first look: the new shirt

The new shirt is here, and with all the goodies showing that we are the champions of the world!  What do you think?

When I first saw it, I didn’t like it too much (I wasn’t sure about those blue lines down the sides), but when Fernando Llorente, David Villa and Xabi Alonso are modeling it, it looks 100 times better!  And it does indeed look like Fernando is wearing the tight version!  Hopefully more players will follow his and Javi’s examples…

Anyway, the yellow line on the neck is supposed to bring to mind the Spanish flag, and inside the neck, it says “campeones del mundo 2010.”  See a close-up here.

The players will wear this shirt for the game against Portugal.


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  1. This was the Adidas promotion for the shirt. If you’re still alive after the first 38 seconds…you’re probably not human.

  2. Thanks Una! Is the emblem on the left of being World Cup champions?

    I just watched the Adidas video, muy caliente with the players still shirtless for most of the video :). Although I’m not sure if I cared for how they ended up with the new shirt on at the end of it. But you’re right, them modeling it makes it all the better!

    • Actually, I like the older one better. I don’t care for the blue lines either. Or at least not on the shoulders with the yellow, the older version made it look more like the Spanish flag (red and yellow) instead of the red, yello and blue. Do the other winners of the World Cup also have the FIFA emblem on their shirts?

  3. Ehhhhhhh. I don’t like it all that much.
    It’s those blue lines! :O

    I like the old one a lot better. I was all, I’m gonna get myself the new one for Christmas, but I’ll stick with the one I have.

    Do you know what the goalkeeper one looks like? Maybe I’ll like that one better. :)

  4. I must say I’m not crazy about the shirt but these three can defnately pull it off…

  5. eeeew!
    Don’t like them at all!!

  6. The shirt is ok.. not bad, but not great. It’s better if they were just playing without any shirt on, full-on skin.

    And speaking of skin, the entire ad for the new kit is a bit creepy from 0:39-1:00, which is the “ripping skin” part. I loved the one after they were shirtless and close-up where you can see the “sweat” (we know it’s just water sprinkled on them..Ü) dripping down their bodies.

    I love how Fer’s is still tight and he’s sooo rocking it. ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. mmm…this shirt…not sure if those blue lines will grow on me or not…I like the shoulder pad thingies though and I wouldnt mind the blue lines if they werent so long and came out so far in the front. Even if it was just a blue armpit it wouldnt look so bad…

    I keep putting my thumb up to my screen to cover them up and it looks so much better! lol

  8. doesn’t really look like a total makeover to sort of herald a new phase in La Roja after the WC…. and yet whatever changes were put on (excluding the WC ’emblem’) — am not too hot about.

    all i can say is that i’m gonna terribly miss that dark blue away kit … :-(

    • Huh? Is dark blue away kit going away? What are they going to wear when they are not the home team? I liked that one better than their home kit….

      • i think when the home jersey’s changed, the rest follow suit, so yeah i think the dark blue’s not gonna be used anymore (unless they stick with it and just put on the new emblem + star on it then that’d be cool!)

        but i just found this so…

        not too bad, i think…

      • I liked the dark blue kit as well. I guess looking back at a lot of the goals they scored in the WC, they were wearing it. Villa’s goal in the game against Chile, Iniesta’s goal in the final. I for some reason thought they looked hotter in the dark blue than the red. The new away kit isn’t so bad. Since it’s white, and if it rains… we can see some abs, especially in the tight shirts like Llorente wears. I wonder if the shorts are red.

      • yup, that’s how i feel too about their dark blue kit… i mean, i haven’t been able to watch it, but they looked SO good when they debuted it in their france friendly. it looks more regal on them! and like you, i kinda associate it with good matches for them :)

        oh well, let’s just hope these new kits would bring them lots of luck too!

  9. Ohh it’s not that bad. I’m certain that we’ll all end up liking it sooner or later. I don’t mind the blue lines on the sides, but I just can’t stand the ones framing the yellow lines on the shoulders :S

    Hah, imagine if they let the fans design the shirts. I would just cut holes where the abs and pecks are, and ban all usage of shorts, of course. :)

  10. The first half of the ad made me stop breathing. Then the skin-rippage shocked me back into a normal rhythm again. A weird ad, but… on balance I’ll take it, because the first 30 secs are THAT HOT.

    What I do NOT like though: the new kits! Not thrilled with the bright blue, and especially do not like the way the shoulder strips stop halfway down the sleeve instead of continuing down. It looks like they’ve been stuck on, like sticky notepads or bandaids.

    (Not gonna lie, when I saw the new kit in the last ad, i went online and ordered the navy away kit immediately. I like that much better than this one, even if it doesn’t have the star — I had been holding out for one with the star, but looks like I can’t afford to wait any longer. I think it arrives today!)

  11. YouNeverWalkAlone

    XP I don’t like it! I liked their Confederations Cup jerseys, those were the best!

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