the prize home.  He called the new shirts “bonitas” and said they would wear it with a lot of pride.  When the host said it would be even better in four years time when it has two stars, Pepe said he would put one on the front and the other on the back.

And of course, he talked about the book, saying that people would laugh at the experiences in the book, and he hoped they would enjoy it.  The people at the show got an advance copy, and said it talks about his teammates, the road to the World Cup and the World Cup experience itself.  There are also a lot of photos!  Pepe will present the book in Madrid on Nov. 22.

And one more picture of our wonderful team yesterday.  Is the red tie a Barcelona thing (with the exception of VDB)?  And what a great accessory that World Cup is, no?

And a tweet from Juan Mata yesterday, after he abandoned the training camp due to his injury.

Juanín says, “now I have to recover quickly and of course I wish my teammates a lot of luck in the game… let’s end this great year of 2010 on a good note for the national team!

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  1. “When the host said it would be even better in four years time when it has two stars, Pepe said he would put one on the front and the other on the back.” –HELL YES! I like the sound of that!!! ;D

  2. they´re sooo cute together! can´t wait to watch the game tomorrow!
    hey una, do u saw the comic about the world cup?
    i tought it was something amaaazing! but i couldn´t see to much!
    thanks for always keep us informed about la roja!

  3. YouNeverWalkAlone

    Lol Iker just can’t get out of his marvelous goalkeeping reflexes, can he? :'( I wish more people had been there, like Xabi Alonso’s dad and Raúl.

  4. World Cup as an accessory = WIN… World Cup in place of man bag = DREAM!

  5. No, I don’t think the red tie is a Barça thing – most of them are wearing the same grey suit that the SpainNT wore for the WC?

  6. question! why was pepe’s father there? is the group for those who played only for the national team, or is that an association of all spanish football players?

  7. Um Pepe has a red tie too. Isn’t there a book on VDB coming out soon too?

  8. THANKS FOR ALWAYS GIVING US THE 411 ON THE BOYS!!!!!!! =D … from the looks of it every1 is saying either Xavi or Iniesta … will be the winners…. hope that is true…

  9. Iker also looks like he’s doing ballet, it’s a cute picture though, as is the foto de familia (Fernando and Xabi standing together? OOOF). But I’m sorry Raúl, Guti, Guardiola and others missed the event- having so many current and former members of La Roja together is quite an awesome feat.

  10. hi,
    thanks for the round up.
    do you know where in madrid pepe is presenting the book on the 22nd? :)

  11. I wonder why some of the guys are looking off to the side…in both pictures?

    And our beloved Sergio in the foto de familia…one of the very few who are actually smiling in this picture. And he has classic Sergio smile at that! Love this guy! :D

  12. “- Sergio and Arbeloa were seen taking pictures of each other kissing the trophy. They don’t have enough?”

    if it were me, i’d take as make photos with the cup as often as I could too!

    thanks for sharing all these ‘left overs’! i do appreciate hearing all about the little extras…

  13. Seriously, how cute are Sergio and Alvaro taking pics of each other?! Love them all so much! <3

  14. Maybe Sergio and Alvaro’s posing again is for Twitter.

    I cannot wait to get my copy of Peps’s book!!!!!

  15. It’s a lovely gesture to have Santi sit with the 23 campeones. He would likely have been among them were it not for the his very unfortunate injury, so I’m glad he’s still considered part of the fold!

    You keep it classy, Spain.

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