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Three of our footballers were named in magazine Don Balón‘s top five most “guapo” footballers/coaches poll this week (Iker won the “award” last year, so he wasn’t eligible this year).  Fernando Llorente placed second, Xabi Alonso fourth and Gerard Piqué fifth.  First place was taken by Aitor Ocio (Athletic) and third place by Dani Osvaldo (Espanyol).

And one player who didn’t make the cut, though he did make it to the final round, was Sergio Ramos, who talks about the national team here.

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  1. What?! Ohh not Aitor! I understand why he won, it’s pretty obvious. But for me personally, he’d be a lot further down the list. I would’ve loved it if Xabi won with Pique as a close second.

    And seriously, no Ramos? Did those people’s brain cells suddenly implode before announcing the results? >:(

  2. Well, those people are still just people and have their tastes. For me personally, Aitor is too metrosexual (I never liked this type, not even when I was 18), and Sergio is just not my type although he does have a great body and a nice smile (I can say the same about Pique)… For me, masculine beauty is not just appearance, it’s something else… that’s why I often like the “not the most acclaimed” ones, like Capdevila or Rui Costa ;)

  3. I agree, K, it does come down to tastes.

    I do find it interesting that Pique didn’t win. When I saw the rankings about a week or so ago, Pique was in front by a lot. But I guess the “16 distinguished sports journalists” thought otherwise.

    I love how Google Translate wants to translate names as regular words too:
    ocio = leasure,
    pique = itch
    torres = towers
    casillas = squares

    It’s hard enough trying to make sense of their translations but translating names makes it worse (and funny at times too) :p

    • ahaha that’s cute ;) and Llorente comes from “laurel” (the tree) is the same last name as Lawrence in English, Laurent in French, Lorenzo in Italian and Lourenço in Portuguese ;) thus, Fernando and Yves Saint Laurent have almost the same last name… ;)

    • Yep! We’re also all familiar with the Madrid players Peter Lion and Sergio Channels, right? Not to mention the very famous singer July Churches. :-)

      • What about Madrid players Sergio Branches and Stephen Granary, singer Calm Sunday, and Joseph Queen and John Shrub (and Sergio Biscuits) from La Roja?

      • *dies* I didn’t know his name translated to Shrub! That is totally appropriate seeing as how he’s so little. :-D Can we please call Juanin John Shrub from now on???

      • (Also, on a COMPLETELY-irrelevant-to-La-Roja note: now I’m imagining a potential collaboration opportunity between Placido Domingo and U2. They could have him sing Sunday Bloody Sunday. Is it calm? Is it bloody? WHO KNOWS?! *head explodes*)

  4. No Torres? I can’t understand this…

  5. I definitely think that the right man won, and I approve of most of the others as well. Though, seriously, Piqué?

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