who’s next?

Which of our internationals will be the next one to wear this Adidas trash bag jacket?

David Villa actually modeled this jacket in a photo shoot with Adidas (Sergio Canales wore it too).

Meanwhile, Xavi turned up in it during the launch of his new boots in Barcelona a couple of days ago (why does his look extra shiny?  Well, we all know he likes shine), and this photo of Borja Valero and Santi Cazorla (why did they put them in the same jacket) accompanied an interview they did last week.

Since it’s an Adidas jacket, it’ll be one of the following players who are endorsed by the company: Fernando Llorente, Álvaro Arbeloa, Javi Martínez (I can see it), David Silva (same) or Carlos Marchena.

I do not see Xabi Alonso it in it.  He was probably asked to wear it for the photo shoot and politely declined.

It just wasn’t boss enough.  Update: he has worn it (see comments) but covered it up.  Or rather, the stylist did.


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  1. I can’t ever imagine Xabi Alonso wearing this jacket. If he ever does, there will be tears. Haha.

  2. Villa is such a model! And there are no words to describe Xavi’s smile. The world stops turning for a second.

  3. Ugh, how badly are they trying to sell this jacket?!

    Santi! :D He’s slowly becoming one of if not my favourite munchkin of the bunch!

  4. Why does Xavi’s look extra shiny? I was thinking that too… I almost screamed when I saw him on TVE1 wearing that… thing. I also noticed that in some older pics from eg the Ballon d’Or galas he had the same _shiny_ suit on that he had in Oviedo. Oh man… I bet he has money enough to buy one (1) suit that is not so overwhelmingly shiny?

  5. Oh and I’ve seen some online stores sell adidas stuff like this for _free_. Yes, free. Stuff made from the same black plastic material…

  6. YouNeverWalkAlone

    LOL this is random, but my favorite person who wore it was Sergio Canales. (yes I know hes not on La Roja) and my second favorite was David Villa

  7. Ugh, you have no idea how much I hate this jacket. It just looks cheap.

  8. Thx for sharing the Xabi fotos. Wow.

  9. ok … i love them … & the always look very “fashionable” but the jacket is ugly…maybe if it didnt have that pocket on the chest..it be ok…but i personally dont like it… & Xavi .. well what can I say … its Xavi … he by far is “Mi Consentido” … dont know why … but he is… their is something about him that i cant put my finger on it??? & my mom too… she loves him…

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