and yet another incredible gesture

If you needed another reason to love this team (you probably don’t, if you’re here reading this blog), here it is:  yesterday, Andrés Iniesta ceded to Espanyol the shirt he wore under his World Cup final jersey, the one made famous when he scored the goal and whipped off his jersey, the one dedicated to his good friend Dani Jarque, the one that showed the world that Dani Jarque had not been forgotten.

The shirt will form part of the mural dedicated to Dani at gate 21 (he had worn the number 21 jersey) of Espanyol’s Cornellà-El Prat stadium.  In return, the club honored Andrés with their gold and diamond insignia, and the Catalan Federation of Espanyol Peñas gave him a silver insignia as a gesture of gratitude.

In declarations at the act, a visibly emotional Andrés said, “I give thanks to Espanyol.  It was hard for me to give away this shirt, but I think this is the best place it can be.  I scored the goal, but Dani will always be the one remembered.”  Espanyol’s president Daniel Sánchez Llibre, meanwhile, said of Iniesta: “He’s a crack.  It’s true that this gesture is difficult to believe, but it’s the reality.  He’s a great footballer, and I’m sure that when he leaves the sport, he’ll still be very much loved by Espanyol and by football.”

Watch a video here.

What a grand gesture by Andrés Iniesta.

The shirt looks so tiny, no?


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  1. Andres Iniesta may be a bajito, but he towers over others as a king amongst men.

  2. and, – don’t let’s ever forget, – the one for which he got a yellow card.

  3. This man is 100% pure class. There will never be another Iniesta, and I feel so lucky to be seeing him in his best years. Legend.

  4. amazing man<3

  5. A true class act.

  6. Impossible not to love him!

  7. Awesome gesture by Andrew!

    I’ve been wondering about this expression: “He’s a crack. “. I keep coming across that expression in Spanish Football circles. What exactly does it mean? Is it equivalent to us saying in English “He’s a superstar”?

  8. This gentle man is simply the best. In every way.

  9. How amazing. I read about this earlier today but couldn’t get the video to work however I’ve just seen it from this link now. Iniesta just keeps impressing me more and more. What a beautiful gesture.

  10. I love this guy! Seems so humble & down to earth. What a great honor to the memory of his friend.

  11. Can someone explain what “que crack” means?

  12. Andres is truly such a wonderful person!

  13. So sweet of him, and I think he managed to make almost everyone watching forget that he’d be carded for it -I don’t even remember seeing the card shown on TV, the cameras were too focused on the group hug/crying Iker!

    And yes, it looks tiny. Those must be some good waterproof markers he used on the shirt, since I assume he had it cleaned first before handing it over (the final would have been sweaty, to put it mildly).

  14. What a truly grand gesture by a truly grand man.

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