best campaign EVER

Got your attention?  Good.  The marketing people at Adidas are genius.*  Check out their campaign to promote the new shirt of La Roja, which will be presented on Monday.

The players say, “this shirt is history.”

Take note, GilletteThis is how you use Xabi Alonso.

* though I wouldn’t mind if they told the players just to stand around with their shirts off.  That would be an effective campaign as well.


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  1. Lama,

    You’re so cute. You know who makes me feel this way? Hope Solo.

  2. Wow, that’s EXACTLY what I expected!! Some striptease… ;) My intuition didn’t fail me… A great sexy campaign. Thank you Adidas marketing people, and thank you Una for posting this!! <3

  3. (never mind that sergio’s nike-sponsored [i think]…) but i guess him, his abs, and his body tats would induce hormone-overload if included here…

  4. OHMYGOSH. O.o

    this should definitely come with a warning or something! I seriously cant breathe looking at the pic and the gifs! i’ve yet to watch the vid but im pretty sure it’ll be the death of me!!!!! *spazzes*

  5. Looks to me like the Adidas marketing people have been visiting your blog Una…smart people!

  6. Seriously, best campaign ever. Now I can watch Llorente, Villa and Xabi, take their shirts off over and over again. Adidas gets an epic win for this!

  7. Mhhhh!!! but why only three of them?
    the shirt may be history but i’m still very proud to have one, star included!!!! :) :) :)

  8. I…I…I…need…to see this in a giant HD version ASAP!

    Holy crap on a cracker! I’m just going to sit here and stare at this all day.

  9. I am dead right now.
    I mean….this is just…overload. I love it. :D

  10. good job, Adidas, good job. *nods*

  11. awesome! I need this shirt for Xmas!!

  12. so they will play shirtless till Nov. 15th??? *drool*

  13. I’m sorry, I think I just had a heart attack.

    *off to replay this about 15,000 more times*

  14. OH MY GOD… *swoon*

  15. YES.

    THIS is how you advertise with La Roja.

    See? I don’t even know what they’re selling and I want to buy it. Lots of it.

    (Though I do love how Llorente has to stand WAY back so that they all look almost the same height!)

  16. One has to love the people who are responsible for finding La Selección endorsement deals. That video they did before the Euro, where they wrote on their naked torsos, and now this. There is definitely a Football God.

    *wipes drool off keyboard*

  17. i think it would be better if all 23 … of them were doing it…but i guess i have 2 settle for 3 … :( … what a cruel world that we live in… & why dont they play shirtless??? well…..when its not cold …. *lmao* ;-P

    • I agree, 3 is not enough, I’d prefer all 23 too :(( I’d like, at least, another promo clip, with Capdevila, Sergio and Puyol entering the scene shirtless and putting on the new La Roja jerseys ;))

  18. OH MY GOD!!!!
    GO adidas! :)

    now i can stare at Xabi’s chest over and over again. THANK YOU!

  19. Can we, like, not have the new shirts presented, ever?

  20. llorente’s upper body looks so powerful. :) i do wish xabi stood with a more powerful stance (shoulders back, chest out, tummy in)

  21. That caught me totally unprepared. And caused a five minutes black-out.



    Yup, I think I can die as a happy girl now.
    Thanks, Una!! =D

  22. I can’t stop watching! *drools*
    Clever campaign, very clever…

  23. first this is MAGICAL!!! the marketing is GENIUS!
    but i noticed that llorente’s shirt wasnt super tight which is off because thats how he wears it but i kno that it would b harder to remove and much much slower ;)

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