a foto, an award and more on the shirt!

The other events of the big celebration at Las Rozas today included the foto de familia, the AEFI award and the presentation of the new camiseta.  Plus, some other things of interest…

One. First, the photo.  The theme was, “thanks to everyone, our dream came true.”

That’s a lot of players, no?  The World Cup looks so minuscule!

The World Cup winning team is clustered in the center of the third and fourth rows.  I like how most of them wore red ties!  And why was Raúl Albiol wearing a very pale tie?  Sergio and Javi opted for dark shirts, and yay, Jesús is there!  And now, I have to go rest my eyes because I’ve been squinting at the picture for about five minutes, trying to see who else I can recognize (Madrid fans, can you spot Aitor Karanka?).  I hope the RFEF provides a bigger version of this picture.

Here’s a photo of the current players (not all; the photo should have been wider) but we get to see our favorites a bit clearer.  I said I loved the red ties, and I also love Cesc’ purple one!  And of course, Albiol has his eyes closed at the moment the photo was taken.  It doesn’t surprise me at all!  Meanwhile, David Villa looks the same.  His expression never changes, no matter the event, though he might have smiled a little, for a brief instant, when he was holding the World Cup, on Fernando Llorente’s shoulders.  Plus, it looks like Iker’s back in his favorite gray suit again, the one he wore to Oviedo for the Prince of Asturias awards and to the Real Madrid Foundation gala.

Two. Then, Iker Casillas picked up the AEFI (Spanish Association of International Footballers) award on behalf of the 23 champions, which he said is shared with “all those who came before us.”  The president of the association, one Alfredo Di Stéfano (maybe you’ve heard of him), said “it’s extraordinary.  It’s a spectacular success for a country so into football like Spain.  I congratulate everyone and we’re very happy with their achievement.”

Three. Then there was the presentation of the new shirt!  Unfortunately, the players didn’t strip like they did in the commercial, but they were very good models (really, there isn’t anything they’re not good at, no?).  It’s just too bad that only those players endorsed by Adidas got to be models.

We’ve already talked a lot about the new shirt, so let’s hear what the players have to say (there was nothing unexpected).

Xavi said it was “comfortable, pretty and very important, since it has the star and the escudo.”  Meanwhile, Santi declared, “it’s an honor to wear it.”  Xabi Alonso added, “we hope to have a good debut with the shirt.”  Javi Martínez was a bit more philosophical, saying, “there are no friendlies when you wear this shirt.”  Silva mumbled expressed his hopes that “it will bring us the same luck.”  And Fernando Llorente and Carlos Marchena echoed Santi and each other in saying, “wearing this shirt is an honor.”  And finally, David Villa expressed, “our goal is to wear it with pride.”

Love the matching shoes!  Poor Silvi; he really looked like an enano between the giants Javi and Fernando (who – ¡¡¡sí!!! – were wearing the tight shirts).  Another observation: Santi was the only one to tuck his shirt in.

Four. Earlier, FIFA president Joseph Blatter presented Spain with the new escudo that they can now wear on their shirts (as seen above) as world champions.  In his speech, he said, “I’m proud to present the team with the emblem.  It’s not a gift, it’s a responsibility… Spain was the best team in South Africa and it was a team that clearly showed it knew how to play football.  It wasn’t a surprise to me that Spain became the champion, because they’ve done great work over the years with the youth teams.  As president of FIFA, I’ll say that for the next four years, we have a just champion of the world.”

Five. In injury news, Fernando Torres will continue on with the team after getting checked out by doctors – he had strained a ligament in his ankle while playing against Stoke City.  The doctors believe he’s recovering enough to stay on.  And Juan Mata will also be examined by doctors to see how he’s doing.


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  1. I’m quealing with absolute glee upon seeing Fernando Llorente and Javi Martinez in their tight kits.

    Wow, you have to be really good in spotting people to recognize who’s who is that picture. It’s a good thing that the Spanish World Cup-winning team is in the clustered in the middle part of the picture.

    Poor, and at the same time cute, Silva, being placed between Fer and Javi like that (hope it was me) because he looked really minuscule.

    • Oops, it should have been squealing, forgot the s. Guess being happy makes you giddy when presented with these things, especially on your birthday week. :-)

  2. This is so cool!
    I only found the current team in the big picture because I recognized Pique first! lol

  3. …is that Aitor in the top row, 3rd from the right?….lol I may have lessened my eyesight trying to find and name all the player I could in this pic!

  4. so i’m guessing Xavi, Puyi, Pique, Busi, Pedrito << for min i thought it was all the Barca Boys… Vicente Del Bosque .. Pepe Reina..& almost Victor Valdes his tie looks lil dark shade of red… all decide to be matching… now lets play a game who wore it better?? *lol*

    & ok is it me or in the pic does Andres Iniesta look like he has long hair ???
    & i also like Sergio Ramos look dark suit & shirt … with that blue tie … he look good…

    yea pobre del Pony … also Pedrito … cause in the last pic you can see he is between Llorente & Alvaro…which helps me alot to relize how short i am … because if Pedrito is about 5'6 & Alvaro is about 6'0 it = me 5'3 standing next to Xavi/Iniesta/Silva who are about 5'7 …

    • Actually, that would put 6 inches between Pedro and Alvaro, and only 4 inches between you and the bajitos! Try standing next to Cesc — he’s 5’9, so 6 inches taller than your 5’3. :-)

      (I’m 5 feet tall. I could totally wear heels out on a date with Xavi and he would still be able to feel very tall. Actually, I think that should be my value proposition when I approach him on the matter!)

  5. sighhhhh….

  6. I’ve been waiting for this post.

    Now on all the things, I have to say, Nando looks adorable as usual. Was Xabi Alonso’s father there? And I don’t like Andres Iniesta’s suite at all!

  7. Amazing post! I still can’t believe they’ve all reunited for this event – it shows that this is really special.
    Can’t wait for high res pictures… btw – anyone spotted Raúl?

  8. You’re kidding, right? Everyone knows who Alfredo Di Stéfano is. Right? (please don’t tell me I’m wrong)

  9. Lol Bruno took over the high gloss suit look from Xavi? Gotta love it. Awesome stuff Una, gracias bella.

  10. I see Fernando Hierro aaaand I think Fernando Morientes?

  11. Todos estan super lindos!! It’s a shame they didn’t strip… but I still hope for some stripping after the game against Portugal ;) Now I understand why they chose the players they did – it’s all a matter of sponsoring companies… anyway, thank you so much for all the photos and videos!!! <3

    "(really, there isn’t anything they’re not good at, no?)"
    I think there is something… I suppose most of them (those who've never played abroad) aren't really good at speaking English… but they must be exceptionally good at speaking broken English ;) I can imagine they are extremely sexy when they speak it.

    Crackdevila is very handsome in his suit (as ever), but he needs a haircut ;)

  12. Aww the group photo looks great! I just want to big-bear hug the old guys in the front row! XD As for our current team: looking as tasty as ever!

    I’ll reiterate a previous comment of mine and say that the bajitos should NEVER be photographed next to the tallies!..but Silva still looks cute ;).

    Aah, I hope Nando and Mata are doing okay. I saw Juanin get his knee iced after being subbed out the other day :(

  13. Found this video…..I love how at the 0:13 mark Sergio is like “Dude did you get the picture yet?” lol Alvaro is soooo doing it on purpose! ;D

    • Sergio super “coqueto”… love that sidelong glance ;))) <3 Llorente, Dios with his sunny smile – no, he's the sun itself, the 1.94 m tall sun of La Roja :))… and Capi, super macho and super caliente, with his absolutely perfect combination of ruggedness and sensuality ;)

    • Lol! The way he shifted his eyes towards Alvaro was priceless! Love this man :D

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