such nostalgia!

I don’t know if it’s good (that I’m such a big fan of La Roja) or bad (that I’m old enough to have done this) that I recognized the majority of the Spanish internationals (well, the ones that can walk without assistance and still have most of their hair) in these pictures from the RFEF of the players mingling.  And I might have squealed a little bit each time I saw someone that added to the nostalgia that I’m feeling!

Here is my selection from the gallery; as you can see, for you all I’ve chosen the players you should recognize, even if you’re just a casual La Roja fan.

My favorite is the first one – Pepe and his dad Miguel!!!  How cute are they???  My second favorite is the one of players that play in the province of Valencia, especially for Bruno’s shiny suit and Marcos Senna!  Plus, Aritz is looking quite hot back there!

I do a “Xabi Alonso pose section™” over on the game recap (aka ICYMI) posts over on the Madrid blog, and this picture of Xabi is PERFECT for it.  Look how great he looks, and how at ease he is.  That’s hard.  Plus, I’m liking the sweater vest.  It makes me think of Xabi as a professor, and there are one or two things that I have in mind that I’d like him to teach me.


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  1. i agree … my fav pic is that of Pepe Reina & his dad… to cute… & Xabi Alonso looks like he was doing a photo shoot … & thos other guys where just photoshoped in … & loved Marsenna (thats what i call Marcos Senna) … & is it me or does Xavi always greet people like that pose??? cause i swear i either seen it in another pic OR a video…

  2. Agreed. Pepe and his dad are too adorable! So is Nando <3. And Xabi, always so effortlessly classy. How does he do it?

    That is quite a smoldering look Mata's giving, no? lol

  3. awww, Pepe and his dad, how sweet!

    Very enjoyable pictures. Xabi – like a boss, as always! He’ll never stop to amaze me! (he even elegantly ripped his skin off in this dramatic ending part of the video advertising the new t-shirts posted earlier today)

  4. Aww…its always nice to see the boys in suits..ALWAYS!(especially my Valencia Boys!!Lovely!) :)

  5. Aaaahhhhh Senna!

    I kind of have an inexplicable love for Senna. And glasses! (Really not feeling the shiny suit on Bruno, though. Time for fashion counselling!)

    Pepe and his dad are SO CUTE, down to their matching haircuts!

    Juanín is looking pretty boss in that shot – he must be taking notes from Xabi, huh?

  6. OMG I have been following Spain since my first WC in 86 and it is amazing to see all the players recognized. All the memories and suffering comes back, but it’s all good now. I love that the RFEF put this together, because of the talent from the past and present, and the coaches from today, have all made this possible. Enhorabuena!

  7. Aw man, Pepe and his dad = love! Was there a matching Xabi-and-his-dad photo of the Alonsos?

    Xabs is looking FIIIINE, btw, in that v-neck sweater. Rrowr. But everyone else is also looking wonderful too! What a happy occasion.

  8. YouNeverWalkAlone

    Lol I feel bad to say this, but I’m a La Roja newbie compared to you guys, only since the Eurocopa. I only really recognized the players from those years. It’s really awesome tho :)
    Xabiiii ahhh and Fernando Torres ahhhhh

    Anyway, Do you know if Raúl attended the event?

  9. Xabi looks great as always. *_*
    Oh, and speaking of Xabi looking like a professor, recently I had a dream about him being my history teacher and helping me scrape through my final exams. Complete in English and with his incredibly cute Spanish accent (and that is quite creepy, since my actual native language is German…)
    Whatever, he’s awesome.

    And I’m sad that Raúl wasn’t allowed to be there… I’m still a little bit mad at real Madrid for selling him.

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