the new shirt – the commercial

While watching the first 30 seconds or so of this commercial, I kept thinking, those marketing people at Adidas are genius!!!  I love them!  WHAT A CAMPAIGN!!!

After all, these were the images.  Beautiful, no?  The images and the boys.

And then, the next 30 seconds happened.  And that I didn’t really like.  Have a look for yourself – I won’t spoil it – and let me know what you think!


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  1. I love the first part of the video. You picked out the best gifs from the video :). The second part, I did not like!

  2. Well I wasn’t expecting *that*! @@

  3. Eeew gross.

  4. Oh, that’s just… ick. It was going to well. And then… ew. Ew. Ew. Totally unexpected and totally unwarranted, Addidas!

    (Although OH MY GOD would I love to have been the makeup artist who applied the fake-skin stuff to them!)

  5. The second-half visuals were … huh. But I guess that’s to counter the girl-centered first half?

    And poor Xabi. Is he only ever going to be “That One Guy Who Got Kicked in the Chest in the World Cup Final”?

  6. Yeah, the first part is breathtaking, the close-ups are dreamy and hot. The second part is kinda creepy, though. I see what they were going for and the concept is ok for me, but someone messed something up with the visual aspect of it, this taking away of the skin, eeeh. I mean, they could have used this idea but make it better -looking so it would not be so creepy.

  7. I was totally creeped out by the ripping off skin part : (
    I don’t really like the new design tbh. It’s just, too much imo. But I might still get it since it’s a special edition with the world cup emblem on it.
    Is there also an Euro champion emblem on it?

  8. ummm… creeped out by the skin shedding…..I’ll watch just ONE more time ;)
    But seriously I get what they were going for but it should have been done in such a different way….maybe have the skin disappear on its own, the weird pulling just grossed me out…especially the first part Llorente did, I was like “WTF are you doing?!” because it just stretched and stretched before it came off!!! ewwww…

    But as for the stills, OMG Llorente’s eyes!!!! Jeez he looks almost blind but they’re beautiful!

  9. Love the shirt! Don’t like the skin ripping!

  10. Not a big fan of the skin-peeling, but I don’t mind replaying the first 30 seconds over and over and over and over and over and over again. :)

  11. First part: Very fangirl-friendly (more than friendly.. it’s dynamite for us) ♥

    Second part: Uhhhh.. Cannibal friendly?

    Last part: Kit collector friendly.. they all look good in their new kits..

  12. I agree, the first part is better, the second is a little gross…. though Llorente’s blue eyes make up for that, they are like ice with a secret flame inside… And one more thing… guess what I imagine looking at this photo: I know I’ll never see Capdevila in this type of commercials, but at least I can dream… anyway, he’s got just the perfect eyes and sensuality for this.

  13. if it ‘comes from within’ then i think they should have just made it look like body-paint morphing out from their pores… rather than the awkward-looking CGI-thingie as the skin was torn off… just saying ;-)

    anywho, nice concept still.

    • That would’ve been nice! Way better than this. I think you have a career as an advertising designer. (Or these guys are about to get fired. Either way.)

      • lol…that was more from a fan-gurrly impulse than anything else…

        i don’t know how they’ll go about “making” the body-paint come out though…

        will villa work up a fierce bitchface to conjure it out of his body?
        maybe llorente will flex his pecs and biceps hulk-like to make it ooze out..?

        and i’m stumped at what classy xabi could possibly do…

        as it stands, i can *now* understand why the action of this skin-shredding has its merit… it looks more bad-ass hehehe

      • “and i’m stumped at what classy xabi could possibly do… ”

        –Xabi would definitely brush off his shoulders to reveal HIS jersey!

      • oh yah… i can totally picture that! brushing off his shoulders then sneaking in a smoldering, heavy-lidded look from under his brows as the paint spreads slowly all over his chest! haha!

        eye candy overload… *sigh*

  14. *lol* Georgina S. … i thought at the end you were going to put … its a video for everyone & anyone… but i agree … i get the concept that their shirt/representing Spain … is their second skin… but its kinda gross but cool at the same time…. when they ripped the skin out…. but it is very well done…& i was kinda laughing at the faces they were doing when they are “ripping their skin” …. & i agree Llorente has piercing eyes…

  15. Well this commercial is really good and really hot! Well done Adidas!!! The jersey is good too… I already miss the old jersey but I think I’ll get used to this.

  16. First part was like “Oh my God, I’m in Heaven!!*__*”, flashback part was like “Oh, I’m so glad I was able to see the game!! =D”, but the part with the skin-ripping was like “What the hell? O__ô” It looks really strange.

    But anyway, the concept was nice.

    And yes, Xabi will always be the one who got kicked in the chest. Just like Materazzi and Zidane with the head-butt incident.

  17. Whoever made the executive decision to spray down Fernando Llorente, I salute you.

    The second half of the commercial, I could definitely live without.

  18. All in all – Great commercial. The ladies get to see hot bods, the guys get creepy skin ripping. And, yes, I, too, would like to have the hot ‘baller skin sculptor job myself, or even the sweaty looking skin water sprayer/photographer’s assistant/etc. Sure beats retail sales associate.

  19. Can someone who speaks better Spanish than me confirm, is this supposed to be a literalisation of the phrase “dejarse la piel”? E.g. “nos dejaremos la piel para volver al final”? (Iniesta said that once in one of the ads he made for Barcelona.) Is that what they’re doing, leaving their skin… on the floor of the studio?

    English has something of a parallel in the phrase “played out of their skins” to indicate that they played hard… and then there’s also the idiom “I left it all out there” (on the stage of American Idol, or on the football field)… so I take it that you could first play out of your skin, and then leave said skin out there on the pitch?

  20. Kinda gross, kinda cool. Luv how the camera catches a few of them laughing!! Awesome eye-fest for las chicas!!

  21. ok, ewwww. eww,eww,ewww!!!

    never what i’d imagine myself saying at any point of that ad.

  22. I rly like the whole commercial even the skin ripping part I think they did it well except the skin was a lil too elasticky but other than that I get wat theyr wer Doin n I wasn’t grossed out by it at all

    The new shirt is growing on I rly lik the blue across the ribs it’s lik directin u to a certain area lol the negative of their new shirts is no more navy blue away shirts :'( cescy looked his best in the long sleeved lik during the WC final ah that’s really a shame :(

  23. Whoa. What the hell was that O.o …

    But honestly, I like the message they were sending: the Spanish kit is like their second skin, and that obviously shows the loyalty, love and dedication they have for their country. That being said, there was seriously no need for me to wake up this morning and see Llorente pull his nipple off..Really..

    However, I can’t even begin to describe how mesmerizing Xabi’s sweaty torso is. Well done, Adidas, well done *round of applause*. And thank you Una for the, uhh, elaborate gifs ;D.

    • “That being said, there was seriously no need for me to wake up this morning and see Llorente pull his nipple off..Really..” OMG LMAO!!! Your comments are crazy but I love them ;D

  24. hmmm the second part?? that was a bit disgusting

  25. Honestly, the second part of the video would’ve been a lot less gross if the graphics were done better. It all just looked so fake. But I think theoretically, it was a really good idea, it just didn’t have as good an execution as it should have had.

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