La Roja news roundup

Not much going on in the world of La Roja lately, but here is a bit of news!

One. The Madrid Football Federation held its awards gala last night, and several members of La Roja were honored.

Seven members of the World Cup-winning team with ties to Madrid received gold insignias – Iker, Sergio, Xabi, Álvaro, Raúl Albiol, Fernando Torres and Pepe (the ties come from either playing for a team in Madrid or for being from Madrid, and in the case of one, both).  Iker accepted the insignias on behalf of his six absent teammates.

Meanwhile, La Rojita and Atleti keeper David de Gea received a Puma golden boot award for being the best player in the community of Madrid last season, and Vicente del Bosque received the gold and diamond insignia.  David presented Iker with his award (the pobrecito was so nervous with the pinning that in the end, the president of the federation had to finish the job for him), and VDB presented David with his award.  Iker, meanwhile, had received the golden boot award 10 years ago.

Iker said, “it’s a very nice award and I thank the Federation for it; they’ve always treated me very well.”  Poor Iker, at the rate he’s receiving awards, he’s going to have holes in all his blazers/jackets soon!

Two. Jesús Navas was operated on his left ankle on Thursday and discharged on Friday.  His period of recovery is expected to be six weeks.  Go here to see a video of Jesús taking a “lift” down the stairs and leaving the hospital in the worst outfit ever – yes, even worse than his outfit to the Sevilla gala.  It really is incredibly bad in so many ways (my favorite part is how the two “sevens” don’t even match in the way they’re written).

Three. An update on the bonuses the players are expected to receive for winning the World Cup.  As reported earlier, each player is supposed to take home €600,000, which has not been paid out yet.  The Federation is at the moment considering paying the players in South Africa, since that’s where they “earned” the money.  Spain and South Africa have a double taxation agreement, and if the money is paid out in South Africa, taxes on it will be lower than if it were paid out in Spain, 21% vs. 43%.  In other words, the players will receive €474,000 for South Africa, €342,000 for Spain.

The players will in addition receive a gift from the Federation, a watch worth €18,000, which they’ll receive the next time they get together.  In previous years, the gifts included televisions and computers.

Four. VDB will announce his list for the Portugal friendly on Friday, Nov. 12.  The game, on Nov. 17, will be the last national team game this year, and we’ll have to wait until March 2011 to see La Roja again, when they resume qualifying for the 2012 Eurocopa on March 25 against the Czech Republic.


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  1. I understand that there was a warning that came with the link, but curiosity has complete control over me sometimes. *sigh*..Why do such beautiful men insist on uglifying themselves? And why must we all witness these moments that instill wretched pain in our hearts? Oh, Jesus.. For the record, I couldn’t gather up the courage to watch the rest of the video, but still, the initial screenshot was more that I needed to see. That being said, please get well soon, Jesus, no matter what you wear..*gulp*

  2. Poor De Gea, he was so nervous but it is cute. I remember young Iker was very timid in those events as well. Even though he plays for Atleti , I like David and its so nice that he got the same award that Iker got 10 years ago.
    Iker looks much better in this suit compared to the grey one but I think it is still a little big – tailor your suits properly Iker!
    I wish Navas a speedy recovery and I hope we never see him wearing anything like that ever again!

  3. RE. The thing about the players being paid in South Africa, would that mean they’d nip down to Joburg, get paid, then nip back to Spain? Seems a bit much. Although then they’ll be in the same country as me, so god knows why i’m complaining.

  4. “Poor Iker, at the rate he’s receiving awards, he’s going to have holes in all his blazers/jackets soon!”

    Maybe then he can take Xabi shopping with him for new ones.

  5. Let’s cut Jesus some slack. The poor guy just had a major surgery and I suspect fashion coordination was not exactly at the top of his priority list :)

  6. I’m fascinated with Navas for many reasons but none in a crushy romantic way ( his sevilla pal Perotti is the one I want to jump on…). He’s just very very strange to me. He seems to have an artistic temperament. That is how I am going to explain his fashion choices. You have to have a creative spark to dress that strangely. It’s so bad it needs a whole new category of its own. IMO the Sevilla gala outfit was worse but really it’s a difference without distinction. Wow. I think we may have got it wrong. He is the one who influences Sergio’s fashion, not the other way round.

  7. Paying them in South Africa seems eminently fair! What a smart idea. ;-)

  8. So they’re all getting another watch. How many is that? Couldn’t the federation give them all something else? I’m thinking… a well-tailored suit for each team member (I’m looking at you, Iker!) or luggage that isn’t from Louis Vuitton. ;-)

    Love your blog, by the way.

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